Change Management for Goal Setting
ISBN: 978-93-82570-08-0
Bad Loans and Wilful Defaulters: A Study on Unconventional Reasons for Non-Payment of Education Loan by Rural Graduates
Dr. S.T. Janetius, S. Shilpa and S. Eswaran
Change Management Strategy and Employee Behaviour
(Special Reference to Select Textile Manufacturing Companies in Tamilnadu)

Dr. G. Ganesan and Dr. V.T. Dhanaraj
Attitude of Livestock Inspectors of Kerala towards Newly Introduced ‘SPARK’ Project
Shibu K. Jacob and Anu George
A Study to Explore the Present Municipal Solid Waste Management in the City of Bengaluru
A. Seshachalam
Change Management in Financial Efficacy of Banks in Oman
Dr. T. Ravi
Change in Outlook and Impact on Indian and Multinational Companies towards Rural Marketing with Special Reference to Consumer Goods
Sachin M. Ichalkaranje
Strategy Changes in Reatail Sector
M. Pratheepa
Managing Organizational Change
M. Vijayabrabhakaran
The Impact of Training Needs Assessment for Changes in Employee Knowledge, Attitude, Skills and Behavior
P. Sangeetha
Imperatives of Change Management in the Education Sector
Dr. S. Gunasekaran and Dr. P. Selvamani
The Role of Human Resource in Change Management
Dr. G. Vanithamani
Role of HR in Change Management
T.M. Hemalatha
Change Management for Human Resource
P. Karthika and M. Sabareedharan
Change Management Strategies for Marketing
C. Subha and Vinoth Kumar
Strategic Human Resource Management and Organizational Performance
M. Raja
Change Management on Goal Setting in Information Centres in the Modern Scenario
K. Umamaheswari
Dimension of Change Management in ICT Process for Rural Project Management Dynamics
with Special Reference to Village Knowledge Centers (VKC’s)
S. Ramesh, Dr. R. Venkataravi and Dr. Samwel Kakuko Lopoyetum
The Impact of Organizational Change Management on the Success of FMCG
S. Sowmya
Training Needs of Livestock Inspectors of Kerala on Newly Introduced ‘SPARK’ Project
Shibu K. Jacob and Anu George
A Case Study on Change Management and Welfare Measures
D. Ravishankar
Change Management in Customs Remodeling
S. Harikaran
Kenyan Commercial Banking Sector and its Developments for the Quarter Ended 31st March 2013
Isaiah Onsarigo Miencha and Miencha Haron
Organizational Change Management Principles and Practices
D. Sooriyan
Factors of Successful Implementation of ERP Systems
J. Banu Priya
Change Management for Human Resource
B. Geethpriya
Change Management for Finance
K. Aruljothi
Internal Marketing Orientation in Cultural Change Management for Organisation Development
M. Shailendra Dhanaya
A Supply Chain Management Activity Transformation Methodology in Business
G. Manikandan
Relevance of Human Resource Planning and Human Capital Investment
M. Harikrishnan
Change Management with Planning for Enterprise Recource Planning Systems Analysis and Future Trends
D. Rajbalaji
Periodical Changes in Indian Insurance Sector towards Economic Development
Nirrmalasathish and R. Kalaivani
A Study on Liquidity Management of Seshasayee Paper and Boards Limited (SPB Ltd)
Dr. P. Kamalnath
Can Facebook be Employed for Informal Learning? A Case Study
Mallika Vijaya Kumar and Dr. PE Thomas
Change Management for Human Resource
I. Walter Vikas and R. Sathyakala
Role of Forward Contract in Derivatives Market in India
K. Karuppaiah
The Role of Cultural and Change in International Marketing
N. Sornalatha
Effective Implementation of Change Management System Practices
C. Anitha
Change Management – An Impact on Customer Relationship Management
B. Janani
Impact of 360feedback
E.S. Santhosh
A Study on the Change Management and Challenges in a Bank Sector
R. Maruvoor Arasi
The Role of Human Resource in Change Management
V. Sumathi
Change must Involve the People – Not be Imposed upon the People
Dr. K. Jothi and Mrs. V. Krishnaveni
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