Proceedings of the
International Conference on
Innovations in Communication Information and Computing (ICICIC)
ISBN: 978-81-925286-8-7
Cloud Computing
1.Cloud Security in Practical Outsourcing by Linear Programming
J. Sathishkumar
2.A Survey on TPA Based Cloud Storage Security
A.S. Anupriya, Reshma Sadasivan and S. Karthik
3.Survey on Keyword Searching in Cloud Storage
P.L. Deepa, T.K. Ariya, S. Vinoth Kumar and S. Karthik
4.Multi Stage Resource Scheduling with Dynamic Pricing for Cloud Environment
Pradeepa and G. Kamalraja
5.Cache Service for Process of Frequent Ontology File in Cloud Computing
S. Saravanan and J. Prisca Mary
6.Cloud Computing Storage Services
I. Mohammed Musthafa Sheriff, P. Banuamthi and B. Sakthivel
7.Easing Scientific Communities by Providing Large Applications in Public Cloud Environment
M. Kesavan and C. Selvarathi
8.Network Associated Storage V/S Cloud Storage
S.H. Salman and Arvind Soju
9.A Gossip Protocol for Managing the Virtualized Resources in Cloud Computing Environments
T. Shampavi and M. Pavithra
10.Minimum Cost for Resource Equipping in Cloud Computing
S. Vidhya and T.S. Revathy
11.Scalable and Secure Sharing of Personal Health Records in Cloud Computing using Attribute-Based Encryption
J. Lavanya, S. Sivasundari and G.K. Sandhia
12.Data Sharing in Cloud Computing
Selva Kumar, Ram Kumar and Rick Rejeleene
13.Effective Approach for Secure Storage Services in Cloud Computing
R. Sujatha and N. Swathina
14.Security Threats and Responses in a Cloud Computing Environment
Shreyas S. Nair and Rajesh Kumar
15.Hybrid Computing—Where HPC Meets Grid and Cloud Computing
B. Mohana Nagalakshmi and B. Arun Kumar
16.Optimization of Time and Cost for Scheduling Multiple Workflows in Hybrid Clouds
K. Sundareswari and B. Arun Kumar
17.Coordinator Based Advanced Reservation and Ranking for Cloud Resources
M. Lakshmi Kantham
18.Enhancing Storage Security in Cloud Computing using Third Party Auditing
S. Suganya and P. Damodharan
19.An Integrated Resource Pricing and Provisioning Scheme for Commercial Clouds
M. Rajeshwari and T. Mohan Raj
20.Dependable and Secure Data Storage with Auditing Mechanism in Cloud Computing
R. Anantharubini and B. Arunkumar
21.A Erasure Encryption Based Cloud Storage with Forwarding Secured Data
V. Satheesh Kumar and C. Vasuki
22.Cloud Computing to Control a Global Warming
R. Jegatheeswari and S. Bavina
23.Resource Provisioning of on-Demand Cost in Cloud Computing
G. Anitha and P. Damodharan
24.An Application of Mobile Cloud for Home Automation
G. Mothilal and K. Rajkumar
25.Enabling Public Auditability and Data Dynamics for Storage Security in Cloud Computing
S.M. Keerthana and D. Parameshwari
26.Distributed Provenance Control and Accountability for Data Usage in the Cloud
D. Yamunathangam and A. Chandrasekar
27.Privacy-Preserving Audit of Data Storage in Cloud
T. Naveena and S. Akshaya
28.Dynamic Resource Management in Large Heterogeneous Cloud Atmospheres
J. Keerthika and S. Madhu Priya
29.Resource Management and Pricing Mechanism for Commercial Clouds
PR. Rani and D. Seenivasan
30.Attribute Based Encryption for Secure Data Sharing in Cloud Computing
K. Kanagasabapathi and S. Balaji
31.A Novel Approach for Power-Aware Resource Allocation using Evolutionary Algorithm in Cloud Computing
Jenny frank rosaline and Jeya krishnan
32.Cloud Computing — A Free Technological Option
R. Mekala
33.A Periodic Authentication in Cloud through Data Coloring
T. Sharansakthi, S. Shyamkrishna, B. Vimal and S. Sandosh
34.Overlay of Cloud Storage with Fade for Assured File Access and Deletion
G. Deepika Sampoornam, S. Govindaraj, A. Prabakaran and M.S. Daneesh
35.Issues in Reliable and Secure Data Storage in Cloud – A Survey
G. Immanual Gnanadurai and S. Rinesh
36.Integrating Multi Level and Multi Dataset using HASBE Access Control in Cloud Computing
S. Nithya, K. Usharani and T.P.Jayakumar
37.Thin Client Cloud Computing Network for University and Academic Institutions
S. Manikandan and A. Prabhu
38.Hierarchical Structure for Unified Scheme Trust Negotiation in Cloud Computing
A. Udhaya Chandrika
39.Survey on Energy Efficient Resource Allocation Methods in Cloud Environment
P. Mohamed Shameem and Vinisha Sasidharan
40.Hasbe : A Unified Key Scheme Automated Trust Negotiation in Cloud Computing
C.S. Revathi and G. Raja Muneeswaran
41.Secure Data Forwarding in Cloud Storage System with Cryptographic Scheme
M. Boopathy and P. Malar
42.Evaluation of Gang Scheduling Performance and Cost in a Cloud Computing System
S. Ishwarya and S.J. Narmadha
43.Effective Background with Protection Data Center in Cloud Computing
J. Senthil Kumar and D.R. Karthika
44.Ensuring Distributedaccountability for Data Sharing in the Cloud using Logging Mechanism
P. Palanisamy and P.S. Balamurugan
45.A Distributed System for Practical Pir:Pcloud
D. Ramya, R. Nithya and P.S. Balamurugan
46.Cloud Computing Basedon Bandwidth Allocation
M. Boopathiraja, S. Dhepika and P.S. Bala Murugan
Computer Science
47.Digital Library- An Overview
P. Kumar
48.Service-Centric Framework for a Digital Government Application
T. Ravi Simha and G.K. Sandhia
49.Replacement of Heart by-Pass Surgery using Nano-Robotics
A.S. Subhashree and R. Mukunthraj
50.Multi Target Tracking using Evolutionary Computing
R. Tamizharasi and G. Umarani Srikanth
51.A Survey on Improving the Computation of Calculating Conditional Probability Table in Hybrid Bayesian Network
P. Vinolia Grace and T.S. Revathy
52.A Stdudy and Analysis of Retinal Vessel Segmentation for Quality Evalution
Mohammed Anwar and N. Ragavendran
53.Failure Prediction for Meeting Soft Deadlines in Scientific Workflows using Resubmission Impact
P. Palaniammal and R. Santhosh
54.Detecting Abdominal Aorta Aneurysm using Bio – Computing Technology
Hanah Ayisha V. Hyder Ali, A. Dinesh Kumar and S. Shahul Hammed
55.A Seismocardiography-Based Identification of Quiescent Heart Phases
R. Poornima and T. Mohan Raj
56.Bio Inspired Software Requirement Analysis Models using Micro Array Methodology
Chandrasekaran Subramaniam, T. Priyadharshini and K. Saranya
57.Test Case Generation for Event-Oriented Sequence Based on Run-Time Prototype View
Annasaro Vijendran and N.R. Suganya
58.Automation in Clearing Waste Refuse Strewed in Public Squares
M. Prasanth, Pooja Vijayaraj and B. Thenkavi
59.Efficient Fault Detection for Memory Applications
R. Karthika and L. Punitha
60.An Information Motivated Framework to Behavioral Reasoning in Smart Locations
S. Nithya and G. Tamilmani
61.Defend Seclusion Against Location-Based Personal Recognition
T. Senthil Kumar and Udaya Lakshmi Jaladi
62.An Efficient Unobservable Routing Scheme Resistant Against DoS Attacks
K. Chithra
63.Genetic Algorithms for Location Based Service
L. Velmurugan and P. Thangaraj
64.Adaptation of Ranking Model for Target Domain Search
M.S. Gayathri and S. Leela
65.A Review of Dynamic Scheduling Techniques in Complex Systems
S. Kalaiarasi and Rose Rani John
66.Analysis of Agent Based Programming for Important Information Extraction
M. Vinoth Kumar and G. Tholkappia Arasu
67.An Efficient Fibonacci Based Content Distribution Scheme for Interactive VOD Streaming
M. Parthiban and G. Sumathi
68.Controlling Malicious Users in Stakerare for Large Scale Requirements Elicitation
S.S.L. Durai Arumugam, J. Selvakumar and M. Rajaram
69.An Investigation on Estimating Demand Data in Service Inventory Levels
S. Ranjithkumar, J. Selvakumar and M. Rajara
70.Code Smell Detection and Resolution using Search Based Refactoring
S. Amalan and M.S. Geetha Devasena
71.Mutation Based Test Suite Reduction using Genetic AlgorithmR. Kavimani and Preethi Harris
72.A Method for Duplicate Record Detection by Exploration and Exploitation of Optimization Algorithm
K. Deepa and R. Rangarajan
73.Resource Allocation and Scheduling in Full-Duplex MIMO Systems with Hybrid Relaying
Hridya Mary George and B. Kousalya
74.Low-Complexity Soft Detection Algorithm for FRFD SFBC using LDPC
Mansy M. Muhammed and S. Manikandan
75.A New Semi-automated Segmentation Framework for Tumorcut Segementation
R. Keerthana Devi and P. Rupa Ezhil Arasi
76.Optimal Approch for Real Time Continuous Speech Recognition System
S. Divyaprabha and P. Bala Venkateswarlu
77.Detection and Tracking of Moving Objects for Intelligent Video Surveillance
U.M. Prakash
78.Markerless Human Motion Capture for Gait Analysis
N. Prakash, K. Rajesh, P. Manimaran and A. Gnanabaskaran
79.High Performance MIMO Detector using K Best Algorithm
Mohankumar Basker and K. Prakasam
80.Reducing Space Complexity in Parallel Multiplier by using TMVP Algorithm
S. Hemalatha and K. Priyameenakshi
81.Analysis of PAPR Reduction Techniques in Space Frequency Block Coded OFDM System
T. Malathi and S. Senthurpriya
82.A Low Power Clocking System using Merging Flip Flop Technique
E.V. Vinisha, R. Sathya and R. Sathya
