Proceedings of the
2nd International Conference on
Stochastic Modelling and Simulation (ICSMS 2012)
ISBN: 978-81-925286-4-9
1.A Stochastic Model for a Dynamic Service Facility with Threshold and Lead Time
Srinivas R. Chakravarthy
2.Filtering, Smoothing and Estimation for a Class of Marked Doubly Stochastic Poisson Processes
Silvia Centanni, Marco Minozzo and Immacolata Oliva
3.Performance Analysis of EDCA with Multi-Channel in IEEE 802.11p/1609.4 Wave for Intelligent Transportation System
Bong Dae Choi
4.Self-Interacting Stochastic Chains
D. Kannan
5.Limit Theorems of Quantum Walks and Related Models
Norio Konno
6.Quantum Probability and Asymptotic Spectral Analysis of Growing Graphs
Nobuaki Obata
7.A Geometrical View on a Multidimentional Reflecting Processes: Stability and Tail Asymptotics
Masakiyo Miyazawa
8.A Queueing Model in Discrete Time with Retrials and a Tolerant Server
Rein Nobel
9.Modeling an Incomplete Market with Default
Paola Tardelli
10.Approximation of the Renewal Function for Modeling Two Dimensional Warranty Policies
Viswanathan Arunachalam
11.Discrete Time Quantum Walks on the Path
Yusuke Ide
12.The Pollaczek-Khinchin Transform Equation via Regenerative Processes
Laszlo Lakatos
13.Differential Equations Satisfied by the Limit Density Function of Quantum Walks on the Line
Takuya Machida
14.Complex Valued Measure Induced by Quantum Walks
Etsuo Segawa
15.Two Interacting Inventory Systems Dealing with Same Product
Yadavalli, Venkata S. Sarma and S. Chitra
16.A Continuous Review (s, S) Retrial Inventory System with Priority and Imapatient Customers
N. Anbazhagan
17.Criminometrics: Stochastic Modeling for Crime
P. Balasiddamuni, M. Bhupathi Naidu, M. Subbarayudu, M. Venkataramanaiah,
C. Narayana and P. Hareesh Kumar
18.Stability of Delayed Stochastic Neural Networks with Markovian Jump Parameters
P. Balasubramaniam and R. Krishnasamy
19.Applications of Statistical Parameters and Simulation Modelling in Digital Image Watermarking, Cbir and Vision
R. Balasubramanian
20.Survival Analysis - Stochastic Weibull AFT Model Approach
T. Jai Sankar
21.The Economic Trainee Batch – Size Manpower Model with Variable Cost Function
M. Jeeva
22.A Retrial Queueing System with Two Types of Batch Arrivals and with Feedback to Orbit
N. Thillaigovindan and R. Kalyanaraman
23.Transient Analysis of a Random Walk with Nonlinear Rates Subject to Catastrophes and Repairs
B. Krishna Kumar
24.On a Retrial Queue with Customer Induced Interruption
A. Krishnamoorthy and Varghese Jacob
25.Two Product Inventory System with Three Types of Demands
R. Natarajan, S. Udayabaskaran and S. Chitra
26.Warranty Cost Analysis for Deteriorating Systems under Varying Environments
Y. Sarada
27.Fuzzy Time Series Model for Counterterrorism
K. Senthamarai Kannan
28.A Stochastic Inventory System with Replacement of Deteriorated Items
A. Shophia Lawrence
29.Fluid Queues Modulated by Certain Interesting Queueing Models
K.V. Vijayashree
30.Probabilistic Identities for a Class of Barrier Problems
P.R. Vittal
31.An Overview of Stochastic Assumption Violation Problems in Econometric Models
S. Ismail Mohideen, A. Hidhayathulah and U. Abuthahir
32.Modeling a Decision Making Method by Selection of a Computer System – A Comparative Study of Analytic Hierarchy Process and Stochastic Vector Method
P. Kousalya and V. Shyam Prasad
33.Comparison of Classical and Bayesian Estimators in M/M/1 Queueing Model
A. Jabar Ali and K. Senthamarai Kannan
