Proceedings of the
National Conference on
Communication Control & Energy Engineering
ISBN: 978-81-922849-8-9
  • VLSI
NFC based Technology for Two Wheeler Accident Prevention
S. Sampath
MEMS in Sensors and a Future Vision for NEMS
G. Prasanth and R. Hemanth RajKumar
A 3G based Network Solution to the Telehealthcare Robotic System
N. Vijayalakshmi, S. Loganayaki, N. Nandhini and A. Rajiv
Implementation of Modulation Technique for MIMO System
K. Deepika and K. Divya
Train Accident Prevention
P. Jaganath, B. Meena, G. Kiruthiga and M. Pavithra
Wireless and Mobile Communication
V. Ganesan and V. Sakthivel
Teaching Multimedia – From Multimedia Signals, Audio and Visual Processing, to Multimedia Networks
M. Lalitha and Z. Narkis Banu
The Emerging Trend in Mobile Network in the Air
S. Praburam Sai and Smruti Ranjan Swain
Hawkeye Technology
M. Ebenezer Manoj, K. Ganesan and V. Kishore
UPS using PWM Tecniques
Arvind Kumar Singh, Anil Kumar and Arvind Kumar
FPGA Solution for Electronic Control of Motor Drives
E. Julie Hepzibah and Reeba Korah
Transparent and Flexible Electronics using Graphene
C. Bharath, K.B. Azeez Ahmed and V. Srinivasan
Spintronics Technology
P. Arun Kumar and P.S. Hariharan
Performance Enhancement in (3-D Fabricated) Tri-Gate Fully Depleted Silicon-On-Insulator (SOI) Transistors
Hrishikesh Bharali, Amit Kumar Pandey and Piyush Pushkar
Hybrid Powering System for Gadgets
Md. Faiyaz Alam, Md. Jawed Ashraf and Krishan Kumar Kushwaha
Confidential Data Storage in Colour Images for Clandestine Intelligence Operations
S.B. Ranjani and M.S. Niranjani
Implementation of Fault Detection and Data Resurgence Architecture for Motion Estimation Applications
S.B. Ranjani and M.S.Niranjani
Face Recognition using Image Processing and its Challenges
A. Janani and Nisha Maryanne Varghese
Emerging Trends in Neuroimaging Photoacoustic Method
P. Saravanan and U. Sarathkumar
Blue Eye Technology
G. Mothiprabha and S. Kiruthika
Design of Embedded Ethernet Interface for Monitoring and Controlling based on ARM
J. Javid Rasool and P. Saritha
Low-Cost PIR Sensor based Security System using Micro Controller
C. Manikanta and P. Saroja
Fuzzy Controller for Pulse Width Modulation of a DC Drive
E. Julie Hepzibah and Reeba Korah
Embedded based Industrial Pollution Vigilance (IPV) through Wireless Communication
S. Keerthana, M. Monisha Sibiah, M. Rajeswari and M. Sankara Gomathi
Autonomous Wheelchair for Disabled People
S. Subhadra
Linearization of Non Linear CO2 Sensor using Embedded Neural Network: Practical Approach
R. Manojkumar, D. Gokula Krishnan and Senthil
Wi-Fi Enabled Mobile Robot
P.K. Vivek and P.K. Veenus
A Novel Application for Wireless Communications in Vehicle Early Warning
T. Sasikala and M. Shobana
A Novel Single-Phase Multistring Multilevel Inverter Topology for Distributed Energy Resources
C.M. Silambarasan and V. Venkatesh
Improvement of High Efficiency Regulation Method for a Resonant Converter by using Controlled Transformer
C. Shobana Devi
Artificial Immune System based Clonal Algorithm for Maintenance Scheduling of Generators
E.R. Biju and M. Anitha
Application of Neural Network for Character Identification
K. Lekha and Akshay Shukla
Fuzzy based Hypertension Control of Dialysis Process
Viji Amirtha
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