Rural Empowerment for Sustainable Development (Empowering Rural Families, Women and Girl Children)
ISBN: 978-93-82570-05-9
  • Gender Issues
  • Adolescent Issues and Mental Health
  • Education
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Self Help Groups
  • Law and Legal Issues
  • Women Empowerment
Women’s Status through the History and the Present Situation
P. John Sundararaj and J. Jolly Vini Sheeba
Women in Buddhism — The Thoughts of the Buddha
Jeffrey Po
Women in Medieval Islamic World: A Historic Perspective
T. Muhammedali
Gender and Participation in Governance: The Enablement and Constraints for Women in Public Life and Political Process in Nigeria
Immaculata E. Emah, Pushpendra Mishra and Shubham Pathak
Gender Equality in Kerala — An Analysis
A. Safeer and K.K. Muhammed Afsal
Disaster Management — A Gender Perspective
Gundappa and N. Murali
Can Reason Dominate the Equation of Emotion with Women? A Case Study from Feminist Perspective
A Study on Burden of Rural Informal Women Care Givers in Taking Care of Elderly People at Home
Shoby Bovas and F.X. Lovelina Little Flower
Attitudes of Birth Control and Family Planning in Rural Women
J.O. Jeryda Gnanajane Eljo and V. Dhanalakshmi
Marital Quality of Women Street Vendors
J.O. Jeryda Gnanajane Eljo and K. Shanthi
Creating Women-Friendly Working Atmosphere for Female Faculty in Co-Education Self-Financing Colleges with Special Reference to Coimbatore District
B. Thayumanavar and B. Kalaiselvi
Differential Perception of Organisational Role Stress by Male and Female Veterinarians
Soumya Sankar and P. Reeja George
The Linkages between Work Family Conflict and Women Empowerment
A Study on Physical Violence among Women Aged Groups 15-49 in India
Pushpendra Kumar Mishra, Immaculata E. Emah and Shubham Pathak
Mother Daughter Relationship after Puberty
K. Siva Suriya and Sasikala
Attitude of Adolescents towards Family Life
Shibu K. Jacob and Anu George
A Study on Reproductive Health Status of School Going Adolescent Children with Special Reference to Municipal Girls Higher Secondary School, Pollachi
G. Anbu Selvi, H. Nandhini and P. John Leeson
A Study on Mental Health Status of Rural Adolescent Students in Erode District
S. Venkatesh Babu and S. Prabakar
Antecedents of Stress: A Study in a Sample of Rural Adolescent Girls
C.M. Asha
Social and Psychological Hazards of the Children of Tribal Unwed Mothers: A Mixed Methodology Approach
K.U. Sabu
Gender Based Violence as a Mental Health Hazard for Adolescent Girls Development
S. Sreemol
Coping Strategies among Rural Adolescent Girls
Sasikala and J. Florance Shalini
The Mother Cooks: Gendered Socialization through School Textbooks and it’s Effects on Young Children
Sutapa Chaudhuri
An Economic Study of Alcoholism in Madurai City
K. Suganya
Education and Development: Exploring the Experiences of Educated Women in Rural Village
S. Harinath and G. Sridevi
The Feelings of Illiterate Rural Women towards their Educated Counterparts
G.R. Preethi, S. Nubuvatthu Neesa, K. Renugadevi and H. Vignesh Ramamoorthy
Empowering Children through Child Friendly Schools in Post Disaster Situation
A. Sivagami
Empowering Women through Education: A Case Study of Tea Plantation Women Workers in Assam
Dipali Bosumatari and Phanindra Goyari
The Concept of Women Empowerment among Female Students of Higher Education
A Study on Career and Family Values among Rural College Students
A. Mariyayee and V. Madhavan
Soft Skills Training as Means of Women Empowerment in Higher Education Institutes
Athilakshmi Rohini
Status Quo Report on Women Empowerment Program in Colleges - Elective based Holistic Program a Solution?
