Proceedings of the 2nd National Conference on
Emerging & Innovative Trends in Computer Science
(NCEITCS 2013)
ISBN: 978-93-82570-06-6
  • Cloud Computing
  • Data Mining
  • Image Processing
  • Networks
  • Wireless Sensor Networks
  • Algorithms
Cloud Computing Security Model based on Separate Encryption and Decryption
Vaibhav Potdar, Saurabh Kumar and Siddhant Sharma
Legal Considerations in a Cloud
S. Sai Sushanth
Software Developmet using Cloud Computing
S.V. Subramanyam and P. Vamshi Krishna
Emerging and Innovative Trends in Cloud Computing
Karimulla Sha Shaik and B. Mahesh
An Efficient Task Scheduling in Distributed Computing Systems by Improved Genetic Algorithm
K. Sunitha and P.V. Sudha
Distributed Load Balancing in Cloud Computing
Rohitashwa Pandey and Rashmi Ranjan
The Market Analysis towards Big Data
Shailesh Tejram Gahane
Comparative Analysis of PVM and MPI for the Development of Physical Applications in Parallel and Distributed Systems
Srikanth Bethu
Design Space Exploration and Optimization of Super Scalar Processor
K. Navatha and G. Krishna Murthy
Visual Data Mining
Asilda D’cunha, Shalaka Jaitapkar and Aprajita Singh
Educational Data Mining Application for Predicting Students Performance
in Weka Environment
G. Shiyamala Gowri and G. Ilanchezhiapandian
Feature Selection and Classification of Intrusion Detection System using Rough Set
Nikita Gupta, Narender Singh, Vijay Sharma,
Tarun Sharma and Aman Singh Bhandari
A User Friendly Visual Query Formulation Language for the Data Web
Voore Subba Rao and K. Mrithyunjaya Rao
New Dynamic Query Optimization Technique in Relational Database Management Systems
N. Satyanarayana, S.K. Sharfuddin and S.K. Jan Bhasha
Extracting Accurate Data from Multiple Conflicting Information on Web Sources
Akshata Angadi, Karuna Gull and Padmashri Desai
A Study on Syntax Based Parsing Strategies
Mousumi Banerjee
A Naïve Bayes Classifier Based Approach for the Risk Level Prediction of Heart Disease: Clinical Decision Support System
R. Rajalakshmi and G.I. Pandian
License Plate Recognition System for Indian Vehicles — A Survey
Vijay Kanavi, Pradeep Surasura and Abhinay Angadi
Face Recognition by Linear Discriminant Analysis
Suman Kumar Bhattacharyya and Kumar Rahul
Improved Kernel Fuzzy Adaptive Threshold Algorithm on Level Set Method for Image Segmentation
Tara. Saikumar, S. Amit and Y. Dinesh
Color Image Quantization using GDBSCAN
Kumar Rahul, Suman Kumar Bhattacharya and Rohit Agrawal
A Comparative Study of Lossless Compression Techniques for Palmprint Images
Sayeesh and Nagaratna P. Hegde
Performance Analysis of Contrast Enhancement Techniques for Liver Ultrasound Images
Smriti Sahu, Maheedhar Dubey and Mohammad Imroze Khan
Publishing Search Logs Privacy Guarantee for User Sensitive Information
J. Aruna Santhi, Lakshmi Kumari, Nanditha and B. Meenakshi
Intelligent Phishing Website Detection and Prevention System by using Link Guard Algorithm
M. Madhuri, K. Yeseswini and U. Vidya Sagar
A Study of Advanced Encryption Tools for Data Security
Shrikant G. Jadhav and Guruprasad B. Chounste
Mobile Computing: Security Measures
G. Jyothi, A. Phani Sheetal and V.V. Rohini Devi
“Fame”: Espying & Solving Firewall Anomalies
B. Lakshimi Bhargavi and V. Maruthi Prasad
An Efficient Link Recovery Structure for Optical Mesh Networks
Sreenath Reddy and G. Vijayalakshmi
Wireless Sensor Network: Performance Analysis
Nikhil Ranjan and Garima Krishna
Secure Data Aggregation in Wireless Sensor Networks using Randomized Dispersive Routes
M. Prabhakar and S.Vijaya Kumar
Real-Time Multi-Patient Monitoring System using ARM and Wireless Sensor Network
B. Sirisha, T. Sraddha and K. Vijayanand
An Intelligent Optimization Technique for MANET using Genetic Algorithm
Sujeet More and Umarfarooque Jahagirdar
Energy Optimization in 802.15.4 WSN using MHPSK Modulation
T.V. Suresh Kumar, N. Sandeep Chaitanya, G. Raju and S. Vinay Kumar
Secure Communication in Wireless Sensor Networks using Kerberos
Kriti Jain, Upasana Bahuguna and Neeti Bisht
Routing Attacks in MANET Mitigated with Extended DS-Theory
M.N. Padma Pavithra
Towards the Application of Swarm Intelligence for Knowing Terrorist Movements
G. Naga Raja Prasad and A. Vinaya Babu
Electronic Interface of Sensing for Auto-Pilot Mechanisms with Design of a User Friendly Software for Communication Purposes
T.C. Manjunath, Vaibhav A. Meshram and D. Obulesu
Acoustic Sensors to Detect Clogs in Sewer Pipelines
K. Akshaya, Divya Ramachandran and Manjula Bashini Prabhu
Simulation Power Consumption of Location Based Tracking Algorithms on Smartphones
B. Prem Kumar and Marie Stanislas Ashok
Advanced Embedded Wireless Robot with Motion Detection System and Live Video / Audio Transmission
M.A.Wajeed and K. Varun Kumar
Theories and Algorithms for Extensive XML Tree Sample Identical
P.V. Ravikanth and B. Hari Krishna
Development of SCADA Like Application using Arduino with. Net Interface
Ritika Raj and S.A. Annadate
SMS Spelling Correction - DMVC Language Processing Algorithm
AvinashYadav, Robins Yadav and Vikas Kumar
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