Proceedings of the
National Conference on
Design, Materials & Constructions
ISBN: 978-81-922849-9-6
Flexible Manufacturing System
G. Arun Kumar and P. Rajan
Analysis the Hardness of the Two Dissimilar Aluminium Alloy Plates using Friction Stir Welding (FSW)
M. Viswanathan
Power Generation by using Windmill — Windmill Gears
A.K. Mohamed Shakeel and R. Nirmal Raj
Design and Development of Computer Vision Equipped Articulated Robotic Arm with Advanced Sensor for Infant Rescue from Bore Well and for Real Time Monitoring & Disaster Management— Making Rescue Rapid with Sensor Networks
N. Gurumoorthy, M. Vishali and Gunasekaran Ragunath
Directed Energy Weapons
P. Avinash and V.S. Vinoth Kumar
Thermal Energy Storage Device - An Innovative Approach
N. Dilip Raja and S. Prabu
Predominant Application of Friction Stir Welding Process with Ti Alloy
S. Santhosh Kumar and N. Sadamhussain
Synthesis and Characterization Studies of Nano TiO2-SiO2 Composites via Sol-Gel Technique
T. Kavitha, A. Rajendran and A. Durairajan
A Study of Dissimilar Friction Stir Welded Joint of AZ31 Magnesium Alloy to 2024 Aluminium Alloy
K. Mallieswaran, V. Parthiban, J. Navin Kumar and B. Sornavel
Study of Friction Stir Welding of Aluminium Alloy to Steel
G.K. Mallieswaran, L. Siranjeevi, R. Premkumar and V. Devanathan
Conceptual Design of a Wind Operated Water Pump
N. Dilip Raja and Rahul Kanti Nath
Generation of Electricity using Heat Energy of Engine in Form of Exhaust Temperature
Gaurav Verma, Sourabh Patil and Ajinkya Jarag
A Study on Twin Screw Extrusion Process
K. Mallieswaran, K. Manimaran, M. Ramanan and C. Sivakumar
Comparison between Heat Transfer of Different Heat Transfer Method with and without Fin
S. Santhanakrishnan, R. Gopi, R. Venkatesh and S. Reshirajan
Experimental Composition Analysis of Heat Trasfers in Copper Wick
S. Ramu, S. Santhanakrishnan, J. Karthik and S. Devaraj
Case Study on Friction Stir Welding for Aluminium 2017a and 6013 Alloys
K. Mallieswaran, U. Ashwin, C. Annamalai and R. Arunkumar
Effect of Hardness on Wear Behaviour of Al6061/ SiC/Al2O3 Hybrid Composites in Aerospace and Automobile Applications
K. Umanath, Anath Narayan Behera and Anant Kumar
Optimization of Machining Parameters in End- Milling using Fuzzy Logic in MATLAB
R. Prasanth Kumar, N. Pradeep Kumar and R. Rajkumar
Design of Exhaust Gas Recirculation in a Four Stroke Diesel Engine
Shravan Chidambaram and M. Prasanna
Automotive Design
T. Karthikeyan and P. Iyappan
Alternative Fuel (Bio-Diesel)
A. Karthick and S. Chandrakumar
The Steering System
J.U. Poonguntan Cibi and Sophomore
Safety and Road Infrastructure
S. Karthick, S.R. Avinash Kumar and V.R. Ramkumar
Alternative Fuel — Jatropha Oil is Alternative Fuel for I.C. Engine
P. Gunasekaran, C. Kaviarasu and G. Srinivaasan
Composite Integrated Material of Al Layers with Kevlar Material and the Specification Test Result
K. Thiyagarajan, B. Riaz Ghouse and C. Maria Antoine Pushparaj
Aerodynamic Drag Reduction for Trucks
Shreepal Chila
Nano Material - Thermal Spraying Process – Review
N. Pragadish and S. Kaliappan
Analysis of Parametric Studies on the Impact of Piston Velocity Profile on the Performance of a Single Cylinder Diesel Engine-Review
S. Kaliappan , N. Pragadish and S. Mohanamurugan
To Calculate B10 Life of Fuel Tank of Mahindra Vehicle using In-House Developed DESI MAST (3DOF)
Chirag Hemantkumar Desai and Sumant U. Gijare
Combination of Composite Materials (or) Hybrids
M. Santhoshkumar and Arjun Ramanujam
Finite Element Analysis of the Stresses Induced in the 5 Stage Drawing of Dilution Tube Made of HR Alloy
C.J. Manjunatha, N. Kapilan and B.A. Manohar
Advanced and More Flexible Air Force
S. Sudharsan and S. Sivashankar
Mechanical Properties Evaluation of AA6061 + 20% SiCp Metal Matrix Composite using Stir Die Casting Technique for Aeronautical Structure
N. Dilip Raja, Rupinder Kaur, S. Nandhinie and G. Hemath Kumar
Stress and Fatigue Analysis of Wing – Fuselage Attachment Frame Lugs of an Aircraft
G. Karthikeyan and S. Hema Nancy
Analytical Evaluation of Fatigue Crack Arrest Capability of Fuselage in Large Transport Aircraft
B.K. Venkatesha, B.S. Suresh and K.E. Girish
Experimental Study on Steel Slag as Coarse Aggregate in Concrete
S. Yuvaraj, S. Hariharan and V.R. Ramkumar
Strengthening of Reinforced Concrete Beams using Externally FRP Laminate
P. Charmily and G. Murali
Experimental Study on the Usage of Polyethylene Waste in Subgrade
R. Suresh Babu, M. Gopi and V.R. Ramkumar
A Product from By-products
M. Arivoli, K. Mohan, B. Gowtham, A. Prasath and M. Sowmiya
An Experimental Study in Utilization of Fly Ash as a Course Aggregates and Quarry Dust as Fine Aggregates in Concrete
M. Mahesh Kumar, M. Rabik Raja and V.R. Ramkumar
Influence of Bottom Ash on Concrete Structures
P. Sruthee and G. Murali
Experimental Investigation on Bottle Caps as a Fibre in Concrete Structures
Gabriela Rajan and G. Murali
Performance of Solid Waste Fibre Reinforced Concrete Beams – An Experimental Study
E. Christyno, P. Shanmuga Priya and G. Murali
Influence of Fly Ash and Bottom Ash in Concrete
S. Sivakumar, J. Rex and B. Kameshwari
High Performance Concrete
A. Muthuraman and Abdul Samath
Management of Steel Solid Waste Generated from Lathes as Fiber Reinforced Concrete
V. Sree Kavitha, G. Murali and V.R. Ramkumar
Enhancing Strength of Concrete using Binding Wires as Fiber
N. Ragavan and G. Murali
Effective Utilization of Electronic Wastes in Construction Technology
R. Saravanakumar and G. Murali
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