Proceedings of the
2nd National Conference on
Computer Networks & Information Security (NCCNIS-2013)
ISBN: 978-81-925286-9-4
1.A Framework to Detect and Analyze Web Applications Vulnerabilities
R.K. Gupta and B.M. Mehtre
2.A Review of some Modern Stream Ciphers
Mukesh Kocheta, N. Sujatha, K. Siva Kanya Kumari, Sridhar Shetty and P. V. Ananda Mohan
3.Stochastic Modeling and Availability Estimation of Redundant Array of Independent Disks (RAID)
Varghese Thattil and N. Vasantha
4.Secure Routing for Intermittently Connected Mobile Networks
P. Maitreyi and M. Sreenivasa Rao
5.Symmetric Cryptography Solutions for Routing in Mobile Adhoc Networks
P. Maitreyi and M. Sreenivasa Rao
6.Authentication, Key Establishment & Cooperative Cache Maintenance in Wireless P2P Environments using GDC & Greedy Algorithm
N. Sandeep Chaitanya, SP. Santhosh, Ch. Raja Kishore, Rajani and P. Sowjanya Reddy
7.A Novel Technique for Cloud Intrusion Detection System
S. Neelima and Y. Lakshmi Prasanna
8.Linear Programming Computations for Framework Security and Sparsity Structure in Cloud Computing
P. Kiran Kumar, M. Narasimhulu and G. Chinna Pullaiah
9.Innovative Model for Anti Phishing
Vishwesh Nagamalla, S. Soumya and M. Sreenivasa Rao
10.Integrity Protection Service as a Data Sealing Solution in the Cloud
Y. Lakshmi Prasanna and S. Neelima
11.A Security Enhancement Based Multifactor Authentication for Secure Mobile Transaction
P.G.V. Suresh Kumar, Getahun Mekuria, M.V. Lakshmaiah, Nune Sreenivas and P. Thimmaiah
12.Biometrics in Network Security— Iris Recognition an Emerging Biometric Technology
J. Aveshgopal, G. Dileepkumar, Mohammed Kemal and P. Niharika
13.Hybrid Routing Protocols - ZRP, CBRP Performance Evaluation in MANET’s
A.V. Ramana and G. Srinvas Rao
14.Evaluation of Feature Optimization Techniques in Intrusion Detection System
R. Srujana, P. Ravi Kiran Varma and E. Nagamani
15.Network Intrusion Detection System, Comparative Study of ANN, SVM and DT – A Multiple Class Classification Case
E. Nagamani, P. Ravi Kiran Varma and R. Srujana
16.Designing of a Cryptography Security Technique for Data Transmission using EDM5 Algorithms
A.V. Ramana, Gara Anil and Akshay Agarwal
17.Query Based Image Content (QBIC) Turquoise Database Analysis System
B. Sashi Kanth, G. Anand Kumar and P. Kiranmayee
18.Major Issues of Providing Accountability in Cloud Computing Environment
B.J.D. Kalyani, K. Praveena and T. Aruna
19.Performance Analysis of Scheduling Mechanisms in Computer Networks
D. Kapil Gangadhara Naidu, K. Mahesh Kumar, V. Spandana and T. Satish
20.Automatic Number Plate Recognition for Indian Vehicles
B. Soujanya, A.V.V.S. Shravan Kumar and Shashi Kumar G. Totad
21.Implementation of RSA Data Integrity using Digital Signature for Cluster Based MANETs
S. Rajyalaxmi, K.T. Srinivasa Rao and Ch. Pavani
22.Solution for Sybil Attacks in Anonymizing Network by Slip Token
E. Jaya Kumar Reddy, Shaik. Sameera, Ayesha Siddiqua, Khandi Banda Ragini and Devraj Priyanka
23.Mining Protein Sequences using Pattern Matching Algorithm
J. Jeyabharathi and D. Shanthi
General and Opinion Articles
24.Clustering Phenomenon of Moving Vehicles in VANETs
K. Balaji, T. Ramesh Reddy, G. Narendra Reddy and A. Pratap Naidu
25.Efficient and Secure ATM with Multi-Security by using Biometrics Inspired Image-Steganography
Koustubh Kulkarni
26.High-Level Threats and Vulnerabilities in Mobile Devices used in Business Information Systems
Surendra Kalagara and Sreenivas Velagapudi
27.Implementation of BPSK in Otic Communication with Diversity
B. Sashi Kanth, G. Anand Kumar and P. Kiranmayee
28.Implementation of DS-CDMA Modem using BPSK Technique
B. Sashi Kanth and P. Kiranmayee
29.E-Governance for Good Governance in India
M. Satheesh
30.MEMs Based Automotive Safety System
V. Sridhar
31.Design and Implemention of Work Planner
V. Sridhar
32.Study on Designing of Location Area for Paging in Fixed and Mobile Networks
B. Nanditha, B. Meenakshi and J. Aruna Shanthi
33.Concurrent Execution of Transactions using Serializabilty
Ch. Sphoorthy, N. Vasantha Jyothsna and M. Apoorva
34.Routing Algorithms
V.S. Bhavana, M. Swetha and P. Rajitha
35.Depth First Search and Breadth First Search
G. Sannihitha, B.S. Gayatri Devi, K. Sujatha and M.A. Naidu
36.Social Interaction in View of Metrics
K. Chandra Sekharaiah and K. Athma Ram
37.Information Systems: A Usability / Accessibility Perspective
A. Radha Krishna and K. Chandra Sekharaiah
38.A Study on Image Segmentation using Watershed Algorithm
K. Chandra Sekaraiah and Pradeep Kumar
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