Proceedings of the NAAC Sponsored State Level Seminar on
Innovative Practices in Higher Education
ISBN: 978-93-82570-09-7
1.Creative Teaching Methods
Dr. K. Sundar
2.Continuous Quality Improvement in Teaching Methodology
Dr. Sultan Ahmed Ismail
3.Innovative Practices and Teaching Methods in Higher Education
Dr. E. Bhaskaran
4.Using Knowledge of Student Cognition to Differentiate Instruction: An Innovative Practice (Working Memory) in Teaching
S. Sudharsan and K. Sathyanarayana
5.Innovative Practices in Higher Education — Quality Education and Soft Skills
R. Santhi and R. Revathy
6.Learning from Evaluative Research — A Diagnostic Approach
Kankipati Srinivasa Rao
7.A Study on Pedagogy Adopted in Higher Educational Institutions in Chennai
S. Kumaran and T. Milton
8.ICT Enabled Knowledge Updating in Higher Education
D. Gnanasenthil Kumar and T. Sreerekha
9.A Study on the Effectiveness of Innovative Teaching Methods for Higher Education
C. Francis
10.Quality Assurance in Higher Education India
S. Geetha and K. Venkata Krishna Raju
11.Case Study: The Cradle of Cognizance
M. Thirulogachander and J. Eugene
12.Effective Use of Technology for Efficient Class Room Teaching
K. Nageshwaran
13.Innovative Practices in Teaching Engineering Education
R. Sriram
14.Innovative Pedagogy for Higher Education — Case Study Development
S. Hemalatha
15.Electronic Resources for Effective Teaching – Learning and Research in the Arena of Higher Education
V. Sakthi Regha
16.Reinvigorate Higher Education in India
S. Lourdu Initha and J. Renuga Devi
17.Need for Privatization of Higher Education in India
R. Priya and S.Kumar
18.Innovative Methods of Teaching ‘Housekeeping’ in Tourism and Hospitality Education
Jitendra Das
19.Innovative Teaching Process in India
S. Balakrishnan
20.Knowledge Updation in Higher Education
L. Padmanabhan
21.Teaching with Technology — Makes a Difference
L. Mathu Krithigha
22.Instructional Improvisation - Using Powerpoint Presentation for Effective Classroom Communication
A. Anu Swedha and J. Sumitha
23.Innovation — The Need of the Hour
G. Shiva
24.Innovative Practices in Teaching Hospitality Management Education
T. Milton
25.A Study on the Critical Success Factors of ICT in the Higher Educational Institutions
M. Jaya and V. Charulatha
26.Interactive Teaching - Learning Practices for under Graduate Management Students
N. Vanaja
27.Effective use of Technology for Efficient Classroom Teaching
K. Iyyanar
28.Innovative Teaching Methods
K.A. Sheebha
29.Realization and Sustenance of Quality Education
30.Innovative Methods of Teaching
A.D. Kavitha
31.Strategy to Gauge the Teaching Efficacy in Higher Education
D. Baskar and T. Aryamala
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