Corporate Excellence in Challenging Global Scenario
ISBN: 978-81-925286-0-1
A Study on Stock Market Returns and Exchange Rates
Ms. S. Devi
The Causes and Forecasting of Petrol Price in India
P. Praveen Kumar and Dr. R. Kasilingam
Money Market Mutual Fund
P. Shirish and S. David Asirvatham
Investor Demographics and Time Horizon of Mutual Fund Investment
Dr. Haridayal Sharma
Microfinance in India
Dr. K. Selvi
Women Empowerment through Micro Finance: A Boon for Development
Dr. R. Karuppasamy and J. Prabaharan
An Empirical Study on Factors Influencing the Mutual Fund/Scheme Selection by Retail Investors
M. Karthikeyan
A Study on Technical Analysis of IOB Equity Shares
Dr. D. Saravanan
Women Empowerment Through Self-Help Groups (SHGS): A Micro Study in Vellore District, Tamilnadu, India
C. Arunachalam
Efficiency of Micro Finance Institution in India using Data Envelopment Analysis
Dr. K. Krishnamurthy and Mr. T. Sasikumar
Management of Working Finance in the Selected Sugar Companies
Dr. R. Angayarkanni
Microfinance: Empowerement at the Bottom of the Pyramid
Prof. (Dr.) Satish C. Sharma and Mrs. Harshila Bagoria
The Relationship between Foreign Direct Investment, Trade and Economic Growth in India
B. Murugesan
Foreign Direct Investment in Indian Retail Sector
S. Aarthi
A Study on Empowerment of Women through Self Help Group Linkage Model
G. Madan Mohan and R. Sumitha
Performance Analysis of Mutual Funds – A Study with Reference to Select Companies Net Asset Value
Dr. R. Sundar and Mrs. Suguna
Mutual Fund
K. Ravikumar and K. Shobana
Microfinance – A Tool for Poverty Alleviation and Rural Development
Prof. R. Vasudevaraj
Micro Finance an Engine for Inclusive Growth
Dr. A. Sebasthi Sahaya Malathi
Gold Exchange Trade Fund-Profitable Investment among Indian Investors
S. Arunkumar and K. Thulasivelu
A Study on Role of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in Retail Sector - A SWOT Analysis
Mrs. M. Rajeswari
Human Resource Management Work Life Balance
S. Sumayanaz
Employee Turnover in the Information Technology Industry
Dr. T.J. Arun and T. Selvakumar
The Benefits of Human Resource Accounting for Corporate Excellence
P. Fathima Nancy Dyana and Dr. Kesavan
Work Life Balance and Its Impact on Career Balance of Married Working Women
K. Kanchana
Strategic HRM in Small and Medium Enterprises
K.P. Savitha
Stress Management in the Modern Organisations
K. Rajalakshmi
The Beneficiaries from the Art of Work – Life Balance
Dr. V. Selvanathan and S. Priya Reddy
The Role of Green HR and Corporate Social Responsibility in Today’s Business
Mrs. A. Vinutha
Emotional Intelligence and Motivation in India
Dr. A. Thirupathy
Emotional Intelligence of Women Employees at BPO’s in Chennai City
Dr. R. Amutha and I. Farida
Ethics in Humanresource Management
Dr. G. Kalaichelvi
E-Human Resource Management
Mrs. R. Anitha Santhana Mary
Green HR
Edward Mukhim and V.J. Antony
Employee Retention Strategies of Global Corporate Excellence
Hemanth Kumar
A Study on Consumer Behaviour towards Various Brands of Milk in Chennai, Tamil Nadu
Ms. S.R. Brindha and Dr. K.P. Ganesan
An Empirical Study on Emotional Intelligence and Work Attitude at Managerial Level
K.M. Monica
A Study on Emerging Trends and Challenges in E-HRM
Mrs. M. Vijayalakshmi
An Empirical Study on Retention Strategies for Organizational Effectiveness
Dr. V. Manjunatha Rao
Contributory Factors to Stress (With Reference to School and College Teachers)
Dr. Geetha Sankar and P. Rekha
Managing Global Competitiveness through Managerial Excellence - HR
Mr. P. Senthil Kumar and Mrs. S. Suganya
Stress Management – Factors, Impacts and Cope
P. Padmanaaban
Incredible Women— Role of Women Professionals in Hospitality and Tourism Industry
S. Hemalatha and S. Vijayalakshmi
Women Empowerment through Self Help Groups in Dindigul District
R. Balasaraswathi
Tourism Marketing
Mrs. Mahalakshmi Venkatesh
Supply Chain Management
M. Maharasi
Logistic and Supply Chain Management
K. Arind and N. Palanivel
Retail Industry in India: Challenges Opportunities and Strategies
Dr. R. Karuppasamy and G. Rajkumar
Green Marketing - The Saviour to Mother Earth