83.Falsified Candidate Alias Detection using Information Theoretic Framework
M. Rajesh Khanna
84.Smallest Latest Time First Spatial Channel Reuse Scheme for Corman
J. Chitralega and S. Arumugam
85.Knowledge Based Active Visual Segmentation
S. Sankar and A.S. Prabaharan
86.Real Time Paddy Crop Field Monitoring and Controlling using Internet
S. Muthu Saravana Kumar and D. Ganesha Perumal
87.Incremental Information Extraction by Algebraic Approach
R. Shyni and S. Venkatesan
88.Vehicle Detection in Urban Traffic Surveillance
P. Senthil Raja, M. Udaya, S. Sindhu and S. Vigneshwaran
89.Performance Evaluation of Different Stegnographic Algorithms
S. Jayesh and A.J. Ajal
90.Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast
Samrat Pradhan and M. Pushparaj
91.An Efficient and Fully Robust Group Key Agreement
D. Thilagavathy and K. Kiran Kumar
92.A Secure Erasure Code-Based Cloud Storagesystem with Group Based Access Control Scheme
R. Tamilarasu
93.Cognition and Removal of Impulse Noise with Uncertainty
G. Shajini
94.Biometric Identification System using Hand Geometrical Features
A. Ponnuchamy and C. Akila
95.Discovering Patterns for Text Classification: Pattern Based Approach
M. Vaasugi Preety and S. Karal Marx
96.Contrast Enhancement for Emissive Display using Histogram Equalization
L. Aruna and S.S. Thamilselvi
97.Survey on Various Load Balancing Techniques in Wireless Mesh Networks
P. Muruga Priya
98.Motion Estimation and Velocity Determination using Background Subtraction Algorithm
B. Tharanidevi and T. Raja
99.A Fusion Approach for Human Skin Detection using Canny Edge Algorithm
R. Vadivu and G. Brindha
100.Performance Analysis Spatial Filtering Techniques for Impulse Noise Removal
A. Keerthana and N. Sureshkumar
101.Feedback Based Securedtrust in Multiagent System with Load Balancing Scheme
K. Pradeepa and S. Anbarasu
102.Semi-Supervised Ranking Answering Time-Sensitive Queries
V. Priyadharshni and C. Ramkumar
103.A Novel Heuristic Algorithm for Visualizing User Roles
C. Ranjith Kumar and S. Selva Brinda
104.A Secure Crypto-Multimodal Biometric System for the Privacy Protection
R. Sujithra and R. Ranjani
105.Botnet Attack Analysis using Markov Models Based Traffic Flow Analysis
S. Thangamani
106.Dynamic Knowledge Base Construction and Management for Event Detection Process
V. Revathi and K. Ashokkumar
107.Modified SRAM with Read Stability and NBTI Management
R. Sabarinathan and K. Premganesh
108.Memory Efficient Modular VLSI Architecture for Two-Dimensional Fast Lifting Wavelet Scheme
A. Pradeep Kumar, B. Sathiya Sivam and J.K. Madheshwari
109.BIST Based Fault Diagnosis for Random Access Memory and Application
R.S. Suresh and V. Chandrasekaran
110.Supply Chain Decision Model for Time Dependent Deteriorating Items, Variable Holding Cost and Trade Credit
N. Rajeswari and K. Indirani
111.Brain Machine Interface System using Hand Movement Imagery Tasks
Mohd Shuhanaz Zanar Azalan, M.P. Paulraj and Sazali bin Yaacob
112.Classification of EEG Based Vocabulary Tasks using Power Spectral Density for Differentially Abled Communities
M.P. Paulraj, Abdul Hamid Adom, Sazali Bin Yaacob, C.R. Hema, Erdy Sulino Mohd Muslim Tan and Sathees Kumar Nataraj
113.Perception and Classification of Interior Noise in the Car Cabin using Probabilistic Neural Network
M.P. Paulraj, Allan Melvin Andrew and Sazali Yaacob
114.Classification of Moving Vehicle using Heterogeneous Multi-Classifiers
N. Abdul Rahim, M.P. Paulraj and A.H. Adom
115.An Effective Steganalysis Technique to Increase the Payload with Lower Distortion
J. Joseph Deena and N.C. Ramya
116.Secure and Efficient Acknowledgement based Routing Mechanism for Packet ForwardingS. Tamilalaki
Data Mining
117.A Digital Cmos Parallel Counter Architecture Based on State Look-Ahead Logic
A. Muthukumar and R. Srivel
118.Potential Path on Semantic Web Mining
C. Parimala, R. Rooba and V. Vallimayil
119.A Comparative Study on the Performance of K-Means and Dbscan Algorithmfor Ontology Text Clustering
D. Mohan Kumar, M. Sindhu and M. Manjula
120.Enhanced Joint Sentiment-topic Detection from Text with Incremental Learning of JST Parameters
K. Ashokkumar
121.Study on Behavior of Cluster Analysis using K Means and EM Algorithm
R. Anitha and M. Sivakumar
122.A Survey on Document Clustering
S. Rathinaparimalam and G. Srinitya
123.A Survey on Recommendation System in Web Mining
S. Vinoth Sarun, S. Vasukipriya and T. Vijaya Kumar
124.Enhancing Recommendation Diversity on Customizable Online System with Ranking and Aggregation
G. Uma Maheshwari and N. Suguna
125.Secured Disclosure of Data in Multiparty Data Miningtechniques
G. Kirubhakar and C. Venkatesh
126.Hidden Interaction Pattern Discovery of Human Meetings
K. Thangameena and M. Sowmiya
127.Optimizing Computation Time in a Large Database using Cluster Based Apriori Algorithm
K. Karpagavadivu, L. Lalitha and T. Maragatham
128.A Universal Similarity Model for Transactional Data Clustering
P. Sudhakar and K. Prathiba
129.Clustering with Multiviewpoint-Based Similarity Measure using on Hierarchical Clustering
S. Susmitha and M. Sowmiya
130.A Complete Review on Different Clustering Algorithms
M. Sukanya and S.G. Mohanapriya
131.Valuable Pattern Discovery for Adaptive Text Mining
V. Prabha and T. Mekala
132.An Evaluation of Navi Bayesian Spam Filtering
P. Sudhakar and G. Vijayarani
133.XML Data Search with Query Assistance and Semantic Analysis
V. Selvi and S. Rajkumar
134.An Efficient Approach for Temporal topic Summariztion and Content Anatomy
S. Reha and A. Kaleeswaran
135.Flexible Data Extraction for Deep Web using Wordnet Extraction tool
R. Vidhula, T. Suresh Kumar and N. Shanthi
136.A Neoteric Fuzzy Clustering Ensemble Approach for Categorical Data
G. Santhiya and S. Sarumathi
137.Intelligent Behavior Detection using K-Medoids
K. Sinthanaiselvan and S. Rekha Priya
138.Performance Analysis using Ant Algorithm and Genetic Algorithm for Replica Selection in Data Grids
C.V. Elakkiyaa and S. Anujashree
139.Intent Based Image Retrieval with Hybrid Query Model for the Web
P. Matheswaran and Syed Ali Fathima
140.Min-Hash Algorithm for Clustering Data with Categorical Values
P.T. Santhiya and K. Sudharson
141.Privacy Preserving Decision Tree Learning using Unrealized Data Sets with C5.0
Alvina Anna John and S. Deepajothi
142.Enhancing Continuous top-K Dominating Queries by Segmenting Sliding Windows
G. Sandhya and S. Kousalya Devi
143.Ontology Evolution by Significant Analysis of Terms for Web Services
C.V. Priya
144.ICTVS: Web Content Extraction through QRR Models using Novel Segmentation Approach
S. Ishwarya and S. Grace Mary
145.Enabling Transfer the Large Dataset Between Restful Services
P. Premkumar and G.K. Sandhia
146.Analyzing and Classifying Social Mining through Web Opinions via Density Based Clustering
Jeswin Roy Dcouth and T. Mohan Raj
147.Normalizing Data Regions in Spatial Data Grid using Parallel BNN with MOW
K. Balasaravanan and K. Duraiswamy
148.Reservation Arrangement used for Permanent Aggregation Query Over a Group of Information Aggregators
S.Abirami and Shenbhagamoorthy
149.Efficient Real Time Responsive Identity Crime Detection
A. Anitha, S. Ramya and M.S. Keerthikha
150.Application of Embedded System in Cluster Testing
M. Ramya and S. Suruthi
151.A Novel Machine Learning Approach for Text Similarity Detection
N. Premalatha and S. Nandagopal
152.An Efficeient Way of Record Linkage and Depulication using FEBRL Framework and Indexing Techniques
K. Nishand and S. Ramasami
153.Long and Closed Sequence Mining in a Time Series Database at Periodic Time Stamp using Sequential Task Miner (STM)
M. Parimala and S. Sathiyabama
154.Real-Time Palmprint Recognition Enhanced: Pre Processing Algorithm
V. Saranya and C. Sabina
155.Similarity Finding in Genes using Clustering Technique
A. Kalpana and M. Ravi Chandran
156.Name Disambiguation with Content Mining in Digital Library using FCM & LDA
K. Kamatchi and N. Suguna
157.Decision Tree Based Approach Intrusion Detection for Predefined Features using Fuzzy Class Association Rule Mining
G. Megala and N. Mohan Prabhu
158.User Profile Creation Based on Navigation Pattern for Modelling User Behaviour
Josna Jojo and N. Suguna
159.Case Retrieval in Medical Databases by Fusing Heterogeneous Information
A. Elamathi and M. Vigneshwar
160.Building the Data Sets in Horizontal Aggregations using Pivot, Case and SPJ
S. Maniarunkumar, T. Marimuthu, P. Nandhakumar and P. Srikandasamy
161.A Weighted Periodical Pattern Mining and Prediction for Personal Mobile Commerce
S. Krithika and M. Moorthi
162.A Framework for Storing and Querying Semantic Web Data
R. Gomathi, D. Sharmila and C. Sathya
163.Link Based Ensemble Emerge for Similarity Assessment in Healthcar Datasets
P. Gomathi and R. Karunamoorthi
164.Metadata Search in Large File System using Wise Store
G. Kalaimathi Priya
165.Association Rule Mining Based Clustering Algorithm for Cancer Diagnosis