S.T. Shilpa
Some People are Successful – A Model for Rural Entrepreneurship
Globalizing Rural Women Entrepreneurship
J. Premaladha and C. Priyadharsini
The Role of Textile Industry in Empowering Rural Women with Special Reference to Coimbatore District — An Ethnographic Report
V. Ramachandran and P. Thirumoorthi
Satisfaction Levels of Poultry Farmers Associated with Suguna Broilers in Coimbatore District
A. Sridharan and R. Saravanan
Bridging Digital Divide - A Way to Boost Rural Development Process —
An Analysis of Kerala Experience
M.P. Nisar
Women Empowerment through Women Enterpreneurship in India
Y.V. Gangadhara and K.G. Parashuram
The HRD Needs of SMEs and Women Entrepreneurs Development Program
K. Swarnalatha
Role of ICT in Women Empowerment
A. Sivagami and R. Samundeeswari
Women Entrepreneur’s Development Programmes and Utilization (EDP) with Special Reference to Coimbatore District – Small and Medium Enterprises
B. Mythili and K. Jayaprakash
Empowering Rural Women as Entrepreneurs – A Case Study with Special Reference to Draught Prone Anantapur District in Andhra Pradesh
P. Madhavi and G. Satyanarayana
Papaya – Scope for Rural Entrepreneurship
G. Unni Krishnan and R. Sothiya
Role of Government Organizations in Building Women Entrepreneurship Movement: A Case Study of MAVIM
Sachin Ichalkaranje
Untapped Unutilized Skill Potential of Women in Kaiga Township Accounts to Millions – A Pragmatic Approach
Shruti P. Naik and M.S. Rajendra Kumar
Issues and Concerns on the Implementation of Self-Employment Programmes in India: A Study
K. Rajasekhar and R.Mahendranath Chowdary
A Study on the Empowerment of Women though Self-Help Groups with Special Reference to Sundaranachiapuram & Krishnapuram
M. Mudiappan, R. Mangaleswaran and V. Arockia Hensilin
Enhancement of Livelihood of Rural Women through SHGs — A Case Study
Soumya Sankar and P. Reeja George
A Study on the Socio Economic Conditions of Self Help Group (SHG) Members in Tirunelveli District
A. Arockia Maria Michealraja
Women Empowerment through Livelihood Promotion is a Boon for Sustainable Dvelopment – A Case Study
S. Srivaramangai and J.O. Jeryda Gnanajane Eljo
Economic Empowerment of Women: Role of SHGs
Rani Manda, K. Padma Ragam and B. Sridevi
Women Empowerment through Self Help Group-Focus on Tirupur District
D. Hemamalini
A Study on Challenges of Women as a Leader with Special Reference to Self Help Groups in Udumalpet Taluk & Chennai
B. Sutharsan and S. Brindha
Women and Law – A Study of ‘Dowry Prohibition Act, 1961’ – Socio-Legal Perspectives
K.S. Girija and G. Basavaraja
Food Security and Livelihood Protection through Integrated Community Management of Water Resources in Karnataka
N. Murali and Gundappa
Effectiveness of MGNREGA Scheme in Thanjavur District
A. Sivagami and S. Nathiya
Gender Equality: Role of the Indian Constitutions
Rubina Koth
Socio-Legal Aspects of Domestic Violence in Telangana — A Study
K. Prasanna and K. Subhash
‘Silent Suffers’ — Crimes against Working Women in the Era of Globalisation
K.S. Girija and G. Basavaraja
Women Empowerment and Gender Quality in Hyderabad Karnataka Region
Raghavendra Ishwarappa
Gender Justice - With Special Reference to Women’s Reproductive Rights
S.K. Ramani
Rural Women Employment towards Rural Empowerment for Sustainable Development
P. Wellington Jebaraj
Grass Root Realities of Life and Living of Women Beedi Rollers in Madanthyar & Machina Grama Panchayat Area of Belthangady Taluk of D.K. District of Karnataka: A Study
V.N. Rajan and Agnes Rodrigues
Working Women — Caught between Two Eras A Study of Women Lecturers of First Grade Colleges Affiliated to Mangalore University
S. Seema Prabhu
The Role Performance of the Women Presidents in Village Panchayat – A Sociological Study
E. Hemavathi
Geography Matters in Women Empowerment — A Case Study of Panapur Block, Saran, Bihar
N.P. Singh
Women Empowerment and its Status of Fisher Women in Karwar Coastal Area – An Empirical Study
Harshada S. Naik
Empowering Rural Women: A Sociological Analysis on SHGs, MGNREGs, and Community Initiaitves in Terms of Sustainability
R. Dhiyanesh
Women’s Economic Empowerment and Inclusive Growth: The Case of the Rural Non Farm Sector
Chandrama Goswami
Attitude of People towards Political Participation of Women
T.C. Mini
Empowerment Depends on the New Model of Structural Reform in India
G. Arockiasamy
Rural Women Federations: A Path to Sustainable Positive Social Transformations
M. Siva, A. Stalin and C. Satheesh Kumar
Contribution to Household by Women Agricultural Labours
N. Chitra
Empowering Indian Women as Human Capital
Sharadha Kesarwani
Reflection of Women Empowerment in Literature
S. Krishnapriya and Poornima
Women Empowerment Activities in Tamil Nadu Prisons
P. Govindarajan
A Better Future for All: Educational Empowerment for Girls and Women in Ethiopia
Bekele Workie Ayele
Sustainable Rural Development through Public Distribution System for Food Security and Governance — A Case Study of Tribal People of Chamrajnagar District, Karnataka State in India
Chikkaranga Swamy
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