Proceedings of the
First International Conference on
ISBN: 978-93-82570-00-4
  • VLSI
Effective Development and Performance of Peer to Peer Cloud Model for Clustering Application
M. Thangamani, D. Bowthra and A. Anusuchitra
Systematic Survey of Energy Efficient Resource Allocation and Scheduling Techniques in Cloud Computing
M. Krishna Sudha and S. Sukumaran
Cloud Computing: Network/Security Threats and Countermeasures
K.P. Malarkodi, K.B. Gayathri and K. Pavitra
Sequential Pattern Mining – A Study
S. Vijayarani and S. Deepa
Semantic Web Mining – A Survey
S. Vijayarani and M. Muthulakshmi
Applications of Data Stream in Stock Market
S. Vijayarani and P. Jothi
Performance Analysis of Data Clustering Algorithms in Bioinformatics
M. Lingaraj, S. Kavi Priya and S. Gnanapriya
Comparison of Computational Intelligent Technique for Detecting Age-Related Macular Degeneration
R. Priya, P. Aruna and D. Thenmozhi
An Optimized Arm Scheme for Distinct Network Data Set
K. Ganeshkumar, H. Vignesh Ramamoorthy, M. Premkumar and S. Sudha
An Efficient Classification Tree Technique for Heart Disease Prediction
S.Vijiyarani and S. Sudha
A Formulating Datawarehouse for Upcoming Portable Virtualization
K. Palraj
A Comparison on Data Preprocessing and Pattern Analysis of Server Log Files in Web Usage Mining using APRIORI and FP-Growth Algorithm
R. Kousalya, K. Suguna and S. Pradeepa
A Novel Approach for Evaluating Clustering Performance of K-Anonymity Methods and Metrics
M. Sampoorna, V. Dineshkumar and M. Praneesh
Prioritization Based Test Case Generation using Regression Testing
L. Uma Rani and R. Pradeepa
Co-Relation Based Approach for Pattern Recognition using ANN and its Fault Tolerance Analysis
Farhana Kausar and V. Vijayalakshmi
Automated Ranking for Web Databases using K-Means Algorithm and UQDR Approach
P. Ayyadurai and S. Jayanthi
Artifact Removal from Cardiac Signals using Normalization Based Adaptive Noise Cancellers — A Novel Bio-Inspired System
G.V.S. Karthik and S.J. Sugumar
Mining Frequent Item Sets over Data Streams using Éclat Algorithm
S. Vijayarani and P. Sathya
A Study on Swarm Intelligence Techniques in Recommender System
V. Diviya Prabha and R. Rathipriya
Efficient Data Grouping & Visualization in Data Mining using SOM & ANN
C. Chandrasekar and M. Srisankar
Privacy Preservation in Data Mining: A Hybrid Approach
Alvina Anna John, S. Deepajothi and S. Selvarajan
User Navigation Pattern for the Prediction of Web Page using Clustering and Classification
V. Sujatha, M. Punithavalli and Thavavel
Automatic Structuring of Semantic Web Services – An Approach
B. Kamala and J.M. Nandhini
Knowledge Repository and Knowledge Mapping
K.L. Sumathy, C.M. Thangamani and A. Cathreen Graciamary
A Survey on Stable Feature Selection for Micro Array Data
G. Baskar and P. Ponmuthuramalingam
Post-Mining of Association Rules using Ontologies and Rule Schemas
R. Subashchadrabose and R. Sivakumar
An Efficient Algorithm for Clustering Nodes, Classifying and Replication of Content on Demand Basis for Content Distribution in P2P Overlay Networks
Anna Saro Vijendran and S. Thavamani
Big Data Management – DNA Data Warehouse
Vaibhav Suneja
Architectural Frame Work for Homology Modeling in Grid Environment
P. Pradeep Kumar and D. Ramyachitra
Security Issues in Grid Computing
R. Geetha and D. Ramyachitra
Peer to Peer Protocols in Grid Computing
K. Shenbagavadivu and D. Ramyachitra
Life Science Applications in Grid Environment
C. Murugananthi and D. Ramyachitra
Knowledge Discovery in Data Grid with Advance Reservation for Meteorology
M. Thangamani, J. Malar Vizhi and G. Nandhini
Divisible Load Scheduling in Grid Environment
