Proceedings of the National Seminar on Emerging Trends in Infomation Technology
ISBN: 978-93-82570-03-5
1.Image Segmentation using Self Organizing Feature Maps
P. Karmuhil and Latha Parthiban
2.Discrete Wavelet Transformation Model for Compressing an 2-D Black and White Image
A.J. Rajeswari Joe and N. Rama
3.Gi-Fi –Gigabit Wireless Technology
M. Abirami
4.Ontology Learning Approaches: A View
D. Akila and C. Jayakumar
5.Cloud Computing
K. Vijayakumar and N. Shyamala
6.Intialization Schemes for K-Means Clustering
A. Shanthi Sona
7.Enhanced Centroid Selection Method - K-Means Clustering Algorithm
A. Shanthi Sona
8.Nano Technology on Air Pollution
M. Ranjitham and T. Shiyamala Gowri
9.Securing Data Storage in Cloud Computing
I. Manimozhi
10.Survey of Multipath Routing Protocols for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
E. Karthikeyan and M. Kokilamani
11.Mining and Analyzing Moving Objects in Route Net
K.S. Jeen Marseline and V. Valarmathi
12.Effective Testing of DBA Test
G. Arjunan
13.Unique Query Optimization for Associated Database Systems
V. Ramakrishnan
14.4G the Future Warrior
K. Vani and D. Umamaheswari
15.An Overview of Cryptography
V. Sivaramchandhar and S. Senthil
16.A System for Information Extraction from Unknown Web Data Sources through Automatic Web Wrapper Generation using Clustering Techniques
V. Bhuvaneswari
17.Cybercrimes and Security using Biometrics
G. Poornima and K. Rahul Gowthem
18.A Comparative Analysis of Various Types of Filters using Images
S. Vinodkumar and P. Revathi
19.Neural Networks
A. Kaleeswaran and S. Senthil
20.Enhanced Transformation with Numerical Index – A Reversible Lossless Transformation
P. Jeyanthi and V. Anuratha
21.Analysis of LIPT Derived Transform Methods
S. Senthil and L. Robert
22.Cluster Computing
V. Jaya Priya
23.Scalable and Bandwidth Efficient Multicast Channel Allocation Schedule over 802.11n WLANs for Video Streaming
Savithamanivel and U. Jeevitha
24.Sequential Pattern Mining Problems and Approach
N. Saranya and S.Vinod Kumar
25.An Integrated Environment to Visually Construct 3D Animations
D. Umamaheswari
26.Various Density Based Clustering Algorithms used in Large Spatial Databases
S. Sasikala and R. Kalavathi
27.Comparative Analysis of Data Mining Techniques for Medical Image Classification
P. Sudha and R.Sangeetha
28.A Survey on Routing Protocols for Wireless Sensor Networks
K. Lavanya
29.A Performance Analysis of Smoothing Filters on Still Images
M. Renuka Devi and S.Shenbagavadivu
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