Proceedings of the
Third National Conference on
Advanced Computing (NCAC-2012)
ISBN: 978-81-922849-4-1
1.Automatic Speech Recognition on Mobile Devices: Network, Distributed and Embedded Solutions
C. Kavichithra and Dony Joy
2.A Similarity based Template Extraction Tool for Heterogeneous Web Pages using LSH
K. Indupriya and C. Senbagavalli
3.Intelligent and Effective Heart Attack Prediction System using Data Mining and Artificial Neural Network
S.V. Akila and R. Shanmugaraj
4.Ant K – Means on Clustering Analysis and Applications
M. Priyadharshini and S. Thilagavathi
5.Analysis of Lossless Data Compression Techniques
P. Jeyanthi and V. Anuratha
6.Application of Predictive Data Mining for Cardiovascular Diseases
B. Sujatha and P. Jeyanthi
7.An Analysis on an Optimal Rural Route Finding Approach based on GIS
K. Shri Sarika, P.J. Bala Kumaran and B. Sujatha Kumar
8.A Comparative Study of Different Algorithms of Soft Computing for Intrusion Detection
D. Raji and T. Revathi
9.Association Rule Mining’s (ARM’s) Confronts and Stuffs in Distributed Database
A. Babysarojini and M. Renuka Devi
10.Denoised Ultrasound Images from Efficient Wavelet Filtering Techniques
S. Suganya Devi and Dr. D. Suganya Devi
11.Optimal Exposure Time for Image Restoration
B. Jayanthi and S. Kanagarathinam
12.A Preliminary Study on Pervasive Computing — A Future Computing Model
R. Deepa and S. Srividhya
13.A Study on Vehicle-To-Vehicle Communication Protocols for Traffic Safety using Cooperative Collision Warning
C. Gomathi and Dr. P. Ponmuthuramalingam
14.Implication of Cloud Computing Course in Academics: Challenges and Risks: A Case Study
S. Shruthi, Vinayak Hegde and M.S. Pallavi
15.Minutia-Based Finger Print Identification using Neural Network Approaches
S. Sahaya Tamil Selvi
16.Major Components of Green Networking
M. Vallinayagam
17.Software Tools for Knowledge Discovery
R. Karthikeyan and S. Sasikala
18.Effort Estimation of Relational Database Metrics based on the Statistical Techniques
S. Kavitha, D. Francis Xavier Christopher, Dr. R. Manimegalai and S.D. Vijaykumar
19.Comparative and Interrelationship of Software Engineering and Knowledge Engineering — A Review
Nandhini Sharpathy, A. Kalpana, R. Shanthi and K.L. Sumathy
D. Shanmuga Rajathi, R. Divya and S. Yamini
21.A Survey of Webpage Mining and Clustering
T. Nithya and V. Kumutha
22.Load Balancing in Telecommunication Networks using Ant Colony Optimization
Joshua Samuel Raj, S. Shalini, V. Suganya and P. Manogna
23.Authentication in Banking Application using Visual Cryptography
Joshua Samuel Raj, R. Sindhuja, S. Seenu Priya, Namitha Ann Regi and J. Selva Jenisha
24.Solving the MANET Routing Problem using Ant Colony Algorithm
T. Shanmugavadivu and K. Chitra
25.An Introduction to Biometric Authentication
N.V. Brindha and Dr. V.S. Meenakshi
26.A Survey of Routing in MANETs using ACO
S.DE. Kalaivani and M. Jehan
27.Study on Subspace and Projected Clustering Techniques
S.Mekala, V. Kumutha and Helan Nirmala
28.Data Migration on Cloud Computing: Challenges and Best Practices
M.S. Pallavi, Vinayak Hegde and S. Shruthi
29.An Intelligent Search Engine System for Web Mining
D. Seema Dev Aksatha and D. Neema Dev Bobeena
30.Web Mining Applications using Open Web APIs: A Case Study
A. Piruthivirajan and Dr. V.S. Meenakshi
31.Design and Implementation of an Anomaly Detection System: An Empirical Approach
P. Selvi and A. Vijaya
32.Web-Based Learning in Knowledge Mining
A. Nithya Rani and Dr. Antony Selvdoss Davamani
33.Knowledge Mining
K. Vimala
34.Usability Features of Recognition Base Graphical Password
N. Anitha and S. Yamini
35.Smith-Waterman Sequence Alignment Algorithm using CUDA Programming on MultiCore System
P. Tamizhchelvi, A. Deepa and N. Ramalakshmi
36.Role of Internet Technology in Upcoming Mobile Data Systems
G. Sudeesh Kumar and Dr. V.S. Meenakshi
37.Genitic Algorithm based Fuzzy Rules Generation
B. Saranya and K. Chitra
38.Payload based Network Security
S. Pragadeeshwaran and A.M.J. Niyaz Hussain
39.An Effective Image based Connective Frame Sequence Video Extraction
N. Priyadharshini and E. Chandra Blessie
40.Study on Malware and Malware Behaviour
P. Praveen and K. Chitra
41.Knowledge Mining: Overview
M. Kavitha Anbumani
42.A Competitive Study of Cryptography Techniques over Block Cipher
P. Senthil Vadivu and R. Manikandan
43.Steganography and Digital Watermarking
B. Vivekanandam and M. Kamalakannan
44.Artificial Neural Networks Architecture for Intrusion Detection Systems and Classification of Attacks
R. Shobana Devi and Ashley Joseph Montaut
45.Enhancing Data Analysis Framework with Noise Removal Cleaning Data for Mining and Warehousing
J. Jelsteen
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