J. Mohana Sundaram and T. Karthikeyan
166.Topic Identification using Temporal and Concept Relationship Analysis on Text Streams
M. Jayalakshmi and C. Gunavathi
167.Optimizing Medical Data Quality and Diagnostics Based on Multi-Agent Webservice and Multifeature Fusion
S. Tamil Selvan and S. Vinodhini
168.Effective Tree Based Mining
P. Sathyashree, C. Vimalarani and S. Karthik
169.An Efficient Data Aggregation Scheme with Security and Cost Optimization Schemes
P. Sangeetha and R. Poornima
170.An Improved Model Based Clustering Algorithm with Subspace and Outlier Analysis
171.Fuzzy Self-Constructing Feature Clustering Algorithm for using SVM Classifier
S. Kanimozhi
172.A Semantic Similarity Measure between Words Based on Web Resources
M. Karthiga and PCD. Kalaivaani
173.Derivation of Missing Values for Mixed -Attribute Data Sets
T. Dhivya
174.Weight Scheduling Algorithm with QoS Satisfaction in Hybrid Cloud Environment
V. Kiran Kumar, J. Ranjith, M. Umesh and R. Chetan
175.Projective Clustering for Outlier Detection in High Dimensional Dataset
R. Parimaladevi and C. Kavitha
176.Integrity Verification for Multi-Cloud Storage
G. Naveen Samuel and D. Daniel
177.Failure Prediction for Meeting Soft Deadlines using Resubmission Impact in Cloud
R. Senthil Kumar and S. Madhu Priya
178.Effective Pattern Discovery for Text Mining
Nallu Sneha
179.A Comparative Analysis of Page Ranking Algorithms for Web Mining
R. Rooba and V. Vallimayil
180.An Optimized K-Means Clustering Algorithm for Refining Initial Centroids by using Numerical Data
G. Komarasamy and C. Mahadevan
181.A Study of R-Language for Text Mining
P. Geetha
182.Task Independent Privacy Preserving Data Mining on Medical Dataset
R. Saravana Kumar and D. Tholkappia Arasu
183.Dynamic Specification Mining Based Test Case Generation
Tamil Selvan and K. Manoharan
184.Survey of Clustering Algorithms for MANET
S. Sivagurunathan and K. Prathapchandran
185.Multimedia Data Mining (MDM)
L. Suganya
186.Projective Clustering for Outlier Detection in Non-Axis-Aligned Subspace
P. Nithya,V. Sowmitha, K. Suguna and P. Kanagaraju
187.Efficient Two-Tier Prediction Framework of User’s Web Browsing Behavior
M. Parthiban and G. Sumathi
188.Priority Based Discriminative Pattern Mining for High Dimensional Data
G.V. Kanimozhi and M. Sumathi
189.Path Modeling and Retrieval in Distributed Video Surveillance Databases using DBN
V. Sharmila Devi and S. Akila Agnes
190.Mining and Search of Visual Features for Video Annaotation
Kiranmayi Pyneedi
191.A Study of Privacy Risks and Countermeasures in Mining and Publishing of Sensitive Data
M. Prakash and G. Singaravel
192.Brain Seizure Detection using the Ant Clustering Techniques
K.G. Parthipan and S. Vijaya Chitra
193.Comparative Analysis of Data Masking Techniques
S. Eswari and J. Leelavathy
194.An Improved Efficient Data Structure for Mining Frequent Itemsets
K. Jothimani and S. Antony Selvadoss Thanmani
195.Text Document Categorization using Fuzzy Semantic Feature Analysis
S. Thangamani
196.A Decision Tree-Based Missing Value Imputation Technique for Data Pre-Processing
R. Ramya, M. Kowsalya and C.P. Thamil Selvi
197.Optimized Multiviewpoint Similarity Measure Based Clustering
V. Arunkumar and V. Shanmugam
198.Achieving K-Anonymity Privacy Protection using Slicing Process
C. Jency and P. Banumathi
199.Hybrid Data Clustering with Feature Association Analysis
A.M. Musthaq Ali and V. Shanmugam
200.Traffic Pattern Analysis to Detect Ddos Attacks on Streaming Data Analysis
S. Praveenkumar and A. Priya
201.Rendezvous-Based Approach for Efficient Sensory Data Collection in WSM
K. Priya, S. Selva Brindha and G. Rajamuneeswaran
202.Concept Analysis Based Document Clustering using Subspace Similarity Analysis
V. Gomathi and K.Shanmuga Priya
203.Secure Data Publishing using JS-Reduce and T-Closeness
V. Kavitha and P. Muruga Priya
204.An Survey of Approaches for Mining Documents on Web Based on User Based Analysis
S. Senthilkumar and Tholkopia Arasu
205.Certain Investigations for Retreving Web Documents using Soft Computing Techniques
B. Sundaramurthy and Tholkopia Arasu
206.A Cluster Based Technique to Support Object Trackingin in Wireless Sensor Networks
P. Prema
207.Similarity Finding in Genes using Clustering Technique
S.S. Kathirvel
Electronics and Communication
208.Control of Multi – Input Power Converter for Grid Connected Hybrid Renewable Energy System for Discovering Text
K. Gobi and D. Mary
209.Design of Low Power Hybrid 5t Adder using XOR Logic
R. Srivel and S. Famila
210.Implementation Arithmatic Logic Unit Hybrid 5t Adder using XOR Logic
R. Srivel
211.Power and Area Optimized 128-Bit Carry Select Adder with Binary to Excess-1 Converter
P. Hemalatha and T. Kesavamurthy
212.LTE Based 4G Wireless Communication
K. Premganesh
213.Design of UART with BIST Architecture Based on VHDL
A. Chandrasekaran and K. Poornima
214.Design of Low Power Finite State Machine using Low Power Flip-Flop
K. Shanmugapriya
215.Forward Converter with Energy Regenerative Snubber
B. Rajagnanapazham
216.A VLSI Implementation of Fast Lifting Dwt for JPEG 2000 Encoder
N. Vijaya Bala and R. Shanmugalakshmi
217.Efficient Adder Circuits using Reversible Gates - A VLSI Implementation
N. Vijayabala and Deepak Kumar Singh
218.Fuzzy Controller Design of Lighting Control System by using VI Package
K. Saravanan
219.An Efficient Cmos Full-Adder Design for Low Power High-Performance Digital Systems
C. Sundar Rasu
220.Sequential Logic Extension and Its Application
G. Banumathi
221.Design of 4-D 8PSK TCM Decoder Architecture
P. Veena
222.Design and Application of High Performance Low Power Multiplier
A. Karthika
223.Sythesis, Characterisation and Application of Silica Nanopowders
K. Sarvanan
224.Management Information System Based Energy Conservation in India
B. Sathiya Sivam
225.Design of Low-Power, High-Speed Fir Filter with Low Power Adders and Flipflops
R. Nandhakumar
226.Energy Conservation in India Based on Circular Economy
B. Sathiya Sivam and N.R. Sivaraaj
227.An Optimal Wind Power Generation of Variable Speed Ac Generator by using Advanced Sensor and Microcontroller
C. Saravanan and K. Sathiyasekar
228.Design of Low Power 1-Bit 8T Full Adder
R.P. Meenaakshi Sundhari and R. Anitha
229.An Analysis on Atmospheric Transparency to Sub-MM Wavelengths
S. Elaiyarasu and W. Edwin Santh Kumar
230.A Novel Bidirectional Isolated DC-DC Converter for Hybrid Electric Vehicle
T.K.S. Sathyanarayanan
231.CUK Converter with Safety Enhancement in Electrical Applications using PV
R. Gunasekaran
232.FIR Filter Design Based on Sharing Multiplication
S. Sivasubramaniam and B. Muthukarthiga
233.Design of High Speed and Low Power Probabilistic Adder for Signal Processing Subsystems
S. Venkateshbabu and C.G. Ravi Chandran
234.Anti-Jamming Broadcast Communication using Uncoordinated Frequency Hopping
S. Gunasundari and G. Vinothkumar
235.Computer-Aided Lesion Diagnosis in Automated 3-D Ultrasound using Multifractal Dimensions
B. Adal Arasu and S. Rinesh
236.Design of 2/3 Dual Modulus Counter using Multiplexer Logic
A.K. Gowthami and D.V. Soundari
237.Design of Efficient Low Power Stable SRAM Cell
K. Gavaskar and S. Priya
238.Improved SER Analysis of Joint Diversity Scheme in MIMO Systems
K.Selina and V. Meenakshi
239.Effect of Scattering in Sillicon Nanowire Mosfet
I. Sheik Arafat, N.B. Balamurugan, C. Priya and Nancy Nagunam
240.A Reconfigurable Low Power FPGA Design with Autonomous Power Gating and LEDR Encoding
N. Rajagopala Krishnan
241.An Encapsulated Approach for Microarray Classification using Supervised Attribute Clustering and Fuzzy Classification Algorithm
S. Gowthami and S. Grace Mary
242.Two Dimensional Automated Solar Tracking System using Motion Assistant of Lab View
K.V. Santhosh and Tamal Dutta
243.Energy Efficient of Sram Memory Cell Design for Low Power
P. Sakthi Ilakkiya and V. Satheeswaran
244.Low-Power CMOS Operational Transconductance Amplifiers for a 10bit Pipelined ADC
D.S. Shylu, D. Jackuline Moni, Neetha C. John, A.J. Sowjanya and K. Anita Antony
245.Integration of Noc Architectures with Classical Bus Based Systems
P. Punidha and K. Nirmala Devi
246.High Speed Tester (BIST) for Testing the Sram Based FPGAS Fault
G. Thilaga and A. Samundeswari
247.High Rate OFDM Acoustic Link for under Water Communication
S. Seetha Lekshmi and L. Nithya
248.Efficient CMS Scheme with Variation tolerant for on-Chip Interconnects
T. Uma and K. Nirmaladevi
249.Edge-Interpolator Technique for Reducing Spurs in a Charge-Pump PLL
B. Nandhini, K. Sindhuja and G.R. Mahendra Babu
250.Successive Approximation Register Controlled Duty-Cycle-Corrector
K. Sindhuja, B. Nandhini and C. Pandiarajan
251.Efficient Broadcast Algorithms to Reduce Number of Transmission Based on Probability Scheme
S. Tharani and R. Santhosh
252.Implementation of Fuzzy Based Maximum Power Point Tracking Control in Solar Photovoltaic System
