Proceedings of the
National Conference on
Emerging Trends in Intellectual Power Systems
ISBN: 978-81-922849-2-7
1.Protection of Transmission Lines of Power System Network using Synchronised Digital GPS System
M.S. Aswin
2.Reactive Power Compensation using 48-Pulse VSC based STATCOM with Fuzzy Logic Control
C. Gayathri and K. Jayashree
3.A Novel Coupled Inductor based Wide Input Wide Output DC-DC Converter
S. Elavarasi and K. Dhayalini
4.Implementation of Flexible Harmonic Control Approach through Voltage Controlled DG-Grid Interfacing Converters
T.S. Shanmuga Sivam and G.T. Sundarajan
5.New Approach on Voltage Sag Compensation using Matlab/Simulink
A. Marimuthu and J. Singaravelan
6.Solar Thermo Electric Refrigeration
J.K. Thasneem Fathima and M. Kiruthiga
7.Hybrid Solar / Fuel Cell System with Multi Connected Interleaved Boost Converter
I. Prasanna Devi and A. Alice Hepzibah
8.Renewable Resources – An Overview
A. Suganya, M. Sasikala, V.M. Narmadha, N.R. Shailaja and C. Chellaram
9.Flyback Converter for Low Power Application
X. Anisha Baby Fathima and M. Belsam Jeba Ananth
10.Design and Implementation of Z-Source Inverter Fed Induction Motor
V. Megha Thomas, Raisa Elias, Kumari Kala and D. Sarala
11.Standalone Hybrid Wind-Solar Power Generation System with Multiple Storage Techniques
J. Nandhagopal, S. Divya and R. Reshman Fathima
12.An Aspect of Lightning — A Review
S. Srividhya, V. Menaka, C. Chellaram and N.R. Shailaja
13.Profit based Unit Commitment in Deregulated Power System
S.F. Syed Vasiyullah and M. Gopalakrishnan
14.Piezoelectric Transformer for Integrated MOSFET and IGBT Gate Driver
M. Karthik and G. Suganesh
15.Design and Simulation of Boost Converter with Ripple Reduction
M. Bhuvaneswari and K. Dhayalini
16.Improvisations in MHD Power Production by Anemometer and Air-Conductivity
Alex Vijayraj, Arulmani and P. Musthafa
17.Renewable Sources-Wind Energy—An Over View
R. Vigneshwaran, N.R. Shailaja and Chellaram
18.Electrical Activity of ICD - Implantable Cardioverter Defibrillator a Review
P. Sharmelaa, C. Chellaram and B. Suresh
19.Reduction of Harmonic Distortions in Converters using Digital Non-Linear Controller
S. Revathi and R. Soundarya
20.Power Semiconductor Devices to Minimise Energy Crisis
S. Deepak and R. Deepak
21.Power Quality Improvement in Grid Connected Photovoltaic System using STATCOM
K.B. Vinitha and K. Vallieswari
22.Identification of Network Parameter Error in State Estimation using Phasor Measurement Unit
N. Nithya
23.Electric Power Generation using Biomass — A Review
M. Tharmesh, M. Khader Baig, M. Manikandan, N.R. Shailaja and C. Chellaram
24.Optimal Location of Shunt Connected Facts Devices using Artificial Intelligence Technique
A. Renugadevi and R. Kalaivani
25.High Voltage Apparatus and their Insulation
D. Felix Monica, C.M. Jai Shri and N.R. Shailaja
26.Modeling and Simulation of LLC Resonant Inverter Fed Induction Heater
B. Vaidehi and K.G. Revathi
27.Power Electronic Drives for Electric Vehicles
B. Ramesh and B. Prashanth
28.Scientific Approach on Hybrid Electric Vehicle
S. Arun, R. Monish, B. Kamala Kannan and Marudhu Prakash
29.Piezoelectric Energy Harvesting for Powering Low Power Electronics
S. Dhanalakshmi and M.R. Arthi
30.Transient Stability Enhancement of Multimachine System using Multiple FACTS Devices
S. Vinoth and V. Selve
31.Single Phase Grid Connected Solar Photovoltaic Inverter System with Active Power Filtering
A. Rizwana Begum¬ and G. Amuthan¬¬
32.Adaptive Pulsewidth Monophase Stimulated Electro-Acupuncture System for Human
K. Saranya and K. Jayapriya
33.Electrical Design of Coal Stamping Machine
G. Bargavi and R. Kousalya
34.“Recent Trends in Power Electronics” — Advanced Power Electronics for Thermal Management System
M. Thirupathi and J. Senthur Selvan
35.Lightning Detection and Protection
Shailesh Raj and T. Veeranveluthambi
36.Modelling and Simulation of UPQC to Improve Power Quality and Transfer Wind Energy to Grid
K. Sureshkumar and V. Selve
37.Modeling and Analysis of Three Phase Self Excited Induction Generator Connected to Grid
P. Jisha and M. Belsam
38.Magneto Hydro Dynamic Power Generator
R. Kavya, K. Vishnupriya, P. Suganya and N.R. Shailaja
39.High Efficiency Isolated Current Fed DC to DC Converter for Fuell Cell Applications
S. Muthusankari and V. Devimaheswaran
40.Damping Performance of IPFC and UPFC Controllers using Small-Signal Models
G.M. Adlin Sheela and K.G. Revathi
41.Design of Low Power High Speed Multiplexer based Multiplier for Efficient Filter Application
G. Anjuga Priyanka, G. Sathish Kumar, B.M. Prabhu and L. Raja
42.Generating Power from Smart Speed Bumps
C.P. Geethanjali and M.T. Ambika
43.Voltage Sag Mitigation using DSTATCOM with Linear and Nonlinear Loads
A.S. Keerthana, S. Nandini, B. Saranya Vadhana and R. Anu
44.Speed Control of Switched Reluctance Motor using Embedded System
S. Vetriselvan, S. Velladurai, S.B. Vinoth and R. Kishore Kumar
45.Protection for Alternator and Motor using Static Relays with PLC
S. Banu Priya and S. Sahana
46.Implementation of Renewable Energy based Multilevel Inverter using Minimum Number of Transistor
A. Saravanan and R. Johnson Uthayakumar
47.An Overview of Modern Metal Oxide Arresters
A. Sharick Anwar, M. Sethuram and S. Umesh Kiran
48.Isolated Wind–Hydro Hybrid System using Synchronous Generators and Battery Storage
Gabriel Germans and M. Mohamed Adam
49.Current Techniques for Electrical Power Generation
M.S. Santhoshi, S.D. Abbirami and C. Chellaram
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