M. Sindhu and D. Ramyachitra
Recognizing Faces using Individual Eigen Subspaces Technique with Fuzzy Rules Methodology
P. Aishwarya and Karnan Marcus
An Analysis of Edge Extraction for MRI Medical Images through Mathematical Morphological Operators Approaches
K. Shri Sarika and P. Sudha
Image Mining – A Survey
S. Vijayarani and M. Vinupriya
Dual Secret Image Steganography Based on SVD and DWT Techniques
G. Prabakaran, R. Bhavani and K. Kanimozhi
A Secure Medical Image Steganography based on QR - Code and IWT Technique
G. Prabakaran, R. Bhavani and P.S. Rajeswari
Distributed Content Based Image Retrieval using Navigation Pattern with Relevance Feedback
S. Janarthanam and P. Narendran
A Novel Approach for Fingerprint Recognition using Image Enhancement Techniques
R. Bhavani and N. Nathia Saraswathi
Image Analysis Technique for Detecting Diapetic Retinopathy
R. Priya, P. Aruna and R. Suriya
A Comparative Analysis of Median Filter on Various Types of Images
M. Renuka Devi and S. Shenbagavadivu
Performance Study of Fusion in Multimodal Biometric Verification using Ear and Iris Features
S. Poornima
Impact of Solar System in the Generation of Energy for the Formation of Human Faces with Respect to Pattern Recognition Techniques
D. Chitra and P. Ponmuthuramalingam
Embedded Face Detection System
V. Ramya, J. Saranya and G.P. Rameshkumar
Feature Selection using Association Rules for CBIR and Computer Aided Medical Diagnostic
C. Bhuvaneswari, P. Aruna and D. Loganathan
Image Mining using Effective Neural Network
L. Soniya, A.P. Caroline Hirudhaya and C. Dheepa
Content Based Image Retrieval Associate with the Intersection of Multi Kernal Relevance Vector Machine and Histogram Join
K. Vaishnavi and G.P. Ramesh Kumar
Modify Fuzzy Possiblistic C-Means Clustering Algorithm for Classifying Multispectral Images
D. Napoleon, M. Praneesh and R. Jaya Kumar
Flow Top Width Prediction using ANFIS Model
Nazrin Ullah and Parthasarathi Choudhury
Image Processing Technique to Detect Surface Defects in Dates
A. Manickavasagan, S. Al-Rahbi, R. Al-Yayai and L. Khriji
Hybrid Segmentation of Peel Abnormalities in Banana Fruit
D. Surya Prabha and J. Satheesh Kumar
Review of Mobility Aware Clustering Scheme in Mobile Adhoc Network
T. Kumar, R. Muthu Kumar and N. Shanthi
Performance Improvement of QoS by Cross Layer Optimization
S.J. Hinduja, S. Mylsamy and J. Premalatha
Enhance QoS in MANETs using Cross Layer Optimization in MAC and Transport Layer
D. Kavinkumar, S. Mylsamy and J. Premalatha
Secured Intrusion Detection System in Mobile Ad Hoc Network using RAODV
S. Sasikala and M. Vallinayagam
A Comparative Study on Reactive or on Demand Routing Protocols in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
S. Sivagurunathan and K. Prathapchandran
AOMDV Routing Based Enhanced Security for Black Hole Attack in MANETs
D. Geetha and B. Revathi
Comparative Study of Various MAC Protocols for Wireless Sensor Networks
Raju Sharma and Sunil Sharma
Semantic Sensor Network: A Survey
V. Thahira Banu
Link Quality, Delay and Energy Aware Routing Protocol (LQDEARP) for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
Arafat S.M. Qaed and T. Devi
Analysis of Solutions to Blackhole Attack in Manet with AODV
Monika Y. Dangore and Santosh S. Sambare
An Adaptive Replication Technique towards Energy Efficient Routing for Heterogeneous Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
R. Vadivel and T. Shobana
Ubiquitous Computing on Tripodal Bio MEMS Structure Based Antigen Detection System using Heterogeneous Modular Redundancy for Reliability (QoS) Enhancement
Logeshkumar Shanmugasundharam
