Proceedings of the
National Conference on Innovations in Engineering and Technology
(IET 2012)
ISBN: 978-81-922849-0-3
  • Computer Science and Engineering, Information Technology and Computer Applications
  • Electronics and Communication Engineering
  • Electricals and Electronics Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
1. Improving the Identification of Guilty Party in Data Leakage using Fake Data Records
T. Kanimozhi and T. Senthil Prakash
2. Cloud Computing and its Security
Sri Devi, R. Palanikumar, E. Lalitha and R. Aravindan
3. Comprehensive Credential System to Increase the Mainstream Acceptance of TOR
G. Vennila and R. Rohini
4. Monitoring Patients in Trust based Mobile Healthcare System
K.T. Meena Abarna and K. Venkatachalapathy
5. Route Diversity based Optimal Path Selection using Random Key Generation
N. Mageswari and P. Anitha
6. Implementation of Data Mining Component
A.Venkatasubramanian, S. Premanand, S. Pavithra and M. Subangi
7. Distributed Resource Discovery and Management in Shared Wide Area Platform
S. Balaji and V. Sujatha
8. Fuzzy Based Link Analysis for Mining Relational Databases
K. Sindhu and P. Raviram
9. An Efficiency Path Encoding Scheme by RFID Data Processing
K.T. Jeevaguru and K. Senthilvel
10. An Optimal Design of BSW Time Bound Hierarchical Key Management Scheme for Secure Broadcasting Applications
E. Anitha and C. Swarnambigai
11. Efficient Query Processing using XML Pattern Matching Algorithm
EVRM. Kalaimani and R. Vallimeenal
12. Integrating the Trusted Computing Technology into Cloud Computing System
P. Senthil and N. Boopal
13. Education and Learning as a Service (ELAAS) using Cloud Computing
P. Srilega and R. Sidhaiyan
14. Improving Software Development Process with the Minimum Risk Factor
R. Palanikumar, P. Sathish Raja, T. Senthilmathi and P. Sathiyaseelan
15. Identifying Packet Droppers and Modifiers in Wireless Sensor Network
R. Dhivya, K. Kalpana, M. Suganya and P. Ezhil
16. Foreground Extraction based on OFBM and SMED Approach
S. Aravindh Kumar and K. Suganya Devi
17. A Categorization of Clustering Methods in Datamining
A. Meyyammai and V. Agalya
18. Cloud-Computing through Eucalyptus Model
E. Nanthini and T. Suganya
19. Automatically Detecting and Tracking Inconsistencies in Software Design Models
A. Ramachandran and C. Thyagarajan
20. Extending SQL Code for Data Mining Processing using Horizontal Aggregations
Animol T. Joseph, Remya Reghu and J. Senthil Kumar
21. A Novel Load Distribution Model to Efficiently Control Packet Delay over Multipath Networks
Rashmi Vikraman, S. Vithyalakshmi and V. Gunasundari
22. Bar: An Efficient Data Locality Driven Task Scheduling Algorithm for Cloud Computing
P. Sharmila and R. Aruna
23. Protecting the Sensitive Data in Social Network
U. Ranjitha, B. Anusuya and R. Ezhil
24. A Novel Method for Visible Digital Watermarking
P. Senthil
25. Application of Digital Image Processing to Marker-Free Analysis of Human Gait
K. Sugavaneswaran
26. An Efficient Content based Image Retrieval using Hybrid Technique
D. Vidya and R.G. Sakthivelan
27. Graph based Algorithm for Clustering in the Query Logs Attributes
S. Thiruvenkatasamyand M. Rajasekar
28. Widget based Positioning System using GPS
S. Anitha
29. Secure and Practical Outsourcing of Linear Programming in Cloud Computing
G. Rajesh Kumar, Raju Sharma and A. Rajesh Kumar
30. Efficient Random Monitoring Routing Protocols for Wireless Sensor Networks
C. Akila and N. Sangeetha
31. Virtual Network Connection using Mobile Phones
B. Gopikrishan and Mani
32. Quantum Secured Network (QSN) based on Three Party Quantum Key Distribution Protocols
P. Asharaf and S. Usha
33. Clustering of Web Search Results using k-Means Algorithm and STC Algorithm