34.Artificial Neural Network Model for Rainfall Forecasting
V. Deneshkumar, K. Senthamarai Kannan and M. Manikandan
35.Bayesian Forecasting Model for CO2 Emissions
A. Jawahar Farook and K. Senthamarai Kannan
36.Fuzzy Time Series Forecasting with Terrorist Attacks in India
K. Senthamarai Kannan, M. Manikandan and V. Deneshkumar
37.The Transient Solution of M/G/1 Queueing System Subject to Catastrophes, Server Failure and Repair
G. Ayyappan and S. Shyamala
38.A Queueing Model for Out-Patient Management in a Hospital
K. Pramila, S. Vijayabarathi and J. Sengamalaselvi
39.Modified Likelihood Ratio, Lagrange Multiplier and Wald Criteria for Tesing General Linear Hypotheses in Linear Statistical Models
O. Hari Babu, B. Sarojamma, P. Balasiddamuni, S. Nafeez Umar, B. Ramana Murthy and M. Naresh
40.Testing Nested and Non-Nested General Linear Hypotheses in Sure Model
P. Balasiddamuni, R.V.S.S. Nagabhushana Rao, R. Abbiah, D. Giri, B. Venkateswarlu,
Venkatarama Raju and T. Subramanyam
41.Specification and a New Estimation Method for an Arch Model
P. Balasiddamuni, B. Sarojamma, M. Jahnavi, SC. Thasleema, R.V.S. Prasad and S. Durga Prasad
42.Regression Models through Linear Programming Problem
M. Venkataramanaiah, B. Sarojamma, V. Madhusudhana Rao, P. Balasiddamuni,
S. Suresh and G. Dileep Kumar
43.Comparision of ARIMA and FFNN Models
M. Venkataramanaiah, B. Sarojamma, P. Balasiddamuni, A. Mohan Babu,
S. Divakar and P. Balasubramanyam
44.An Iterative Statistical First Order Autoregressive Forecasting Model
C. Umasankar, M. Vijayabhaskar Reddy, P. Balasiddamuni, K. Murali,
S. Yadavendra Babu and Sk. Khadar Babu
45.Estimation of Time Series Linear Statistical Model with Moving Average Process Errors
P. Balasiddamuni, B. Sarojamma, P. Ramakrishna Reddy, S. Durga Prasad,
J.P. Naik and K. Karunakar
46.Adaptable Ridge Regression Estimation for Sure Model
P. Balasiddamuni, R.V.S.S. Nagabhushana Rao, M. Bhupathi Naidu, B. Harimallikarjuna Reddy,
K. Madhavilatha and V.N. Sendil
47.A Multiple Logistic Regression Model for CRM
P. Balasiddamuni, K. Vijaya Kumar, V. Munaiah, M. Jahnavi,A.V. Prasad and A. Jyothi Babu
48.A Discriminating Method for Two Linear Statistical Models
P. Balasiddamuni, O. Hari Babu, S. Nafeez Umar, B. Ramana Murthy,
R.V. Krishna Reddy and S.S. Rajkumar
49.Specification and Estimation of First Order Vector Autoregressive (VAR) Sure Model
R.V.S.S. Nagabhushana Rao, P. Balasiddamuni, P. Srivyshnavi, B. Ramanjineyulu,
K. Anil Kumar and K. Aswini
50.A Test for Autocorrelation in Time Series Linear Regression Model using Quarterly Data
P. Balasiddamuni, B. Sarojamma, K. Murali, P. Srivyshnavi, S. Durga Prasad and O.S. Sampson
51.Sample Moments Tests for Normality of Errors in Linear Statistical Models
P. Balasiddamuni, T. Gangaram, R. Abbiah, O. Hari Babu, R.V. Krishna Reddy and S. Asif Alisha
52.Efficiencies of Indian Commercial Banks by using Translog Distance Function
M. Venkataramanaiah, B. Sarojamma, A.A.R. Madhavi, P. Balasiddamuni,
P. Kiran Kumar and S. Sateesh Kumar
53.Tests for Non Normal Errors in Linear Statistical Models
P. Balasiddamuni, O. Hari Babu, O.S. Sampson, P. Srivyshnavi,
C. Subba Rami Reddy and K. Venkatesu
54.Modified Goodness of Fit and Model Selection Criteria for Forecasting Models
P. Balasiddamuni, C. Umasankar, M. Vijayabhaskar Reddy, K.N. Srinivasulu,
M. Pushpalatha and G.Y. Mythili
55.Statistical Inference in Autoregressive Conditionally Heteroscedastic (ARCH) Models