P. Sheeba, M. Nivedha and M. Saranya
253.Photovoltaic System Design for Maximum Power Point Tracking using Fuzzy Logic Control Technique
T. Balamurugan and M. Savithri
254.A Comparitive Study of TSF and Blueline Algorithms for Scatternet Formation in Bluetooth
R. Then Malar and T. Rajesh Kumar
255.A High Performance CRC Encoder for Bluetooth Application
Deepti Rani Mahankuda and M. Suresh
256.Neural Network Based Sensor Less Control for Direct-Drive PMG Wind Turbines
A. Lakshmi and P.S. Balamurugan
257.Configurable Layered Decoding Architecture for Non-Binary Quasi-Cyclic LDPC Codes
P.M. Rooba, J. Dhanasekar and K. Siva Sathiya
258.Comparative Analysis of Predictive Models using ANN
G. Srinitya and K.Gnana Sheela
259.Distributed Page Ranking in Structured P2P Networks
N. Karthikeyan
260.Adaptive Risk-Aware Response Mechanism with Extended D-S Theory
G. Nirmala and T. Kalaiselvi
261.Analysis and Design of a Very High Frequency Resonant Power Converter topology with Low Voltage Stress
S. Sankarananth and R. Arunkumar
262.Reduction of Zero Sequence Circulating Current using SHEPWM Inverters
D. Banupriya and K. Sheela Sobana Rani
263.A Novel Technique for Data Protection using ST-CDP
M.Sujitha and A. Jeya Murugan
264.Neural Network Based Generation of Arbitrary Waveforms for Emulating Three-Phase Systems
K. Jamuna and P.S. Bala Murugan
265.An Effcient and High Performance of DM Transceiver using FPGA
R. Saranya and K.G. Sathiya
266.Optimization Technique for the Economic Dispatch in Power System Operation
B. Bommirani and K. Thenmalar
267.Prediction of Glaucoma by Adaptive Neuro Fuzzy Interference System (ANFIS)
L. Padmini and G. Brenie Sekar
268.Design and Implementation of Multilevel AC Automatic Voltage Regulator
R. Santhiya and P. Saranya
269.A High Performance Quadratic Boost Converter for Microsource Applications
S. Mohana Jothi and P. Divya Banu
270.Remote Distribution Transformer Monitoring System using Labview
P. Saranya and R. Santhiya
271.Design of Pulse Triggered Flip Flop using Conditional Enhancement Scheme
V. Deepa and L. Punitha
272.Low Power 10T SRAM Cell with Reduction in Leakage and Delay
S. Priya, R. Srivel and A. Veera Lakshmi
273.Low Power, Noise-Free Divided-by-4/5 Counter using Domino Logic
S. Hemagayathri, A.Veera Lakshmi and R. Srivel
274.Design of Symmetric Cascaded Multilevel Inverter in Wind Energy Conversion System
S. Sundar and P. Sebastian Vindro Jude
275.Reduction of torque Ripples in Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor Driven by Field Oriented Control using Fuzzy Logic Control
M.S. Birundha, B. Adhavan and V. Jagannathan
276.Design and Implementation of Low Power Modified Booth Multiplier
S. Shobhanarani and M. Mohana Arasi
277.Design and Comparision of Multiplier using Different Adiabatic Logic Styles
J. Raja and K. Paramasivam
278.The Stroke Filter Based Caption Extraction System
P. Dharmini and S. Akila Agnes
279.Low Power Adaptive Viterbi Decoder Design for Trellis Coded Modulation
R. Mahendran
280.High Speed CMOS Differential Logic Design for Carry Lookahead Adder
Yogeshwaran Kandasamy
281.Design a Low Power Multibit Shift Register using System on a Chip Technique
Sathish Nallaiyan
282.Conditional Pulse Enhancement Scheme for Reducing Power in P-FF
N. Sathiya
283.Power Efficient Dual Edge Triggered Pulsed Flip Flop
M. Hajira Khathun
284.Improved Carry Select Adder with Binary to Excess One Converter for Portable Application
R. Udayakumar and S.M. Ramesh
285.Low Power High Speed Two’s Complement Multiplier
P. Arulbalaji and K. Vanitha
286.Design of Booth Multiplier by using Binary to Excess-1 Converter Logic
G. Sasikala and R. Vennila
287.A Low Power Multiband Flexible Divider using Pass Transistor Logic
Mohanasundaram and Thangavel
288.Power Controlled Resource Allocation and User Scheduling in Power-Line Communication Systems using Adaptive Modulation
K. Harsha and M. Jayasanthi
289.Fuzzy Set Theory Based Fault Detection and Diagnosis Framework for Mobile Communication SystemsE. Sakthi Saranya
290.Path Optimization using Dynamic Nature of Mobile Nodes in MANET
S. Raguvaran, N. Kiruthika and C. Divya
291.Design of Low Power Clocking System for Power Reduction in BIST
Liya Antony
292.Modified Soft Error Sensitivity Evaluation of Microprocessor
Linda P. Xavier and G. Arun Francis
293.Power Quality Improvement in Load Commutated Inverter-Fed Synchronous Motor Drives
S. Arulmurugan, S. Selampararasan, P. Kanakarathinam and R. Prakash
294.High Speed Accumulator Based 3-Weight Pattern Generation
V. Prasanth and G. Kumaresan
295.Design of Low Power Csonsumption and Area Efficient Modified Carry Select Adder on a Reconfigurable Hardware
Heena Kowser and K.S. Jayashree
296.Low Power and High Speed Multiply-Accumulate Architecture with Double-Throughput
M. Yogadeepan and R. Nandhakumar
297.An Enhanced Error Compensation Design for Fixed Width Modified Booth Multiplier
K. Premkumar and S. Premalatha
298.Low Power Carry Select Adder for MAC Unit
R. Ramadhurai, S. Sathya and B.V.S. Manigandan
299.Design and Transistor Implementation of Reversible 3-Bit Counter
K. Prabu, R.M. Senthil Priya and R. Shanmuga Priya
300.Brain Tumour Detection using Histogram Thresholding and Fuzzy C-Means
M. Ramya and S. Preethi
301.Enhanced Probabilistic Frequent Item Set Miner for Customer Analysis
C. Kotteeswari, K. Chidambaram and S.S Kathirvel
302.Power Utility Management using Smart Grid Technology
G. Srinivasan, R. Murugesan and S. Sangeetha
303.Speech Enhancement using Eigenvector Based Transfer Function Ratios Estimation
M. Kanchana, N. Alagusundari and C.P. Thamil Selvi
304.Brightness Control for Power Reduction using Histogram Based Contrast Enhancement
S. Bharathi and R. Nandhakumar
305.High Performance FIR Filter Design
N. Deenathalayan
306.Enhancing Multiplier Speed in Fast Fourier Transform Based on Vedic Mathematics
M.S. Dhanalaxmi and D. Subathra
307.High Throughput and Efficient Memory VLSI Structure using 2-D DWT in Multilevel Lifting Technique
S. Ganesh Babu and R.P. Meenaakshi Sundhari
308.Design and Implementation 16 Bit Multiplier using ROM Based Logic
V. Jamburaj and R.P. Meenakshi Sundari
309.Implementation of Low Power CMOS Full Adders using Pass Transistor Logic
M.K. Anandkumar and R.P. Meenaakshi Sundhari
310.Reduction of Power Consumption using Multi-Bit Flip-Flops
P. Ganeshan and N. Vijayabala
311.Area Efficient Single Phase Clock Divider
C. Jagadeeshwaran and R. Nandhakumar
312.An Efficient Majority Logic Fault Detection to Reduse the Accessing Time for Memory Application
M. Karthikkumar and C. Sundar Rasu
313.Design and Analysis of Low Power Pulse Triggered Flip-Flop
S.P. Loga Priya and P. Hemalatha
314.Implementation of Efficient 16-Bit MAC using Modified Booth Algorithm and SPST Adder
P.S. Niji and R.P. Meenaakshi Sundhari
315.Minimization of Power using Clocking System in Sequential Elements
A. Sapthiga and K. Poornima
316.Compact and Low-Power Carry Select Adder for DWT Applications
T.S. Saravana Kumar and N. Vijayabala
317.Design of Low Power Triggered Flip Flop with Conditional Pulse
K.S. Silambarasan and G. Banumathi
318.Schmitt Trigger Based Low Power SRAM Design
M. Sivakumar and R.Thilagavathi
319.A High Throughput and Error tolerant AES Design
C. Thamilarasi and K. Shanmugapriya
320.Fast FIR Algorithm Based Area Efficient Parallel FIR Filter Structures
P. Thenmozhi and R.P. Meenaakshi Sundari
321.High Throughput Wallace Tree Multiplier Based DCT Design
V. Venkateshwaran and R.P. Meenaakshi Sundhari
322.High Speed VLSI Architecture for FIR Filter
M. Thiruveni and D.Shanthi
323.Adaptive Controller for Temperature Process
D. Manickam, G. Saravana Kumar and Prasanth Panicker
324.Nano Spybots using Carbon Nano Tube
V. Chandrasekaran
325.Transmission Gate Based Master Slave Flipflop for High Speedlogic Structure Design
B. Rekha, R. Murugasami and C.N. Marimuthu
Electrical and Electronics
326.Power Quality Improvement of Wind Generation System by using Fuzzy Logic Controller
C. Saravanan and R. Vasanthakumar
327.Steady-State Analysis of Current-Mode Active-Clamp Buck-Boost Converter with Soft Switching
S. Vijay and K.K. Kumar
328.Torque Control of an Induction Motor using Phase Current Reconstruction Algorithm
P. Divya Banu and S. Mohana Jothi
329.High Performance Induction Motor Drive by Direct torque Control Technique
Sooraj K. Thomas and S. Allirani
330.A New Control Strategy to Compensate Harmonics using Shunt Active Power Factor Filter for Non Linear Loads
K. Arun Kumar
331.Real Time Monitoring and Control of Electrical Drives using Embedded Networks
R. Saravanan and R. Imtiaz
332.Design and Fabrication of Micro Strip Array Antenna with Multiple Dielectric Substrates for 2.4GHz Applications
R. Shopitham, G. Vinodhini and M. Ganesh Madhan
333.Voltage SAG Compensation using Magnetic Energy Storage Based DVR