C. Sakthivel and G. Mangayarkarasi
34. Data Integrity Proofs in Cloud Storage using RSA
M. Samyukthai and S. Rajkumar
35. A Boosting Framework for Visual and Semantic Similarities
M. Samyukthai and K. Karthick
36. Integrity and Security Check through Data Coloring and Water Marking using Third Party Auditor in Cloud Computing Atmosphere
K.S. Sathiyapriya and B. Dhiyanesh
37. Efficient Data Aggregiation in Mobile Sampling for Wireless Sensor Networks
V. Saravanakumar and N. Radha
38. IRM: Integrated File Maintenance in P2P System
G. Gowthami
39. Remote Monitoring and Security Alert using Mobile
P. Jayabharathi and K. Sukanya Devi
40. Designing Assembling and Role of Nanorobotics in Medicine
T. Anbu and N. Ponnusamy
41. Multipath Routing Protocols for Ad Hoc Networks
A. Ayyasamy, K. Venkatachalapathy and R. Brindha
42. Enhanced Index based GenMax for Frequent Item Set Mining
S. Prema and P. Umamaheswari
43. Effective IP Traceback Method for DDoS Attacks and Differentiation of DDoS Attacks and Flash Crowds
G. Abirami and M. Kumaresan
44. Medical Image Retrieval Based on Shape Features and Relevance Vector Machine Classification
A. Ranjidha and J. Yogapriya
45. Optimum Node Selection in Mobile Adhoc Networks
J. Raja and J. Bharathi
46. A Change in Sequence based Speedy Algorithm for Video Object Detection and Tracking
N. Prabu Sankar and K. Suganya Devi
47. Efficient Sleep Scheduling for Localized Power Efficient Data Aggregation Trees for Sensor Networks
K. Kalpana
48. Green Computing: Green Maturity Model for Virtualization
S. Somasundaram and S. Dineshkumar
49. Latent Semantic Indexing based Geographic Query Processing
C. Karthikeyan and D. Banumathy
50. An Efficient Compression of ECG Data and Diagnosis of Cardiovascular Abnormalities
S. Sathishkumar
51. Combating against Attacks on Encrypted Protocols using Cusum Algorithm
G. Sivakumar and P. Chitra
52. Software as a Service based Online Trading Platform using Cloud Computing
T. Anitha and S. Usha
53. A Concrete Security Treatment for Anonymizing Networks using “Augmented Nymble”
V. Jayaram, R. Mohan, K. Gowthaman, T. Michaelraj and G. Revathi
54. Performance of Channel-Aware Multicast Routing in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
A. Kumar and A. Manikandan
55. Secure High-Throughput Multicast Routing in Wireless Mesh Networks
P. Arun
56. A new Privacy Measure for Data Publishing
P. Kalaivani and A.A.R. Senthil Kumaar
57. Applying Flow Theory in Mobile-Cloud Learning System
C. Jennifer Diana and S. Gunasekaran
58. Automatic Irregular Fire Detection System based on Video Processing
P. Sasikumar and S. Saravanan
59. An Expected Maximization Segmentation for Tumor Detection in Skull-Stripping
S. Arthi and P. Prabaharan
60. Privacy Preserving Fuzzykeyword Search over Encrypted Data in Cloud Computing
G. Shobana, S. Vasuki, K. Saranya, N. Sathya and K. Vimal Shankar
61. Survivability in Mesh Network using Dynamic Path Restoration
C. Naveenkumar, N. Arunkumar, G. Poongkannan, B. Shinil and J. Gokul Raj
62. Cross-Layer QoS Routing Support Approach for Wireless Mesh Access Networks
N. Yuvaraj and P. Chitra
63. Improving Utilization of Infrastructure Clouds
S. Ashiq Ahmed and S. Vidhushavarshini
64. An Architecture to Provide Authentication in Anonymous Networks
P. Yogananth and P. Saravanan
65. Proximity Awareness of Enhanced Overlay Multicast for Fast Data Dissemination in Cloud Servers
R. Arunkumar and R. Balamurugan
66. Autonomic Wireless Sensor Networks
S. Anupriya and V. Tharani
67. Vehicle Sos Based on Wireless Technology
S. Kalpana and T.A. Ananth
68. Partial Matching in Mixed-Mode BIST using LFSR
C. Revathi and R. Hemalatha