P. Balasiddamuni, B. Sarojamma, A. Jyothi Babu, J.P. Naik,
S. Durga Prasad and P. Muralinatha Reddy
56.Inference in Seemingly Unrelated Regression Equations (SURE) Model with First Order Autoregressive Disturbances
P. Balasiddamuni, R.V.S.S. Nagabhushana Rao, B. Ramanjineyulu, N. Bhaskar Reddy,
P. Maheswari and B. Mahaboob
57.Selection of Good Reduced Linear Statistical Models
P. Balasiddamuni, B. Ramana Murthy, B. Sarojamma, P. Srivyshnavi,
K. Sreenivasulu and S. Asif Alisha
58.Ridge Regression Estimation for Partition Linear Statistical Model
P. Balasiddamuni, M. Bhupathi Naidu, M. Subbarayudu, M. Pushpalatha,
.M. Ramesh and K. Sreenivasulu
59.Structural Breaks in the Model for MST Radar SNR at Various Heights
R. Rajanikanth, B. Sarojamma, S. Venkatramana Reddy, G. Karthick Kumar Reddy,
T.K. Ramkumar and P. Balasiddamuni
60.Test for Causality in Linear Statistical Models
P. Balasiddamuni, B. Narasimhulu, M. Vasudeva Reddy, G. Mokeshrayalu, K. Vasu,
N. Suresh Babu and B. Sreenivasulu
61.Analysis of Magnetic Field Intensity in the Ionosphere using Two-Way Anova and Tukey’s Multiple Range Test
R. Rajanikanth, B. Sarojamma, S. Venkatramana Reddy, P. Ramakrishna Reddy,
T.K. Ramkumar and P. Balasiddamuni
62.Application of Recursive Residuals for Testing Normality of Disturbances in Linear Regression Models
P. Balasiddamuni, B. Sarojamma, K. Vijaya Kumar, S. Vijaya Kumar Varma,
G. Mokeshrayalu and C. Mani
63.Productivity Improvement Jobshop Schedulling by Genetic Algorithms
A. Lakshmi Kameswari and K. Sreenivasa Rao
64.Path Integral Approach to Hysteresis
Tapas Kumar Sinha and Merline Sebastian
65.Coupled Map Model of Quasi Species Evolution
Tapas Kumar, Sachinandan Chanda and Joseph Mathew
66.Optimization of Process Parameters of a Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger using Genetic Algorithms
G. Srinivasa Sharma and Aripirala Lakshmi Kameswari
67.Probabilistic Inverse Scattering
Tapas Kumar Sinha and Joseph Mathew
68.Monte-Carlo Simulation in Investment and Budgeting of Washing Powder Manufacturing Factory
T. Jai Sankar, N. Abinaya, K.Majamadhadevi, J. Ragapriyaand R. Kamalesh
69.Stochastic Modelling in Stable Population
T. Jai Sankar, Sunandita Ghosh, K. Kajeela Maryam, S. Selva Nanthini and G. Gowthami
70.System of Car Service Station in Pondicherry – Markovian Model Approach
T. Jai Sankar, M. Sheyamala Devi, P. Anitha and G. Pradeep
71.Simulation of Network in Banking
T. Jai Sankar, S. Selva Nanthini, Sunandita Ghosh, G. Gowthami and N. Ramya
72.Time Series Analysis of Tourists Arrivals in Tamilnadu
T. Jai Sankarand M. Ravikumar
73.Forecasting Export of Liquid Bulk in Chennai Port
T. Jai Sankarand J. Poovaraaghavan
74.Steady State Condition of Automobile Companies Market Share in Tamilnadu
T. Jai Sankar, K. Kajeela Maryam and N. Yuvasri
75.Stochastic Analysis for Predicting the Fertilizers Consumption
T. Jai Sankar, J. Guganathan, Sunandita Ghosh, M. Sharmila and M. Vimal
76.Optimal Harvesting in a Galton Watson Branching Process
S. Udayabaskaran, G. Karunainalakkannan and J. Viswanath
77.Ticket Reservation System – Markov Simulation with Queueing Model
T. Jai Sankar, M. Kokila, S. Latha, M. Sumathi and A. Shajitha Begam
78.Time Series Analysis of Lower Denomination Currencies Existence
T. Jai Sankar, M. Ravikumar, S. Rajalakshmi, P. Tamilselvi and A. Robin Mathew
79.On a Modified Markov Branching Process with Immigration and Age-Dependant Branching
T. Karthikeyan
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