M. Manikandan, S. Ashwanth, M. Senthilkumar, R. Kiruthika and K. Janani
334.Development of Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle on – Board Charger using Link Capacitor
J. Kumaresan and C. Govindaraju
Image Processing
335.Image Scanner using Photo Transistor Array
M.V. Mahesh
336.Fast ICA: An Algorithm to Recognize Hand-Drawn Face Sketch for Forensic Applications
M. Maha Lakshmi, G. Eswara Moorthi, P. Jaya Prakash and K. Sabari Nathan
337.A Background Subtraction Algorithm for Automated Video Surveillance
B. Rajkumar
338.A New Approach for Image Encryption using Fingerprint Minutiae As Key
A. Abdullah Sheriff, V.P. Brintha and A. Ummu Salma
339.A Survey on Automated Segmentation and Texture Based Analysis of Lung Diseases from Chest Computed tomography Images
S. Gunasundari and P. Sathiya Priya
340.Automatic Enhancement of Digital Diatoms Images using Noise Removal and Edge Enhancement
R. Alarmelu Mangai and N. Devarajan
341.An Efficient Web Image Search using Visual Reranking
K. Suvitha
342.Proposal of NS2 Simulation Based Study of IP Multimedia Applications on IEEE 802.11 Based Network Comprising Virtual Server Arrays
V. Karthikeyani and T. Thiruvenkadam
343.A Novel Despeckling Technique for Medical Ultrasound Images by Wave Let Threshold Optimization
O. Saraniya and M. Ezhilarasi
344.Image and Video Compression Techniques in Image Processing
T. Velumani and S. Sukumarn
345.A Novel Click-Based Authentication Scheme using Graphical Password
D. Alex and A. Venkatesh
346.High Performance FPGA Bit Stream Compression and Decompression for Reconfigurable Systems
A. Mohanraj, S. Kousalya Devi and V. Lakshmi Prabha
347.A Novel Colour Texture Classification Approach Based on Gray Level Co-Occurrence Matrix
A. Suresh and K.L. Shunmuganathan
348.Code Compression and Decompression for Dynamic FPGA Reconfiguration System
R. Saranya, S. Kousalya Devi and V. Lakshmi Prabha
349.Diagnosis of Alzheimers Disease using FMRI, PET and SPECT Image
E. Dinesh, M. Sathish Kumar and M. Vigneshwar
350.Recursive Code Construction for Gray Scale Covers
N. Ramya and T. Mohanraj
351.Semantic Image Adaptation for Heterogeneous Mobile Displays Devices
T. Srilekha and T. Mohan Raj
352.A Secret-Sharing-Based Method for Authentication of Grayscale Document Images via the Use of the PNG Image with a Data Repair Capability
C. Karthikadevi and T. Mohan Raj
353.A New Watermarking Scheme in Fractional Transform
R. Lavanya and N. Suguna
354.A Tailored Anti-Forensic Technique for Digital Image Applications
Athira B. Kaimal, S. Manimurugan, J. Rajivkumar and P. Ranjithkumar
355.Color Sensing and Line –Following Robots for Loading Objects Design and Implementation
A. Mahaalakhme, B. Abarna and P. Ramya
356.Fasta-Blast Analysis of Bioinformatics in Detecting Breast Cancer
R. Sendhilkumar, G. Anjan Babu and A. Selvaraj
357.Detecting Diseased Images by Segmentation and Classification Based on Semi – Supervised Learning
Hanah Ayisha V. Hyder Ali, A Dinesh Kumar and S. Shahul Hammed
358.A Hybrid Method for Image Compression using Easy Path Wavelet Transform
S. Saranya and R. Santhosh
359.Automatic Segmentation of Kidney from Ultrasound Images
P.R. Tamilselvi, J. Mowleeshwar and V. Nandhini
360.Recognition of Imaginary EEG Tasks for Brain Interfaces
C.R. Hema and G. Rubia
361.Adaptive Classification Regression Based Image Super Resolution
N. Praveena and G. Brenie Sekar
362.An Implementation of Watershed Based Image Segmentation Algorithm using FPGA Processor
R. Kiruthikaa and S. Govindaraju
363.Blind Authentication: Fingerprint Matching Technique using Ridge Features
S. Revathi
364.Secured Communication under Data Embedding on EMD using Adaptive Pixel Pair Matching
K.M. Kanimozhi
365.Automated 4-D Segmentation of Lungs with Lung Cancer using a Novel Robust Active Shape Model Approach
A. Mansoor Ali and C. Vimalarani
366.Soft Computing Based Tumor and Lymph Node Detection in CT Thoracic Images
V. Tharani
367.Ontology Based Online Knowledge
K. Vanathi and D. Muthusankar
368.Moving Object Detection and Counting Based on Fuzzy Color Histogram Features
M. Sowmiya and J. Amjath Ali
369.Stereo Matching for 2D Face Recognition Across Pose and Illumination Variations
M. Praneesh, S.M. Sangeetha and S. Sivakami
370.Robust Segmentation of Overlapping Cells in Histopathology Specimens using Parallel Seed Detection, Repulsive Level Set and Breast Cancer Detection
Gokula Krishnan and S. Jehovah Jireh Arputhamoni
371.Performance Analysis of Non-Parametric Statistical Denoising Filters for Sonar Images
K.S. Jeen Marseline and C. Meena
372.Automatic Image Annotation and Efficient Retrieval of Images using Genetic Algorithm
S. Sivaranjani and C. Sheela
373.A Hybrid Approach to Unconstrained Face Recognition using Biologically-Inspired Features
Ramya Ravi and S. John Livingston
374.Extracting Data Hiding in Encrypted Image using Seperable- Reversible Approach
M. Nandhini and C. Prakash Narayanan
375.Image Hiding Technique Based on Similarity Measure for Networks with High Security Risk
R. Poornima Lakshmi and V. Saravanan
376.A Method for Automatic Image Registration Through Histogram Based Image Segmentation
V. Rasajna
377.Analysis of Various Facial Expression Recognition using Spiking Neurons
J. Lincy Kiruba and A. Diana Andrushia
378.Detecting Cloned and Uncloned Forgeries in Images using Distortion Cues
S. Vaishnavee and K. Manikandan
379.Impulse Noise Reduction from Images using Cellular Automata
J. Christylda Angelin Hannah and S. Natheldha Mary Navina
380.Interactive Image Segmentation using Robust Convex Active Contours
K. Gomathy and D. Arun Shunmugam
381.A Framework to Assess and Sense Unsupervised Changes in an Image
T.K. Revathi and J. Preetha
382.A New Captcha Design Based on Splitting, Rotating and using Grid’s in the Images Against OCRM. Raja and A. Bharanidharan
383.Fiddle Recognization for Advanced Security System in Image Transmission
Gowri Rajendran
384.Classification of Plaque and Blood Clot in Carotid Ultrasound Image
R. Nithya and S. Nirmala
385.Image Authentication in PCCP Through Click-Based Graphical Password
G. Radhika, R. Maximus Sowndarya Jhonsy and J. Chandhini Mona
386.MPEG Image Segmentation using Iterative Optimization
D. Prabakaran
387.Robust Encrypted Image Watermarking for DRM Systems
V. Chandra Prasad and S. Maheswari
388.Steganography in Images using Pixel Replacement Technique
C. Nagaraj and J. Rajesh
389.Verdict of Objects in Medical Images using Marker-Controlled Watershed Image Segmentation
D. Napoleon, R. Santhoshi and A. Shameena
390.Color Image Segmentation using OTSU Method and Color Space
D. Napoleon, A. Shameena and R. Saanthoshi
391.A Secure Authentication of Document Images in Png Format with Self Data Repair
M. Sathya and S. Gomathi
392.Image Segmentation and Image Matting using Constrained Optimization Problem
A. Ajith
393.An Energy Based Model for the Image Edge Histogram Specification Difficulties
A. Ahalya
394.Multiple Exposure Fusion for an Effective High Dynamic Range Image Acquisition
S.R. Anitha
395.Brain Image Extraction from MRI Images
P.S. Sathishkumar and P. Rupa Ezhil Arasi
396.Separable Reversible Data Hiding and Compression in Encrypted Image
V. Suresh and C. Saraswathy
397.Fusion Technique for Land Map using Very-High Resolution Satellite Images
P. Sudha and V. Mathiazhagan
398.Efficient Image Compression using SPIHT Coding Based on Seam Carving and Interpolation Technique
K.S. Ramani and V. Selvakumar
399.Detection and Segmentation of Abnormality in Brain Images using Distribution Estimation Algorithm
P. Chitra and C. Selvi
400.Certain Investigations of Image Security Algorithms for Adhoc Networks
S. Kumar and P. Sivaprakasam
401.An Survey on Image Segmentation Techniques for Edge Detection
K.S. Selvanayaki and R.M. Somasundaram
402.A Frequency-Based Approach for Features Fusion in Fingerprint and Iris Multimodal Biometric Identification Systems
C. Devika and D. Manivannan
403.Domain Blur Invariants Constructed from an Arbitrary Moment
T. Ambili Antharjanam and C. Prakash Kumar
404.Multi Color Local Texture Features for Color Face Recognition
G.B. Balakumaran and K. Tamilvanan
405.Fusion of Agricultural Land Cover Mapping using Image Processing Technique
K. Dilipkumar and K. Ashokkumar
406.Detection and Restoration of Line Cracks in Digital Images using Filtering Methods
A.P. Saranya and P. Murugapriya
407.Effective Change Detection in Sar Images using Image Fusion & Fuzzy Clustering
V. Kalaivani and R. Nandhakumar
408.Face Recognition by Extracting Local Texture Features using Discrete Wavelets
K. Navaneethan and B. Sathiya Sivam
409.Automated Detection of Diabetic Macular EDEMA Based on Retinal Image Analysis
B. Nivetha and B. Sathiyasivam
410.Blotches and Impulses Removal in Grayscale Images using Non-Linear Decision Based Algorithm
P. Tamilselvam and M.V. Mahesh
411.A Novel Face Recognition Algorithm using PCA
