Proceedings of the
Second National Conference on
Emerging New Trends in Managerial Excellence
ISBN: 978-81-925286-3-2
1.Securitisation - An Innovative Funding Option
Sharmistha Ghosh
2.Impact of Quarterly Results Announcement on Share Price: A Sector Wise Analysis
Subhendu Kumar Pradhan and R. Kasilingam
3.Agent Costs of Free Cash Flow, Corporate Finance and Takeovers
M. Daniel Rajkumar and A. Indira Jenifer
4.Non Performing Assets – Defaulter’s Opinion Towards Repayment of Loan in SBI
E. Gopi and V. Joseph Paulraj
5.An Overview of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) Growth in India
N. Gopinathan, C. Karthik and M. Karthik
6.A Study on Indian Commodity Futures Market – An Overall Performance Analysis for the Years 2009 and 2010
P. Periasamy and R. Satish
7.The Demand for Micro Credit in India: An Overview
Muralimohan, Vasu Jalari and M. Devarajulu
8.Treasury Risk Management of FMCG Companies with Special Reference to Cavinkare Private Limited
M. Nasrin Sulthana
9.Balancing Growth-Inflation Dynamics
K.M. Padmaja
10.A Study on Success of Indian IPOs based on Valuation and Pricing Metrics
S. Saravanan and R. Satish
11.Psychological Biases of Investors
A. Shanthi and R. Thamil Selvan
12.Impact of Societal Factors on Investment Decisions by Individual Investors
D. Velumoni and S.S. Rau
13.Stock Price Prediction using Ad-Hoc Techniques
N. Srinivasan and C. Lakshmi
14.The Make-Or-Buy Decision: Lessons from Empirical Studies
A. Anbu and S. Vidhya
15.Attitude towards Online Shopping among PG Students
S. Catherine and R. Mahesh
16.Placement — A Key Challenge in Soft Drinks Distribution
D. Ravindran
17.Marketing through Ears: A Study on Auditory Sense of the Audience
Bushan D. Sudhakar
18.Characteristics of Innovators and Non–Innovators in Indian Context – A Pilot Study
R. Kanniga Prashanth, GS. Anandhan and M. Jaiganesh
19.A Study on Consumer Unplanned Shopping Behavior at Super Market in Kanchipuram Town
G. Kannan, R. Vani and K. Priya
20.Impact of Soft Skills Training Conducted among the Select Engineering Colleges
M. Radhakrishnan and S. Sudha
21.A Study on Customer Relationship Aspects of Bajaj Motors with Reference to Blue Bikes, Medavakkam, Chennai
S. Jebaseeli Novaleena and A. Rangawsamy
22.Study on Lakadong Turmeric in Jaintia Hills District – Problem and Suggestion in Improving Production and Marketing
N. Panjali and R. Kasilingam
23.The Indian Car Industry : A Case Study on Mid-Size Passenger Cars
S. Solamalai and N.R.V. Prabhu
24.Service Quality at Indivar Motors, Nellore: in Terms of Tangibility, Reliability and Responsiveness using SERVQUAL Instrument
Subhan Bande, N. Venkata Ramana and V. Suneel Kumar
25.Current Trends in Indian Retail Industry
G. Thiyagarajan
26.Concept and Implementation of Reverse Logistics Strategy
S. Arul Krishnan and S. Bargathulla
27.Progress of Medical Tourism
M. Rajapriya
28.A Study on Effectiveness of SAP CRM System in Retention of Customer in Schwing Stetter India Private Limited
S. Senthil Gavaskar
29.Role of Emotional Advertisements and its Impact on Indians
M. Sudha and M.G. Geetha
30.Marketing: A Strategy, Fuelled with Innovation
Prince Patni
31.An Analysis on Impact of Family Life Cycle Stage on Source of Influence among Retail Bank Customers
G. Ramasundaram
32.The Role of Private Sector in Healthcare Industry
S. Sharmila and Jayasree Krishnan
33.A Study on Passengers Preference and Expectations of Public and Private Bus Transport Services with Special Reference to North West Tamilnadu
G.E. Barkavi
34.Knowledge Capture and Storage by Talent Management Principles among the Students of a University Department
R. Anbumathi and Chitra Sivasubramanian
35.Work–Life Balance (Woman in Academic vs Corporate Life)
R. Anjana and Marina Paul
36.Work-Life Balance in India – An Innovative Approach
C. Kavitha, K.C. Vincent and B. Prashanth