Bit Error Rate (BER) Analysis of Shift Keying Modulation Techniques in Various Fading Channels of Wireless Body Area Networks
Durga Prasad, Niranjan N. Chiplunkar and K. Prabhakar Nayak
Reliable On-Demand Routing Protocol (RODRP) Towards Video Streaming for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
S.P. Swornambiga and Antony selvadoss Dhanamani
Power Aware and Energy Efficient Routing Protocol (PAEERP) for Wireless Sensor Networks
R. Prema and R. Rangarajan
Format Preserving Encryption using Feistel Cipher
S. Vidhya and K. Chitra
Optimized Intention for Continuous Queries in the Active Data Aggregation Network with Cost Model
R. Indumathi
A Novel Approach for Route Determining by Integrating Three Routing Techniques
H. Vignesh Ramamoorthy, B. Sabarigiri, K. Ganeshkumar and D. Suganya Devi
DOS Attack & Vulnerability Analysis in SMS/MMS
K. Kanimozhi and V. Jayalakshmi
Enhanced Color Visual Secret Sharing Scheme using Modified Error Diffusion
S. Joseph James and S. Rajan
Embedded System for Robotic Arm Movement Control using Web Server and Zigbee Communication
V. Ramya, B. Palaniappan and T. Akilan
Forecast of Diabetes using Modified Radial Basis Functional Neural Networks
G. Magudeeswaran and D. Suganyadevi
Modified Bubble Rap Routing for Intermittently Connected Networks
T. Kavitha and C. Poongodi
A Load Sharing Scheduled Algorithm for Network Processors which Supports Different Services
R. Sunitha and Antony Selvadoss Thanamani
SECRA: Secure Erasure Coding Based Routing Algorithm
Shikha Jain and Rahul Johari
Comparative Analysis of Classification Techniques for Intrusion Detection Systems: A Survey
V. Jaiganesh, P. Sumathi and S. Mangayarkarasi
Density Aware Multi-Hop Periodic Spraying for Intermittently Connected Networks
S. Suriya and C. Poongodi
Design Optimization of a MEMS Accelerometer using Genetic Algorithm
V.S. Krushnasamy and A. Vimala Juliet
Green House Automation via GPRS
J. Ramprabu and D. Kamini
Review of Multimodal Biometrics: Applications, Challenges and Research Areas
A.P. Caroline Hirudhaya and A. Pethalakshmi
An Efficient and Systematic Virus Detection Processor for Embedded Network Security
P. Muthu Kumaran, R.V. Ashok Prathap and D. Mathavan
An Approach for POS Tagging for a Conversational Software System
Prashant G. Desai, Niranjan N. Chiplumkar and Saroja Devi
To Estimate the Peak Hours of the Day for Transport System using Soft Computing
K. Lalithamani and A. Punitha
Software Testing Effort Distribution using Differential Evolution
Md. Nasar, Udayan Chanda and Prashant Johri
Effectiveness of Testcase Prioritization using APFD Metric : Survey
R. Pradeepa and K. Vimala Devi
Design and Development of Micro Thermoelectric Generator using Comsol Software
Y. Jeyashree, Pheba Cherian, A.Vimala Juliet and E. Paul Braineard
Area Reduction Techniques for Parallel FIR Filter with Symmetric Coefficients
Sithara Krishnan
Design of Low Power High Performance Pulse Triggered Flip Flop using Power Optimization Technique
M. Manjula and A. Jagadeeswaran
Design of TCM Decoders using Optimized Viterbi Decoder
D. Kokilanayaki
Blue Brain
C. Gnana Sekaran and R. Nirmal Kumar
Heterogeneous Web Service Selection from Ontology Repository
C. Jayaprakash, S.K. Yaamini and V. Maheswari
Security Effect on B2B and B2C Operations using 3G M-Commerce
M. Krithika Renuka and L. Sheeba
Polymeric Microneedle Array for Amino Fluidic Extraction during Prenatal Period
Sabitha Balasubramanian and Logeshkumar Shanmugasundaram
Secured Power Efficient Multicast Routing Protocol (SPEMRP) for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
S. Kannan and A. Rajaram
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