ShravanKumar Chandrasekaran
412.A Survey of Deep Fragmentation Techniques for Textured Images
K. Meenakshi Sundaram and C.S. Ravichandran
413.Encryption of Digital Images with Reversible Data Hiding Technique
K.P. Vinothini
414.Image Similarity Assessment Based on Featururs Based Sparse Repesentation
K. Radha and J. Nithya
415.Computerized Platform for Genetic Algorithm and Software on Efficient Kidney Exchanges
S. Manimaran and S. Sakthivel
416.Image Retrival using a Hierarichal Graphical Method
S. Sujatha
417.Under Water Image Enhancement by Wavelength Compensation and Dehazing
V. Nagapushpam
418.Contextual Cueing of Textual and Visual Attention
M. Saravanakumar
419.Mining of Images using Interactive Genetic Algorithm
E. Roset Vidhya and S. Jamela
Management Studies
420.An Efficacy of Assets Turnover and Profitability of Selected Indian Automobile Industry
N. Pasupathi
421.Technological Challenges Faced by Rural Entrepreneurs
C. Gopalakrishnamoorthi
422.Ecotourism-Experiencing Nature
V. Paramasivam
423.Relationship Between Competitive Strategy & total Quality Management (TQM)
A. Nithiya
424.Pricing Strategies in Accounting and Marketing
Subathara Devi
425.Theories in Organizational Behavior and Design
V. Thangamani
426.Research Review of Ubiquitous Computing Impacts in Business
B.P. Sreejith Vignesh and N. Premnath
427.“Preparation of a Training Calendar for ‘Software Programmer’ Role in it Industry using Competency Mapping Approach
B. Madhumitha and D. Gowri Priya
428.An Exploratory Study on the Entrepreneurship Education and its Influence of on Management Students for Choosing it as a Career
J.P. Kumar, A. Abirami and N.Saranya
429.Ranking the Quality of Transactions and the End-User using Weighted Association Rule without Pre Assigned Weights
A. Gomathi and M. Selvi
430.A Comparitive Study on Worklife Conflict Amid Married and Unmarried Women in Coimbatore City, Tamilnadu
Janani and U. Dhanalakshmi
431.HR Expectations and Recruitment Process with Special Reference to Select Software Companies, Chennai
G. Suresh and S. Ravi Shankar
432.Performance Evaluation of Agricultural Banks in India – Some Vital Issues
M. Balasubramanian
433.An Overview of Risk Management in Industries
R.K. Elangovan
434.Design of Parallel Mac Architecture Based on Modified Booth Algorithm
D. Kowsalyadevi
435.A Study on Neural Network Backpropagation Algorithms
S. Ashok Kumar
436.Conficker Botnet Prevention: Crypto-Pan Algorithm
S. Aanjan Kumar and V. Annie
437.Dynamic Update of Location Queries of Moving Objects in Road Networks
Gokul Yenduri and G. Thippa Reddy
438.Analysis of Effect of VoIP Flows on TCP Flows in an IP Network
N.G. Goudru
439.Manifold Derange Routing Protocol for WMNS in the Perception of QoS
E. Govindaraj, V.P. Arunachalam and S. Karthik
440.Estimating the Jamming in Multiple Network to Neighbor Network
K. Ganga, S. Karthik and A. Christopher Paul
441.Footprint: Linkable Signer Ambiguous Signature Scheme for Vehicular Network
D. Vidhya and I. Aruna
442.Enhanced Workflow Scheduling Algorithm for Economical Grid Environment
K. Revathi and R. Gopinath
443.Detecting Routing Misbehavior and Enhancing the Security in Disruption tolerant Network
G. Ramya and U. Sakthipriya
444.Fast and Secure Reauthentications for Next Generation Networks (NGNS)
K.S. Balamurugan and R. Rajalakshmi
445.Evaluate the Performance of IDAG’s Against Colored Trees in Multipath Routing Network
S. Janarthanan and R. Bharathi
446.RTOS Based on the Development of it- Infrastructure for Intelligent Energy Management in DE Centralised Grid System
M. Indira and M. Ramya
447.Dynamic Route Collection Management with Index Based Query Processing
R. Mohemmed Yousuf and B. Sujatha
448.An Efficient Communication Strategy for Mobile Cognitive Radio Networks using Foraging Theory
A. Amarnath Prabhakaran and A. Manikandan
449.A Complete Mobile Security Architecture using Client and Server Driven Protocols (WMN)
P. Dinesh Kumar and N. Shalini
450.Improving Communications in Obstacles by Vehicle to Infrastructure Communication
J. Saranya and R. Santhosh
451.On-Demand Geographic Routing for Infrastrutureless Network
B. Vanishree and M. Shahul Hameed
452.A Survey on the Effect of Migration Strategy on Parallel GA-Based Shortest Path Routing Algorithm
P. Sivakumar and L. Venkatesan
453.Automatic Recognition of Epilepsy Level by using Lifting Based Wavelet Transform and Artificial Neural Network
S. Vani
454.Peer to Peer Node Groupings Based on Content using Game Theoretic Strategy in Inter- Networks
P. Kanaga and N. Mohan Praphu
455.Routing over Head for Location Service in MANET under FGR
H. Hemal Babu
456.Dynamic Authenticated TCP Serialize Approach
S. Rangapriya and S. Mohanarangan
457.Intelligent Web Clustering for Web Message Categorization using Word Net Dictionary
M. Thangamani, P. Thangaraj, S.N. Sivanandam, L. Divya and M. Malathi
458.Bridging Cooperative Sensing and Route Planning of Multiple Autonomous Vehicles
M. Nandhini and P.B. Pankajavalli
459.Effective Routing and Forwarding in MANET
B.Thamarai Selvi and K. Periasamy
460.Energy- Efficient Packet Size Optimization for Cognitive Radio Sensor Networks
R. Divya and P.S. Balamurugan
461.Recognition of EEG Biographs using Backpropagation Neural Networks
C.R. Hema and A. Elakkiya
462.Survey on Various Load Balancing Techniques in Wireless Mesh Networks
Anjaly Sara Panicker, J. Sharmila and S. Seetha
463.A Survey on Approaches and Issues of Multicast Routing in Wireless Mesh Networks
Divya S. Pattathuparambil, J. Sharmila and S. Seetha
464.Energy Efficient and Route Stability Maintanenece Routing Protocol in MANETs
S. Kamaleswari and T.P. Jayakumar
465.Design and Proposal of and Implementation Method for Unauthorized Access Tracing System
P. Ramesh and D. Gopinath
466.Realistic Dynamic Traveling Salesman Problem using Highly Optimized Maximum Likelihood Estimation Technique
D. Nithya and K. Poongodi
467.Image Fusion Based Automatic Detection of Gadolinium Lesions in Brain MRI using Neural Networks
M. Zaheedha Begum
468.Extended Fully Distributed Cluster Based Fault tolerance Service in MANET
S. Nandha Gopal, K. Madan Mohan and P. Hemalatha
469.Enhancing Network Lifetime of Wireless Sensor Network using Energy Aware - Lazy Scheduling Algorithm
M. Priyadharsini and P. Natesan
470.Quality of Service Aware Multipath Routing Protocol for MANET
K.G. Santhiya, N. Arumugam and S. Jaganathan
471.A CRAM on Mobile Computing Based on Network Applications
Swetha Nagaraj and B. Soundariya
472.Load Balanced and Optimized Position Update Scheme for Geographic Routing in Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks
A. Chandra Sekar and P. Vadivel
473.Resource Efficient Position Based Opportunistic Routing for Dynamic Ad Hoc Network
S. Nandha Gopal and B. Praveen Kumar
474.Opportunistic Rebroadcast Routing Scheme for Mobile Ad Hoc Network
S. Arumugam and M. Arun Kumar
475.An Effective Repeated Rule Acquisition using Rule Ontology from Similar Web Sites Based on Genetic Algorithm
G. Senthil Kumar and S. Madhu Priya
476.A Novel Approach in Single Rate and Multirate Capability of Optimal any Path Routing in Wireless Multi-Hop Networks
Denny P. George and Sebastian Terrance
477.Secure Design for topology Control and Authentication in MANET
A. Prabhakaran and G. Vijayanand
478.Novel Method for Interference Elimination in Cognitive Channel
N. Balaji and S.K. Padmanabhan
479.Potency Power Resource Allocation and Planning for Video Transmitting
G. Mohanapriya and G. Vijay Anand
480.Golomb Compression Technique for FPGA Configuration
P. Hema and R. Mohan
481.Application Oriented Virtual Pipelines for High-Bandwidth Network Memory System
R. Karthick and K. Chandra Prabha
482.Resource Controlled Replica Allocation Cluster for Secured MANET Against Selfish Nodes
P. Ramya
483.Semantic Analysis Based Correlation Preserving Index for Document Clustering Process
G. Sasikala
484.A Survey of Expert Finding in Academic Social Network
S. Krishnaveni and K. Sathiyakumari
485.Server Based Advanced Vanet Communication and Application
R. Thenamudhan and A. Manikandan
486.Ticket-Based Anonymity System for Misbehaving Users in Wireless Mesh Network
S. Sivagami, J. Britto Dennis and C. Balaji
487.Replica Allocation of Selfish Nodes in MANET
G. Tamilarasi and Devi Selvam
488.Mixed Integer Programming for Facility Location Optimization through Neural Networks
S. Prabhu and V. Mohanadevi
489.A Review of Applications of Artificial Neural Network - Diagnosis & Prognosis in Medicine
P. Vengada Prabha
490.An Efficient QoS in Community Wireless Mesh Network
D.G. Enoch Raja and Julia Punitha Malar Dhas
491.Detection of Colluding Collision and Identity Delegation Attacks in Wireless Ad Hoc Networks Via Sadec
M. Ashwin and Angel Mary Alex
492.A Survey of Various Aspects in Vanet
V. Revathi, N. Thangadurai and K. Harisudha