37.A Study on the Level of Satisfaction with Respect to Interpersonal Relationship Among Teaching Faculty in Self-Financing Engineering Colleges
B.R. Celia and S. Nadarajan
38.Stress Management with Special Reference to Private Sector Bank Employees in Madurai District
R. Gopalakrishnan and C. Swarnalatha
39.A Study on TQM with Respect to HR with the Reference to a Pharmaceutical Company
M. Hari Hara Sudhan and M. Raja Mani
40.A Conceptual Analysis on Emotional Intelligence (EI) on Employee’s Performance
S. Joyce and R. Magesh
41.HR Challenges with Reference to Employee Engagement
B. Kalaiyarasan
42.A Study on Outcomes of Job Satisfaction among IT Employees
S. Kumaresh and Jayasree Krishnan
43.Employee Turnover in Small Scale Industries
M. Marudai and K. Maran
44.Quality of Work Life among Engineering Industries Employees
R. Priya
45.Retention Strategy: The Trend in Indian IT Industry
Priyada Sudhakaran
46.A Study on the Effect of Employee Empowerment through Equal Opportunity Practices
K.Raghavi and N. Gopinathan
47.A Study on Impact of Employee Turnover on Organizational Profitability
P. Rajkumar and B. Parthiban
48.Engaging Employees through Career Management in IT Industry
S. Rathinamvelu and Saifil Ali
49.Performance Measurement Systems: Putting Organizational Effectiveness Ahead
R. Shanmugam and S. Nisha
50.Employee Retention Management Strategies in IT Sector
M.K. Sindhu and Bhawana Kumai
51.A Study Reflecting Organizations Culture on Employee Empowerment
S. Visalaxi
52.The Relationship between Knowledge Sharing and Organizational Citizenship Behavior among Engineering Colleges Staffs in Pondicherry
J. Vishnu Prasanna
53.Work Life Balance of Bancassurance Channel Officers with Special Reference to General Insurance Companies in Tuticorin District
G. Balachandar
54.Organisational Values and its Significants on Employee Commitment – A Conceptual Framework
S. Jailap Deen and P. Amuthalakshmi
55.Current HR Policies and Practices in Private Sector
S. Selvaraju
56.The Contribution of Quality of Work to Organizational Excellence
S. Arockia Sanjomon
57.The Relationship between QWL and Demographic Characteristics of Management Faculties of Self-Financing Institutions under Anna University of Technology, Coimbatore
A. Sharmila
58.Relish Ltd — Case Study
Rajesh Nair and Sujatha Desikan
59.Analytical Study of Food Inflation and Economy in India
R. Maniyosi
60.Women Entrepreneurship and Village Economy
S. Ambiga and M. Ramasamy
61.Self Help Groups are a Gateway to Women Empowerment
D. Arul Paramanandam and P. Packirisamy
62.Transforming Self Help Groups (SHGs) to Successful Micro Enterprises – The Prospects and Imperatives
M. Sivasubramanian and M.I. Saifil Ali
63.Practices in Knowledge Management
J. Michael Mariadhas
64.Data Mining for Bioinformatics
T. Muthukumar
65.CSR as an Emerging Marketing Tool and Necessity for Sustainable Business
Niteesh Kumar Upadhyay
66.Geographic Automata based Route Planning in Spatial Road Networks
K.B. Priya Iyer, V. Shanthi and S. Prashanth Papanasam
67.Implementing Electronic Health Records under Cloud Computing Platform
B. Sambath Kumar and S.S. Rau
68.Network Services based on P2P Cloud Computing
V. Samba Siva, K. Sirisha and A. Geethika
69.A Stride towards Developing a Distributed System for the Identification of Top-L Inner Product Elements
S. Veena and P. Rangarajan
70.A Study on Self –Help Group in Women’s Life: With Reference to Madurai District
P. Palpandi and R. Mangayarkarasu
71.The Role of Total Quality Management in Higher Education System
Swagata B. Sarkar
72.Why Students of Higher Education are more Stressed?
J. Megala and B. Yamuna Krishna
73.Legal Issues Invloved in On-Demand Network Access and Shared Pool of Computing Resources
74.Unique Leadership Styles: A Success Factor for Men and Women Entrepreneurs
N. Dhivya and R. Senapathi
75.Evidence based Management for Managerial Excellence
Rajan Jayabalan
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