Proceedings of the
National Conference on
Emerging Trends in Management Practices
ISBN: 978-81-922849-1-0
1.A Study on Customer Perception towards Organised Retailing in Coimbatore District
S. Mani and G.Manokaran
2.An Analysis on Confectioneries Markets in Rural Kerala
Mathew Joseph, Anney Chacko and Titty Benjamin
3.A Study on Organized Retailing with respect to Big Bazaar Super Centre, Mysore
G. Arun Kumar, S.J. Manjunath and H. Naveen Kumar
4.Product Marketing on the Internet
N.R. Saravanan and S. Subramaniam
5.A Study on College Students Attitude Towards Advertisement of Fairness Cream Products with Special Reference to Pollachi Town
S. Rajmohan
R. Umamaheswari and V. Suresh Kumar
7.Customer Relationship Managment (CRM) and its Impact on Current Business World
A. Abdul Brosekhan, A. Ahamed Ansari and C. Muthu Velayutham
8.Marketing: Logistics and Retail Management
V. Anthony Babu
9.Global Branding
N. Sasikala and C. Muruganandham
10.“Paths to Greenness” - Present Trends in Green Marketing in India
B. Percy Bose and S. Syed Thousif
11.Marketing Strategies that can be Adopted by Firms for Globalization - A Report based on the Study on BHEL
D. Dhinesh Kumar
12.Customer Relationship Management a Recent Trend in Marketing
P. Anbuoli and T.R. Thiruven Kat Raj
13.Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
T.K. Saravanan, K. Uma Maheswari and D. Nithya
14.Indian Retail Industry – Growth, Challenges and Opportunities
A. Arun
15.E – CRM
M. Sree Nandhini
16.A Study on Measuring the Extent of Factors Influencing the Bank Profitability – with Special Reference to UCBS in Coimbatore District
S. Mayilvaganan and R. Umamaheswari
17.Lead Bank Scheme and Micro-Finance Credit in Financial Inclusion: A Study of Mysore District
H. Naveen Kumar, S.J. Manjunath and G. Arun Kumar
18.Microfinance – A Key Factor for Poverty Alleviation
R. Saranya
19.Role of Financial Inclusion for Inclusive Growth in India — Issues & Challenges
M. Sheik Mohamed and M.A.Shakila Banu
20.Financial Inclusion
V. Jagadeesh and G. Dhamodharan
21.A Study on Depository Services Offered by Public Sector Banks in Comparison to Private Sector Banks in Coimbatore District
F. Catherine
22.Venture Capital
R. Vasanthi
23.International Financial Management
R. Maheswari and A. VinothKumar
Human Resources
24.A Study on Performance Appraisal System in HLL Lifecare Ltd, Trivandram
M. Nirmala and G.S. Vishnu
25.A Study on Organizational Commitment of Employees in Select Textile Mills at Coimbatore and Pollachi
D. Ravishankar and K. Kandappan
26.Employees’ Satisfactions with Regard to Welfare Measures Provided in Ashique Exports (Pvt.) Ltd.
M. Kalaiarasan
27.Middle Managers – The Malaise and the Medicine
V. Ramachandran
28.A Need for Mapping of HR-Managerial Competency to Produce Bottom Line Results
M.S.R. Mariyappan and C. Vasanthakumar
29.Factors Influencing Job Satisfaction of Banking Sector Employees in Coimbatore
S. Bhuvaneswari and S.T. Saravana Kumar
30.Talent Management
R. Sathya Aarthi
31.Performance Management
G. Ramathilagam and S. Karthick Kumar
32.Stress Management at Work Place
A.V. Karthick
33.An Analysis of Recruitment Trends in Retailing Industry
A. Hussainee Shareen
34.A Study on Emotional Intelligence at Work Place
T. Amsaveni
35.Emotional Intelligence in Organisations
G. Sharmila
36.Employee Empowerment
G.M. Divya and V. Nithya
37.An Insight into Emotional Intelligence at Work Place
R. Senthilkumar
38.A Study on Issues and Challenges in Agricultural Labour Management in Plantation Estates in Valparai
K. Sreedevi Deepika
39.Application of Genetic Algorithm Model for Dynamic Supply Chain Inventory Optimization
P. Radhakrishnan
40.Customer Satisfication through Total Quality Management
B. Alagar samy
41.Quality Management
N. Sankar, W. Daphny and S. Nandhusha
42.Emerging Trends of Forensic Accounting Practices in Indian Context
Abhijeet Kelkar
43.Problems and Prospectus of Women Entrepreneurship
V.R. Palanivelu and T. Vijayalakshmi
44.Positive and Negative Influences of Internet Banking in the Modern Banking Scenario
P. Suresh, G. Sridhar and P. Nambiraja Sudalai
45.Perceptual Mapping – a Strategy Making Tool
T. Sivagnana Selvakumar
46.Recession and its Impact on Indian Economy
K. Muthu Kannan
47.Corporate Governance
M. Deepalakshmi
48.The Importance of Technology Integration on Time Management
K. Srivignesh Kumar
49.Change Management
50.Ethics and Values in Business
B. Nirmal Kandhesh and R. Krishna Kumar
51.Contract Farming in India – Opportunities and Challenges
A. Sridharan
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