69. Sparsification of Digital Images using K-SVD Algorithm
S. Anitha, B. Harini and M. Madheswaran
70. Cognitive Location based Mobile Adhoc Networks Implementation with an Android Operating Systems
K. Muthulakshmi, S. Manivelu and K. Baskaran
71. The Classification of Histopathological Breast Images
E. Suganya and S. Sasikala
72. Image Compression Algorithm using JPEG2000 Standard with Golomb Rice Coding
S. Brundha
73. Energy Efficient Logic Circuits using Adiabatic Technique
M. Vasanthi and C. Aarthi
74. Implementation of Vlsiarchitecture using Multistandard Inverse Transform
A. Loganathan and S. Selvarani
75. Hardware Implementation of Wavelet based Image Compression using Spiht Coder
M. Kavinayaa and S. Nirmala
76. A Probabilistic Estimation Bias Circuit for Fixed Width Modified Booth Multiplier and its DCT Applications
K. Kumaravel, C. Mohanambal and A. Rajaram
77. A new Technique for Reduction of LUT Size in Memory based Computation
B. Sindhu and A. Kumaravel
78. Analysis of Power Consumption and Optimization in Dram Cells for Nanoscale Memories
T. Sri Saranya
79. Clustered Nuclei Segmentation by Means of Marker Controlled Watershed based on Fuzzy C
B. Suganya and G. Dinesh
80. Energy Efficient Routing Protocol for Heterogeneous Wireless Sensor Network
N.R. Sreedevi and P. Priya
81. NIDS – Using Memory Efficient Pattern Matching Algorithm
Divya Krishnan and S. Saraswathi
82. FPGA Implementation of Highly Efficient Programmable FFT Structures
M. Sreekanth and R. Pavendiran
83. Marker Controlled Watershed Segmentation of Clustered Nuclei using FCM
S. Saranya and R. Ponniwalavan
84. Optimal Visual Cryptography Scheme for Color Image
M. Ancil John and K. Baskaran
85. Vision based Nighttime Traffic Surveillance System
Lijosh Mathews and M. Manikandan
86. Development of a FPGA-based High Speed FFT Processor for Wideband Direction of Arrival Applications
V. Kalaiarasi and K.Ramesh
87. An Efficient String Matching Pattern for Virus Detection Processor
K. Thilagavathi and S. Krishnadevi
88. Energy Efficient Location Distinction in Wireless Sensor Networks using Temporal Link Signature
S. Jeevidha and M.P. Reena
89. Fuzzy Logic based Object Identification System for Vision Impaired
S. Julian Savari Antony
90. Performance Analysis of Mobility Management Schemes using Random Walk Model in Wireless MEH Networks
Linga Devi and M.P. Reena
91. A Novel Methodology of Power Conditioner with Increased Efficiency for Solar Energy Power Generation System
R. Venkateswaran, A. Nazer Ali, R. Anand and I. Prabhu
92. Design of Smart Home Water Level Monitoring
P.B. Balasubramaniam and A. Ramesh
93. Analysis and Design of Three Phase DC/DC Converter using Boost-Half Bridge Cell for High Power Application
A. Rajendran and M. Prabhu
94. A Modified Hill-Climbing Method for Maximum Power Point Tracking in Micro Grid Connected Photovoltaic System by Fuzzy Logic Control
K. Sambath Kumar, C. Gnanavel and A. Nazar Ali
95. Transformerless High Efficiency MOSFET Inverter with H6-Type Configuration for Photovoltaic AC-Module Application
A. Johny Renoald and R. Guna Sekar
96. Design and Simulation of Pulse Density Modulation based Series Resonant Inverter System
P. Anitha and P. Shanmugapriya
97. Wind Energy: Grid Interactive Inverter
Soumajit Das, Subhankar Roy and S. Mathankumar
98. A High Efficiency Switched Reluctance Motor Drive using Artificial Neural Network (ANN) for Wind - Solar Hybrid Electric Vehicle
J.E. Moshe Dayan and U.K. Praveen
99. Novel PWM Control Method for Three Stage Hybrid Cascaded Multilevel Inverter
M. Mayilsamy and M. Arul Prasanna
100. Implementation of Universal Active Power Filter for Improving Power Quality using Fuzzy Logic Controller
R. Rajalakshmi and Geethu Pavithran
