Proceedings of the
National Conference on
Recent Trends and Applications of Computing Technologies
ISBN: 978-81-922849-3-4
1.A Novel K-Means Clustering with Better Initialization Technique using Constrained Spectral
S. Sujatha and A. Shanthi Sona
2.Data Integrity Proofs in Cloud Storage
J. Anusuya
3.Analysis of Compression Algorithms’ Impact on the Precision of Face and Fingerprint Recognition
V. Anuratha and P. Jeyanthi
4.Image based Authentication as Security
N. Suresh Singh and A.R. Sajeev Ambi
5.Decision Tree Pruning Techniques — A Review
S. Vinodkumar, R. Divya and R. Manonmani
6.Nano-Tech: Amazing Miniature Applications
C. Lakshmi Devasena and N. Sathya
7.Datawarehousing and Datamining Techniques for Web Log Analysis
G. Sudha Ananthi and V. Mohanadevi
8.Effective WSN Platform for Pervasive Healthcare
S. Dharani Devi and S. Rejeswari
9.A Standalone TCP/IP Web Server for Automation
H. Rukshana, V. Sangeetha, G. Sindhuja and B.G. Geetha
10.Android: The Next Generation Platform
C. Lakshmi Devasena and Santhosh Kumar
11.A Review on Decision Support System for Management Applications
K. Poongodi and R. Manonmani
12.A Web Search Engine-Based Approach to Measure Semantic Similarity between Words
S. Navaneethakrishnan and D. Thiyagarajan
13.Achieving Guaranteed Anonymity in GPS Traces via Uncertainty-Aware Path Cloaking
N. Nithya
14.Audio Steganography: Secret Messages in Music
C. Lakshmi Devasena and Vimal Bhaskar
15.Real-Time Browser based File Streaming System using Comet
P. Priyatharshini, T. Rubikha and Senjuti Bhattacharyya
16.Face Recognition using Digital Image Processing and Neural Networks
R. Parimala and G. Sudha Ananthi
17.Security Threads and Challenges in Cloud Computing
K. Poongodi and B. Revathi
18.Signature Tree Generation for Polymorphic Worms
N. Sangeetha and R. Nallusamy
19.Performance Analysis of Various Edge Detection Techniques for Removal of Gaussion Noise in Medical Images
K. Shri Sarika and S. Sudha
20.Overview of Datamining and Page Ranking Algorithm and its Implementations
T. Manjuvisalakshi
21.Robotics: Exploration to Space Application
C. Lakshmi Devasena and C. Vanashanthi
22.A Study of Dictionary-Based Compression Algorithms
S. Senthil, S.J. Rexline and L. Robert
23.A Study on Software Security using Code Obfuscation Techniques and its Evaluation Metrics
N. Sasirekha and M. Hemalatha
24.The Foundations of Data Mining
V. Ramakrishnan
25.4G Wireless Networks
V. Jayapriya
26.A Study on Chord Protocol — A P2P Resource Discovery Algorithm in Grid Computing
C. Jeyabharathi and A. Pethalakshmi
27.Record Matching over Multiple Web Databases using Unsupervised Duplicate Detection
M. Karthik, V. Aravinth and Jose Mathew
28.Adaptive Fault Tolerant QoS Control Algorithms for Maximizing System Lifetime of Query-Based Wireless Sensor Networks
V. Nithya
29.Neural Networks in Data Mining
V. Sivaramchandhar and S. Senthil
30.Delay Analysis and Optimality of Scheduling Policies for Multi-Hop Wireless Networks
R. Pradeep
31.Distributed Computing
C. Balakumar, D. Divya and K. Devi
32.A Symbol Level Network Coding Retransmission
P. Suganthi and T.S. Thangavel
33.Knowledge Discovery Services-Aggregating Software Services to Discover Enterprise Mashups
R. Nithya
34.Continuous Neighbor Discovery in Asynchronous Sensor Networks
M. Leelavathi and R. Dinesh
35.Authenticated Multistep Nearest Neighbor Search
S. Kavitha and S. Ravishankar
36.Efficient Query Processing in Large Scale Mobile Networks
A.S. Varsaasri, C. Kausalya, T. Lalitha and P. Rekha
37.Resource Allocation in Grid Environment
B. Kaaviya and S. Ravi Shankar
38.Fuzzy Random Impulse Noise Removal from Color Image Sequences
M. Dhivakar, A. Karthikeyan, L. Raghuraman and R. Gopinath
39.An Overview of Image Compression
K. Kanagalakshmi and R. Kamaraj
40.An Overview of Statistical based Compression Algorithms
R. Anitha and S. Senthil
41.Effective Mining of Text for Knowledge Retrieval
G. Arjunan and V. Rama Krishnan
42.Green Computing
43.Information Retrieval
D. Uma Maheswari
44.An Overview of Cryptography
C. Kalaiselvi
45.Data Clustering Techniques: A Review
D. Akila and C. Jayakumar
46.DNA Computing — “Computation using DNA” But Not “Computation on DNA”
R. Hemalatha and K. Rajeshwari
47.A Review on Fingerprint Feature Extraction Techniques
K. Kanagalakshmi and E. Chandra
48.A Study on Image Segmentation Techniques
D. Suryaprabha and J. Satheesh Kumar
49.A Note on Brain Image Analysis
P. Bhuvaneswari and J. Satheesh Kumar
50.Chemical Structure Representation on Cheminformatics — A Review
B. Firdaus Begam and J. Satheesh Kumar
51.Applications and Challenging Issues in MANET Environment
J. Sandeep and J. Satheesh Kumar
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