Proceedings of the
National Conference on
Facets of Business Excellence and Computational Intelligence
ISBN: 978-81-922849-5-8
1.Management Practices of Indian Retailing Entrepreneurs in Informal Sector
P. Vikkraman and S. Baskaran
2.Impact of Modern Communication on Organizational Development with Special Reference to KGISL, Coimbatore
P. Manonmani and R. Haridas
3.Benchmarking: A Tool for Organizational Success
A. Madhu Prasad and N. Pandeeswaran
4.Enterprise Resource Planning
F.A. Salmabi
5.Glittering Business Intelligence
M.D. Poornachari
6.Green Entrepreneurship
V.R. Palanivelu and T. Srividhya
7.Business Continuity Plans
J. Devagnanam and P. Sathish
8.Self Help Groups – A Strategy for Women Entrepreneurship Development
P. Uma Maheswari and K. Kaviarasan
9.E- Mails not all that ‘Green’
J. Selva Kumar
10.Knowledge Management in B- Schools in India – An Overview
N. Nedungilli and N. Vijayalakshmi
11.Cloud Computing
P. Archana and D. Sheila Freeda
12.Image Mining by Color Content
M. Vijaya Kumar and D. Sheila Freeda
Abdalla Ibrahim Abdalla Musa and S. Nobledhas
14.Two-Factor Authentication
Phurpa Wangmo and S. Sabapathi
15.Web Usage Mining
S. Malarvizhi and K. Porchilambi
16.Image Watermarking
G. Shumalatha
17.Effectiveness of Capital Budgeting in Salem Steel Plant
S. Arunkumar
18.Capital Restructuring – Three Most Common Techniques Employeed in Firms
Vanadhi Ramasami and C. Sandhya
19.Capital Restructuring — Revolution of Capital Structure through Collision of Merger and Acquistion
D. Lancy and A. Bhuvaragavan
20.Corporate Restructuring — An over View
M. Radha and S. Vedhika
21.Change Management – On Computerisation of Public Sector Banks
A. Mohammed Imran
22.Indian Corporate Practices in Hedging of Foreign Exchange Risk with Special Reference to, Tata Consultancy Service Dr. Reddy’s Laboratory & Maruti Suzuki
A. Chitra
23.Portfolio Management — Analysis of Equity Share Price Movements of Automobile Industry
L. Jothibasu and M. Muthu Kumar
24.Topic: Impact of Electronic Banking on Traditional Banking Services and Risk
Aniruddha Das
25.Technical Analysis as a Buy and Sell Tool for the Investors
P. Kowsalya and R. Karthikeyan
26.Role of Foreign Institutional Investors in Indian Stock Market
G. Venkatachalam and P. Velmurugan
27.SEBI’s Role in Stock Market
N. Prakash
28.SEBI’s Role in Stock Market
V. Ramesh
29.SEBI’s Role in Stock Market
F. Alverno Kolbe
30.Shareholders Democracy with Respect to the Indian Context
P. Arulmurugan
31.A Study on Awareness Level of Services Offered by Depository Participants with Special Reference to Rasipuram Taluk, Tamil Nadu
M. Chitti Babu Kannan
32.Challenges of Human Resource Management in the Era of Globalization
S. Akilandeswari and Manju
33.Employee Retention
G. Padmavathy
34.A Study on Effectiveness of Training in an Automobile Industry at Hosur
A. Dunstan Rajkumar and K. Kalpana
35.Diagnosis and Framework for Cross Cultural Communication
R. Murali Narasimhan and Sheema Shaheen
36.Management Education in the Dynamic Business Environment
T. Sarathy and P. Nallasivam
37.Emotional Intelligence
R. Kalaiselvi
38.Occupational Stress and Coping Behaviour of Police Personnel – A Review
M. Shunmugasundaram, K. Sankar Ganesh and N. Muthu Kumar
39.Occupational Health Influence on Worker’s Job Satisfaction
K. Sabana Ashmin and S. Shyam Sundar
40.An Overview of Competency Mapping
K. Sabana Ashmin
41.Talent Management
Ajitrao Pandurang Jagtap, Pratibha Ajitrao Jagtap and Arjun Chandrakant Thorat
42.Managing Generation X and Y Employees-Success Mantra for Organizations
M.R.S. Suryanarayana Reddy and Roople V. Norula
43.Health in the Workplace – Role of Employee Health Services, Compliance with State and Federal Regulations
S. Arunkumar
44.Performance Appraisal System
D. Ravikumar and E. Swathi
45.Public Health Care at the Grass Roots Level in Tamilnadu — A Management Perspective
T. Sarathy and N. Vidhyadevi
46.Stress Management
R. Priya Rathna
47.Technique of Emotional Intelligence
K. Arul
48.Current Trends in Service Marketing
V.R. Palanivelu and R. Balamurugan
49.Customer Relationship Management in Banking Sector (An Empirical Study Salem District, Tamil Nadu)
A. Vinayagamoorthy and C. Sankar
50.BPO in Customer Relationship Management
A. Vinayagamoorthy and M. Sangeetha
51.CRM Strategies
S. Suvarna
52.Customer Relationship Management
A. Durairaj and T. Anand
53.Impact of Global Trade and Environmental Issues –WTO
U. Kalyani
54.Green Marketing – A Way to Achieve Sustainable Business Growth
T. Ravi and R. Preethi
55.Green Marketing – Overview
N. Rajendhiran and M. Arivalagan
56.Marketing Strategies and Financial Viability of Self Help Groups (A Study with Special Reference to Vellore District)
A. Vinaygamoorthy, B. Saranya and G. Prema
57.Opportunities in Green Supply Chain Management
K. Srinivasan and S. Radhika
58.Organised Retailing in India-Strtegies and Challenges
N. Rajendhiran and U. Malini
59.Opportunities and Challenges of a new Entrant in International Marketing Arena
V.R. Palanivelu and R. Sankar Ganesh
60.Service Industries in India
A. Anandi
61.Sales Force Automation – Challenges and Issues
K. Kohila, E. Subbulakshmi and E.I. Manoj Kumar
62.Green Marketing Trends and Initiation by Indian Corporates
N. Udayakumar
63.Purchase Decision and Consumer Behaviour (A Study with Reference to the Consumers of Selected Durable Goods in Vellore District)
A. Vinaygamoorthy, M. Kala and R. Priyadharsini
64.An Overview of Service Quality and its Importance in Organization Development
S. Deivamani and V. Pradheesh
65.Social Media Marketing Optimization
B. Maheswari and Praveen
66.Status of Customer Relationship Management in India
P. Muralidharan and P. Keerthi Raj
67.The Effect of Advertising on Brand Awareness and Perceived Quality
R. Radhika
68.Organized or Unorganized, Customers’ Choice of Point of Purchase: A Study on Customer Behaviour in the State of Chhattisgarh
Sanjay Mishra and Monika Sethi
69.Globalization Impact Entrepreneurship
A. Subanginidevi
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