S. Suvarna
Dynamic of Strategic Marketing
Mrs. N. Saratha
Emerging Scenario of Services Marketing
Mrs. N. Sraswathi
Marketing Strategies for Promoting Cultural Tourism in Tamil Nadu
V.S. Padmanaban and P.Padmanaaban
Consumer Behaviour
J. Jeya
Services to Service Industry - The Effervescence of Indian IT Forerunners
Sumana Banda and Dr. Pacha Malyadri
Role of Health Insurance Market in India
B. Anuradha
Problems and Prospects of Micro Small Medium Enterprises in India
Mrs. C.K. Deepa
Information Technology Tools for Supply Chain Management
L. Mathu Krithigha
Comunication Enhances Corporate Excellence
Prof. V.C. Kanchana
A Study on Occupational Stress Management— A Practical Overview
Mr. S. Prabakaran and Dr. K. Krishnamurthy
Entrepreneurial Development amongst Women
V.P. Lakshmi and Dr. Rosy Fernando
Business Ethics in Service Sector
Mrs. J. Folentia Kamal and Dr. G.A. Rekha Pai
Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainable Development - Corporate Governances and Social Responsibility
T. Samson Joe Dhinakaran
A Study on Customer Relationship Management in Banking Industry
Dr. P. Anbuoli and T.R. Thiruven Kat Raj
A Study on Risk Management with Special Reference to Public Sector Banks in India
Dr. R. Karuppasamy and V. Thiruverakamoorthy
An Investigational Study in Preparatory Fiscal Bookkeeping Mapping Conception
Dr. S. Prakash
Financial Inclusion Program and Rural Development
M. Sethupathi
Consumer Buying Behaviour the Controllables & Uncontrollables
K. Silpa
Implementation of Strategy in a Competitive Environment
C. Kavitha
Millennum Banking –A Case Study
Prof. P. Satheesh Babu and Prof. R. Vasudevaraj
FDI in Retail Industry
Srividhya Satish
Customer Relations Management and Cloud Computing
P. Preethy
Intra Industry Trade between Malaysia and India
Mrs. T. Sisili
Role of Technology in Customer Satisfaction with Reference to Banking Sector
Dr. Christine Stanley
Governance and Global Scenario
Robert Kast and Darine Bakkour
Customer Satisfaction of Domestic Airline Consumers in India
P. Satyanarayana
Impact of Interpersonal Justice and Organizational Citizenship Behavior
F. Beulah
Education and Women Empowerment in India
Dr. A. Vinayagamoorthy, M. Sangeetha and Miss. N. Sakila
Organizational Climate and Work Motivation
S. Sharmila and Dr. A. Venkatachalam
Significance of Emotional Intelligence and its Impact on Job Satisfaction
R. Ranjith and Twinkle Joseph
Corporate Social Responsibility
A. Benazir and Dr. G. Sankaravadivoo
Business Ethics
Shahnawaz Shaikh and Rohit Ivin
Study on Effectiveness of Training and Development Programme with Special Reference to Hospitality Industry (The Raintree Hotels, Chennai)
M. Hansa Devi and Divya chandran
Promoting Sustainable Tourism Initiatives in the UAE
M.S. Lakshmi
Consumer Behaviour in Reference to Classmate Note Books
S. Blessy and Bavadharini
Economics of Nature Tourism in Tamil Nadu
T. Milton
Motivational Aspects at Madras Fertilizers Limited: A Study
Dr. C. Gladson Clifford Joe
District Industries Centers (DIC) and Implementation of Prime Minister’s Employment Generation Programme (PMEGP)
T. Bama and Dr. D. Ganesan
Challenges in Implimenting the Customer Relationship Management in Banking Sector
Mr. T.P. Sarathi, Dr. S.E.V. Subrahmanyam and Dr. T. Narayana Reddy
Service Quality in Indian Banks – The Competitive Advantage
K. Nisha
Corporate Blogs - An Innovative Computer Mediated Communication Tool Prospects and Challenges
C. Suresh Kumar
Ict and Women Empowerment: An Oxymoron
K.S. Krithika
A Study on Customer Satisfaction on Telecommunication Network Services
V. Anuraadha
Health Insurance in India (Opportunities and Challenges)
Prof. K. Nithyanandam
Education and Women Empowerment in India
Dr. S. Kayarkanni
Overcoming Communication Barriers in Organization: A General Perspective
Key Account Management- An Outline
Y. Hema
Strategic Ways in Perception Management
A. Raja, S. Arunan and A. Ajeetha Mary
Women Empowerment
Dr. Dhanalakshmi
Growth and Performance of Micro Small Medium Enterprises in India
B. Selvakumari
Relative Services
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