Proceedings of the National Symposium on Current trends in Atmospheric Research including Communication And Navigation aspects
ISBN: 978-93-82570-04-2
An Opinion Based Approach to Detect and Prevent Black Hole Attack in MANETs
Geeta Pattun and L.K. Suresh Kumar
Energy Optimization using Cross-Layer Protocols in Wireless Sensor Networks
B. Brahma Reddy and K. Kishan Rao
Implementation of Distributed Key Management Scheme on Council Based Clustering in MANETs
S. Rajyalaxmi and L.K. Suresh Kumar
Infrasound Climatology using Global Network of IMS Stations
Manohar Lal and Laslo G. Evers
Surface Layer Measurements using MBLM (Mini Boundary Layer Mast) at VBIT, Hyderabad
B. Bapiraju, Dantala Sreenivas, Ette Krishna and Gopa Dutta
Simulink Based Simulation of Quardrature Amplitude Modulation (8-QAM) with Different Constellation Ordering
A. Jahnavi
Performance Analysis of OFDM System using PAPR Reduction Techniques
T. Sravanti and K. Ram Mohan Rao
Performance Evaluation of Routing Protocols in Manets with Varying Speed and Network Density
K. Ashok Babu, D. Sreenivasa Rao and S. Lakshminarayana
QoS Provisioning in MANETs using Reverse AODV, AODV, DSDV
Sake Pothalaiah, Y. Poorna Lakshmi and D. Srinivas Rao
Study of Madden Julian Waves using Radiosonde Data
AyubKhan, Salauddin Mohammad, P.V. Rao and P. Vinay Kumar
Design of a 6-Face Microstrip Antenna for Radar Altimeter Application with Improved Bandwidth
K. Rama Devi, A. Jhansi Rani and A. Mallikarjuna Prasad
Cirrus Clouds Observation by Lidar and Modis Satellite Over a Nainital and Gadanki on 12 March 2008
Shweta Thakur, D.V. Phani Kumar and A.K. Gwal
Smart Antenna Implementation using Phase Shifters
Suraya Mubeen, A.M. Prasad and A. Jhansi Rani
Speech Signal De Noising using Wavelet Threshold Methods
P. Sunitha, G.S. Siva Kumar and G. Srilakshmi
Area Efficient High Speed Reconfigurable Coefficient Based FIR Filter using DDA
P. Sunitha and J. Chaitanya
High Capacity Dynamic MAC Protocol for Wireless Multimedia Networks
S.P.V. Subba Rao, T. Venkata Rao and S.K. Satyanarayana
Seasonal Variations of Tidal Oscillations Over Gadanki
P. Vinay Kumar, P.V. Rao, M.C. Ajay Kumar and Gopa Dutta
Occurrence of F-Region Plasma Bubble Over Low Latitude Station: Kolhapur
D.P. Nade, A.K. Sharma, S.S. Nikte, P.T. Patil, R.N. Ghodpage, R.S. Vhatkar, M.V. Rokade, G.A. Chavan and S. Gurubaran
Study of Solar Proton Event Observed using Riometers
S.S. Nikte, A.K. Sharma, R.S. Vhatkar, D.P. Nade, G.A. Chavan, R.N. Ghodpage, M.V. Rokade, P.T. Patil and R.V. Bhonsle
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