493.A Retrial Queue Based Performance Model with Maintenance Feature for a Web Server
D. Sumitha, T.K.S. Lakshmi Priya and K. Udayachandrika
494.A Survey of Security Issues and Routing Protocols in Mobile Adhoc Networks
Y. Arockia Jesuraj and R. Kowsalya
495.An Improved Approach for Data Dissemination in Vehicular Adhoc Networks using Static Nodes
T. Thenmozhi and R.M. Somasundaram
496.Logo Classification of Vehicles using Surf Based on Low Detailed Feature Recognition
T. Senthilkumar, S.N. Sivanandam, M. Gokul and B. Anusha
497.A Survey of Artificial Neural Networks in Surveillance System
R. Manoj, M. Maruthi, G.Vivek and T. Senthilkumar
498.G*S-I Closed Sets in Topological Spaces
K. Indirani and G. Sindhu
499.An Improved Queuing Model for Handling Real Time Traffic in E-Learning Environments
K.I. Ohhm Prakash, T. Senthil Kumar and M. Thiyagarajan
500.Efficient and Scalable Multicast Routing topology Inference from End-to-End Measurements
C. Rajan, N. Karthika, A. Keerthana and N. Shanthi
501.EEG Based Biometric Person Authentication using Artificial Neural Networks
M.P. Paulraj, Kamalraj Subramaniam, Tung Kai Xu, Lim Khian Hui and Jackie Teh
502.Detecting User Action Deviation from Public Networks
K. Chidambaram
503.Dynamic Distribution of Memory for Switch Architecture
A. Vishnu Priya and P. Senthil Kumar
504.An Improved Approach for Authenticating Users in Wireless Network using Keyboard Entropy
E. Hemalatha Jai Kumari and A. Kannammal
505.Channel De-Noisier and Multi-Mobile Rate Synthesizer for High Security Distributed MANETs
A. Nilofer Nisha and A. Syed Musthafa
506.An Efficient Storage for Distributed System
R. Nithya and P.S. Bala Murugan
507.Enhanced Protocol for Dynamic Resource Management
S. Dhepika, M. Boopathiraja and P.S. Bala Murugan
508.Security Issues and Ways to Improving QoS in MANETs
K. Karupusamy and P. Senthilkumar
509.An Automatic Detection and Diagnosis Framework for Mobile Communication Systems
K. Gomathi Lakshmi, S. Beeno Ancy and B. Arun Kumar
510.Mobile Computing-Bluetooth and Security
S. Sasiprabha and S. Saranya
Network Security
511.A Theoretical Approach of a Trust System for SCADA Network Security
N. Rajesh Kumar
512.Build the Secure Web Services using Soap Extension (WS-Security)
T. Subburaj and A. Siva
513.Survey: Keystroke Dynamics for User Authentication in touch Screen Mobile Phones
R. Senthil Prabha, V.P. Brintha and A. Ummu Salma
514.Collaborative Intrusion Detection and Replicated Execution Against Code Injection Attacks
T. Ambika, S. Karthik and S. Ananthi
515.Analysis of Firewall Performance Based on Bottom Rule to Overcome Mitigate Dos Attacks
C. Sinthanaiselvan and J. Inin Maria Rajani
516.DDOS Attack Detection Scheme using Reactive Model Based Flow Correlation Analysis
B. Narmadha, D. Ayya Muthukumar and M. Kannan
517.Dynamic Trust Justification Model for Multi Agent Environment using Key Authentication
P. Keerthiga and K. Makanyadevi
518.Providing Network Security by Preventing Selective Jamming Attack
G. Sathish Kumar and V. Durgadevi
519.Genuine Route Identifier (GRI) Scheme for Usor to Restrict Worm Hole Attack in MANET
R. Maharani and P. Kanagaraju
520.Content Preserving Aware Mobile Web Browsing with Minimized Cost
V. Umashankari and S. Balaji
521.Dual Safeguard: Intrusion Detection and Prevention System in Web Applications
M. Sujitha and P. Suganya
522.Mobility on the Mac of Drive-Thru Internet
S. Renga Priya and S. Shahul Hammed
523.Preserving Privacy using an Unobservable Secure on-Demand Routing Protocol for MANETs
R. Anto Pravin and R. Uma Mageswari
524.Detection and Prevention of Wormhole Attacks in MANETs using Path Tracing
P. Anitha and M. Sivaganesh
525.Privacy Preservation of RSU Against SYBIL Attacks in VANET
S. Preetha and K. Prakash
526.Monitoring Web Applications for Intrusions Detection using Doubleguard
P. Ponnaruvi, S. Dheivanai and M. Ramesh Kumar
527.Prevention of Passwords From Dictionary Attacks by using More Secured Protocol
S. Santhakumar and V. Saravanan
528.Detecting Misbehavior Routing using Content Record in tolerant Network
K. Devi and P. Damodharan
529.Calculating Dynamic Flow Correlation Coefficient for Discriminating DDOS Attacks from Flash Crowds
P. Sowkarthiga and N. Suguna
530.Modified Approach for Routing Based Data Security in MANET
E. Mohanraj and K. Duraiswamy
531.Web Service Sequrity using Cyber Crime Technologies
R. Shanmugapriya
532.Enhancement of Password Guessing Resistant Protocol with Cookie and Session Monitoring
M. Sindhu and R. Megala
533.An Integrated Server Security Scheme for Multitier Environment
T. Mohana and P. Kanmani
534.BFR : Byzantine Fault Recovery to Ensure Atomicity using Novel Techniques
K. Kalaivani and T.S. Revathy
535.Data Security and Intrusion Detection Scheme for Secure Hosts
536.Traffic Flow Analysis Based Ddos Attack Detection for Streaming Data
K. Sangeetha
537.Secure and Efficient Transmission using Jammer and Relay Networks
R. Prabu and S. Nishanthy
538.Design of Virus Detection Processor for Network Security
P. Prabhavathi
539.Combination of Text and Graphical Password Authentication to Overcome Password Hacking
A. Anitha and V. Priyadharshini
540.Fraudulent Detection in Online Transaction using HMM
G. Thiruppathi and R. Ramani
541.Accidental and Intentional Fault Handling using RSA Algorithm
K.P. Prakash and Sayee Kumar
542.Energy-Efficient Cluster Management Protocol for Data Collection in Wireless Sensor Network
K. Dharan and Prabaharan
543.Hybrid Location Privacy and Data Security Scheme for Wireless Sensor Network
K. Dhivya and Arulselvi
544.Graphical Password Authentication using Random Cued Click Points
M. Keerthana
545.Uniform and Non Uniform Cluster Head Load Balance and Improve the Lifetime on WSN’s
T. Ganesan and V.P. Dhivya
546.Feature Extraction Algorithms for Automatic Speech Recognition
T. Jayanthi, M. Kalamani and S. Valarmathy
547.Mitigating Low Rate Flooding Attack in Third Party Emergency Alert Systems over Cellular Text Messaging Services
Pandikumar and R. Kanagaraj
548.Spacemac-Based Conjunctive Strategy for Defense Aganst Pollution Attacks in Network Coding
Dinesh Krishnan and A. Grace Selvarani
549.Camouflage Worm Detection for Securing Networks
A. Abinaya, T.M. Elakiya, S. Eswaramoorthy and R. Vijaysai
550.Anti Phishing Based on Visual Cryptography by Employing Digital Watermarking
C. Ramprakash, N. Canapathy, O. Mohamed Nasurdeen and M. Suresh
551.Using Rule Ontology in Frequent Rule Attainment for Akin Web Sites
K. Saravanan and K. Ramya
552.Energy and Security Issues in Wireless Sensor Network Applications
P. Thirumoorthy, K. Ramesh, N.K. Karthikayen and K. Somasundram
553.A Survey of Community Recongition in Social Network
B. Padma Priya and K. Sathiyakumari
554.Improving End-to-End Routing Performance of Greedy Forwarding in Sensor Network
R. Arul Kumar and R. Sasikala
555.Analysis of Fluid Networks in Wireless Sensors
A. Asaph, K. Ganesan, M. Gobi and E. Rajasekar
556.QARS for Self Reconfiguration Mechanism in Wireless Mesh Networks
A. Melveena and D. Ramya Dorai
557.Impact of Malicious Behaviour on Network Performance of Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
P. Kamalakkannan
558.Resistance Against Large Scale Online Password Guessing Attacks
N. Rahmathunisha and M. Ramkumar
559.Exploiting Dynamic Resource Allocation for Efficient Parallel Data Processing in the Grid Computing
S. Sathya, K. Usharani and T.P. Jayakumar
560.An Enhancing Quality on Voice Stream Multicast Over Low-Power Wireless Networks
P.S. Suganya and M .Ganthimathi
561.MANETs using DSR Algorithm and Improve the Secure Transmission with Signature VerificationS. Seramannan and S. Sivasakthi
562.Certain Investigations of Security Algorithms and its Vulnerabilities for Wireless Networks
M. Malathi and G.M. Kadhar Nawaz
563.Compromised Node Detection and Revocation in Wireless Sensor Networks using Sequential Hypothesis Testing
C. Mahavishnu
564.Classification and Comparison on Energy Efficient Routing Protocol in Wireless Sensor Networks
V.L. Helen Josephine and Vivekanandan
565.Performance Comparison of Video Stream Transmission in Wireless Networks
S. Lekashri, L. Revathy and A. Archana
566.Optimization of Recycling Bandwidth in Wimax Technology
T. Lakshmana Kumar, P. Srideepak and C.P. Thamil Selvi
567.Improving the Performance of HCLR Protocol in MANET
P. Devika and B. Veerabahupillai
568.Protection of Computer Networks from Illegal Intrusions Based on Immunological Principles
Mariam M. Kassim and A. Sujitha
569.Task Recommendation Framework on the Web Data Sources
P. Mutheeswaran and B. Veerabahu Pillai
570.Detecting Misbehavior Routing using Contact Record in Disruption tolerant Network
S. Sathiya and M. Kavitha
571.Mitigating Routing Misbehavior in Disruption tolerant Networks
O.R. Ambika and S. Dhanasekar
572.An Efficient Greedy Approach for Laer in Distributed Wireless Networks