101. Implementation of Active Clamp Converter with ZVS Feature Employing a Current Driven Synchronous Rectifier
B. Pushpavanam and Teena Kurien
102. A High Efficient High-Step-Up Interleaved DC-DC Converter with a Common Buck-Boost Converter
S.K. Logesh and Anitha Mathew
103. A Soft Switched Power Factor Correction Converter Employing a Dual Mode Controller
J. Velmurugan and Jojina Anna Varghese
104. Modelling and Analysis of Full Bridge Series Resonant Converter for Wide Load Variations
S.G. Chinju and N. Soundira Raj
105. PIC based Seven-Level Cascaded H-Bridge Multilevel Inverter
R.M. Sekar and R. Baladhandapani
106. A High Efficient Improved Soft Switched Interleaved Boost Converter
S. Athira and A. Karthikeyan
107. Voltage Sag/Swell Compensation using Fuel Cell Fed Inverter based Dynamic Voltage Restorer
M. Kanakaraj and S. Thirukkovai
108. Nonisolated High Step-Up Boost Converter Integrated with Sepic Converter
E. Sathishkumar and E. Priyadharshini
109. Analysis of Battery with Ultracapacitor Hybrid Energy Storage System
M. Neenu and S. Muthukumaran
110. Hybrid Seven Level H-Bridge Inverter based Shunt Active Power Filter using Advanced Pulse Width Control Technique
T. Abirami, M. Panneer Selvam and K. Ramash Kumar
111. Intelligent Controller for Speed Control of BLDC Motor
A.K. Karthikeyan, B.A. Nazar Ali and C.S. Thirunavukkarasu
112. A new Implementation Technology of Incremental Conductance of MPPT by Employing Direct Control Method of SEPIC Converter
K. Veerapathiran, B.A. Nazar Ali and S.P. Selvakumar
113. Analysis of PSO based UPFC for Loss Minimization and Voltage Stability Improvement
D. Jananisri
114. Experimental Verification and Simulation of Resonant Converter based Step Up Converter with Closed Loop Operation for a Stepper Motor
M. Vinoth and Muthu Kumar
115. A Novel MPPT Algorithm for PV Array under Partially Shaded Conditions
M. Kaliamoorthy and M. Ramesh
116. Generalized Topologies of Multiple Single-Phase Motor Drives
M. Mahendiran and K. Umadevi
117.Speed Regulation Strategy for a Flyback Converter Fed DC Drive
P. Manikandan, M. Ramaswamy and N. Radhakrishnan
118. Harmonics Elimination for Three Level Converter Switched Reluctance Motor
A. Rajendran and R. Saravanan
119.Two Time Scale Analysis of DC Motor using Singular Perturbation Method
R. Prem Kumar
120. Nine Switch Three Level Inverter for Electric Vehicle Applications
R. Srinivasan
121. Maximum Power Point in Microgrid Standalone Photovoltaic System using Fuzzy-Logic-Control
D. Vijaya Bandhavi and S.R. Thilaga
122. A ZCS Full-Bridge Converter Fed PMDC Drive
M. Rameshkumar and P. Nalandha
123. Design and Analysis of Radial Fan Impeller using FEA
S. Prabu and C. Sugumaran
124. Composite Material in Natural Fiber using Hand-Lay Method
N.V. Rengasamy, M. Rajkumar and V. Kandavel
125. Friction Welding of Maraging Steel Rods
P. Karthikeyan, P. Lidwin Joseph, P. Madhan Kumar, M.D. Raj Bharath, T.T.M. Kannan and Laxmanan
126. Fabrication of Natural Fiber Reinforcement Composite
P.G. Karuppannaraja, M. Rajkumar and V. Kandavel
127. Optimization of Diaphragm Performance for Valve-Less Micropump
D. Arunkumar, K. Srinivasan and C. Jegadheesan
128. Experimental Analysis on Carbon Fibre Reinforced Epoxy Composite Material -A Review
A. Vijayakumar and A.G. Ganeshkumar
129. Design and Analysis of Transmission Pulley by Optimization
K. Sivakumar and Kalai Arivusudar
130. Analysis of Natural Fiber Reinforced Composite Material for the Helmet Outershell - A Review
R. Prasannasrinivas and D. Chandramohan
131. Dry Sliding Wear Behaviour of Aluminium-Silicon Alloys
R. Raghunatha Reddy, D. Shivalingappa and M. Sakthivel
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