M. Banuchitra and D. Prabhakaran
573.ERRP: An Efficient Reactive Routing Protocol for Unobservable Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks
P. Karthikkannan and K.P. Lavanya priya
574.Persuasive Cued Click-Points Knowledge-Based Authentication Mechanism
C. Sasikala and R. Ranjani
575.Energy Efficient Opportunistic Data Forwarding in Highly Dynamic Mobile Ad Hoc Network
A.S. Thivya and K. Shanmuga Priya
576.Security Based Selfishness Handling in Replica Allocation Over Mobile Ad-Hoc Network
V. Umadevi and S.R. Valan Pradeep
577.Efficient Cross Layer Mitigation in SCADA Network
S. Thamaraichelvi and N. Rajesh Kumar
578.Automatic Electricity Billgenerating and Paying Through Cellphone using GSM Modem
G. Prabu and D. Kowsalya Devi
Wireless Sensor Network
579.Energy Efficient Scheduling Algorithm for WSNs to Increase the Battery Lifetime
R. Srivel and S. Vani
580.Highly Secured and Fast Aggregation of Data using VEDIC Mathematics in Wireless Sensor Networks
S. Dhanasekar
581.Dynamic Spectrum Management for Military Wireless Networks
P. Muruga Priya
582.Framework for Updating Dynamic Sink Location in WSNS
Chetana P. Murthi and G. Mahadev Naik
583.Improving the Detection of Mobile Replication Node Attacks in Wireless Sensor Networks
S. Pavaimalar and G. Shenbaga Moorthy
584.A Secure and Energy Enhanced Protocol for Routing in MANET
Deepthy Mathews, Shyama Sudarsan and S. Karthik
585.Home Based Security Systems Achieved Through Minimum Hop Routing Protocol using WSNs
S. Sarveswaran, V.K. Vignesh, K. Vanchidurai, V. Vasanth and K. Balaji
586.Performance Study on Application-Oriented Routing in Hybrid Wireless Adhoc Networks
C. Chandralekha and R. Balachandar
587.Attacks in MANET: A Survey
S. Madhavi, K. Duraiswamy and M. Kanimozhi
588.Identifying Misbehave Forwarders in Wireless Sensor Networks
C. Sindhu and R. Bharathi
589.High Throughput Analysis using topological Control & Authentication Scheme in MANET
A.V. Saranya and R. Bharathi
590.Optimum Power Utilization in Wireless Sensor Network using Partition Technique
T. Sujithra and Pratheepa
591.A Novel Idea for the Routing in Non Homogeneous Wireless Sensor Networks
K. Praveen Kumar, V.P. Arunachalam and S. Karthik
592.Series Confirmation using Message Authentication Code in Ad-Hoc Networks
R. Pradepa and I. Shanmuga Priya
593.Path Controllable Sink Mobility Protocol for the Elongation of Lifetime in WSN
T. Anusuya and I. Aruna
594.Privacy Preservation Routing Against Wormhole Attacks in MANET
S. Suganthi and K. Sinthanaiselvan
595.Vehicular Ad Hoc Network for Pre & Post Disaster Aid System in Road Safety
M. Santhosh Kumar, G. Karthikeyan and T. Mohan Raj
596.A Coverage Inference Protocol for Wireless Sensor Networks
P. Dineshkumar, M.A. Archana and B. Arunkumar
597.Energy Efficient Data Collection Scheme for Prolonging Wireless Sensor Networks
M. Rekha and C. Nallusamy
598.A Novel Scheduling Method for Local Event Monitoring in Wireless Sensor Networks
N. Sivaranjani and K. Prasanth
599.Energy Efficient Multiple Event Detection (EEMED) in Event-Driven WSN
A. Anitha, S. Ramya and B. Sathish Kumar
600.Improve Stability using Adaptive Link Stability Scheme in Distributed Wireless Network
P. Sudhakar and V. Andro Suji
601.Ad Hoc Mobile Robots Networking Scheme
R. Selvakumar, N. Satheesh and K. Prasadh
602.An Approach for Avoiding Wormhole Attacks in VANET
N. Satheesh and T. Buvaneswari
603.Link Stability Estimation for Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks using CTR and Laer Protocol
Anu Sadanand and Isabella
604.Wi-Fi Based Broadband Wireless Access for Users on the Road
M. Vishnupriya and B. Nivetha
605.Effectualroutinefor Trilateralauthentication Inad-Hocnetworks using Multicast Conventions
S. Anjanaa and M. Nathiya
606.Link Stability and Maximizing the Lifetime of Battery in Mobile Ad Hoc Network
S.G. Manivannan and R. Karthik
607.Fast Data Collection in Minimum Spanning Tree Algorithm Based Wireless Sensor Networks
E. Madhoru Bagan and S. Shahul Hameed
608.An Adaptive Calibration Circuit for Level Measurement using Capacitance Level Sensor
K.V. Santhosh and B.K. Roy
609.Toward Reliable Data Delivery for Highly Dynamic Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
R. Bharkkavi and B. Arun Kumar
610.Improvement on Leach-Mobile by Efficient Density-Based Clustering for Mobile Nodes in WSN
R.U. Anitha and P. Kamalakkannan
611.A Trust-Aware Routing Framework for WSNs
T. Partheeba and R. Santhosh
612.Energy Efficient Sleep Scheduling Algorithm for Critical Event Monitoring in Wireless Sensor Networks
S. Balaji and S. Preetha
613.Security and Privacy in Emerging Wireless Networks with Mobile Sinks
S. Rajeshwari and R. Santhosh
614.Cross-Layer Optimization in QoS Aware Next Generation Wireless Networks
T. Palani Raja, K. Amaresh and M. Muralidharan
615.Secure Packets from Misbehaving Forwarders and Intruders in Wireless Sensor Networks
K. Banupriya and S. Vijayaragavan
616.Attackless on Demand Multicast Routing for Wireless Mesh Network
M. Vadivel and P. Ramya
617.Wireless Medical Experts
L. Kalaivani
618.Protecting Source-Location Privacy Against Hotspot-Locating Attack in Wireless Sensor Networks
T. Yawanikha and T. Mohan Raj
619.Tree Based Routing Protocol in Heterogeneous Wireless Sensor Networks
B.J. Nirmal and M. Mohan
620.Design of Efficient Route Optimization Protocol in Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks
R. Selvakumar and P. Ganesh Kumar
621.An Economic Dispatch Model with Correlated Wind Speed Data using Particle SWARM Optimization Technique
V. Vithya and N. Suparna
622.Selfish Node Detection and Replica Allocation over a Mobile Ad Hoc Network
N. Muthumalathi and M. Mohamed Raseen
623.Efficient Secure Data Aggregation in Wireless Sensor Networks
K. Parameswari and M. Mohamed Raseen
624.Real Time Tracking in Wireless Network using GPS/AVL
M. Mala and G. Geetha
625.Detecting and Preventing Inefficient Packet Routing Attacks in MANET
M. Anitha, B. Sakthivel and V. Saravanan
626.Compromised Node Detection and Revocation using Sequential Hypothesis Testing in Zone Framed Networks for Wireless Sensor Networks
E.V. Abhinayaą and G. Makila˛
627.Topology Control for Multi Target Tracking in Mobile Sensor Networks using Parallel Ant Colony Optimization
K. Selvaraj and S. Balaji
628.Impact of Selfish Nodes in a MANET From the Perspective of Replica Allocation in Distributed Environments
N.R. Suganya and S. Madhu Priya
629.Enhancing the Working Hours of Wireless Sensor Network by Comparing the Performances of Maxweight and Minimum Energy Scheduling Algorithms
S.V. Ramanan and B. Devi
630.Efficiency of Clustering Communication Protocol in Wireless Sensor Networks
D. Leela and E. Mohanraj
631.Distributed token Reuse Detection Schemes for Privacy Preservation in Wsn
S. Megala and M. Kavitha
632.Location Based Privacy Allocation in Large Scale Wireless Sensor Networks
I. Pradeepkumar and D. Prabhakaran
633.Towards an Improved Security in Wireless Sensor Network
T. Senthil Kumar, M. Sugeerth, S. Vinod and R. Deepak
634.A Novel Packet Level Scheduling using Multiple QoS Classes Level in Wireless Systems
C.M. Varun, R. Srinivas and M. John Paul
635.Selective Dynamic Query Control of Data Freshness in Consistent Replication Database systems
G. Pradeepa
636.Healthcare Management System using Android
M. Subashini and B. Latha
637.Android Based Home Security System
R. Shobana and S. Kalimuthukumar
Grid Computing
638.PPRD: Physical Proximity Based Rapid Resource Detection for Distributed Grid Systems
M. Vidhya Kumari and R. Asmetha Jeyarani
639.Cascade Dual-Buck Inverter of Grid-Tie Control with Wide Range Power Flow Capability for Fuel Cell in Renewable Energy Applications
D. Santhana Lakshmi and S. Elango
640.Grid Computing
M. Sreenath and M. Ugan Prabu
641.Load Balanced Job Scheduling Approach for Grid Environment
S.S. Kathirvel
642.Investigations on tool Pin Shape Effect for Friction Welding of Tube to Tube Plate using an External tool
S. Senthil Kumaran, S. Muthukumaran and P. Dhiravidamani
643.Damage Investigation of Steel Plates using Frame Energy Based Statistical Features
M.P. Paulraj, Sazali Yaacob, M.S. Abdul Majid, A.H. Nor Shaifudin and Pranesh Krishnan
644.Study on Safety of Mechanical Material Handling Equipment in Construction Industry and Applied Research on tower Crane Safety Supervising System Based on Internet of Things
C.N. Anil Kumar and Shakthivel
645.Use of Technology in English Language Teaching and Learning: An Analysis
M. Vivekanandan and V. Karunanithi
646.Computers in Teaching English
S. Sathiyapriya, S.N. Saranya and W. Princessprema
647.Soft Computing Approach - Face Detection
S. Prabhu, T. Kiruba Rani and R. Rajkumar
648.Energy Saving Optimized Polymorphic Hybrid Multicast Routing Protocol
Akey Sungheetha and J. Suganthi
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