Proceedings of the National Conference on
Applied Physics and Materials Science
ISBN: 978-93-82570-10-3
Synthesis, Structure and Electronic Properties of Oxides with Strong Metal-Metal Bonds
K.V. Ramanujachary
Phosphors for Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) Syntheses and Characterization
K.V.R. Murthy
An update on current progress on Plasma display panel phosphors
V. Natarajan
Present and Future of Luminescent Quantum Dots
D. Haranath
Nanomaterials for Supercapacitor Applications
G. Muralidharan
An overview of materials characterization techniques
A.K. Tyagi
Specroscopic Mehods of detecting Synthetic Diamonds
M.D. Sastry, Mahesh Gaonkar, Sandesh Mane, Seema Athavale, Shripal N. Desai and K.T. Ramachandran
Effect of Physical Treatment on OSL of Synthetic Quartz
Y.D. Kale and Y.H. Gandhi
Sr2P2O7: Dy3+ : A Luminescent Pyrophosphor for Solid State Lighting
R.L. Kohale and S.J. Dhoble
Synthesis and optical studies of Al2O3 - CeO2
M. Srinivas, Verma Vishwnath, D. Tawde, Dhaval Modi and K.V.R. Murthy
Investigation of Physico-Chemical Properties of MFe2O4 (M: Ca, Zn, Mg) Photocatalysts Synthesized by Microwave Irradiation
Rekha Dom,, A. Sadananda Chary and Pramod H. Borse
Physical and Optical Properties of MgO-BaO-B2O3-V2O5 Glasses
Samdani, G. Ramdevudu, Md. Shareefuddin and M. Narsimha Chary
Performance of (PEO+KIO3) based Polymer Electrolyte as Sensor
T. Sreekanth
Synthesis and Photoluminescence Study of Sr2CeO4:Eu3+, Er3+ Phosphor
Pradip Z. Zambare, K.D. Girase, P.B. Ahirrao, A.P. Zambare, N.T. Talele K.V.R. Murthy and O.H. Mahajan
Effect of Laser Radiation on Rheological Parameters of Human Blood
Shikha Rathore and Basharath Ali
Objects edge detection using Digital Image Processing
A. Vishweshwar Rao, G. Ramadevudu and A.V.S.S.S.R. Sarma
Optical studies of Er, Yb doped SrY2O4 phosphor with heating rate effect in Thermoluminescence study
Vikas Dubey, Jagjeet Kaur, Gajendra Singh Rathore, Sadhana Agrawal,
N.S. Suryanarayana and K.V.R. Murthy
Synthesis and characterization of nano monazite-type LaPO4:Tb,Eu,Ce Phosphor prepared by Solid State Reaction
Y.S. Patil, K.V.R. Murthy and N.V. Poornachandra Rao
Nano Ferro Fluids Synthesis and Applications
V. Ravi Kumar and K.V.R. Murthy
Synthesis and characterization of nano LaYPO4 doped with Eu and Gd phosphor
K.G. Chaudhari, K.V.R. Murthy and B. Subba Rao
Electrical and Optical characterization of pure and doped Poly Vinyl Alcohol polymer electrolytes
K. Alakanandana, A.R. Subrahmanyam, R. Sayann and J. Siva Kumar
Electrical Conduction and Colossal Magnetoresistive Effect of Double Layered CMR Manganite Sm1.2Sr1.8Mn2O7
Y.S. Reddy, V. Venkatesh, P. Kistaiah and C. Vishnuvardhan Reddy
Investigations on Chromium doped Lithium Sodium Borate glasses
P. Madhusudana Rao and M. Sugathri
Novel Magnetization in PrCrO3 Perovskite
B. Venugopal Rao, B. Vittal Prasad, G. Narsinga Rao, F.C. Chou and D. Suresh Babu
Electron Paramagnetic Resonance and Optical Absorption studies of Cu2+ spin probe
in MgO-CaO-B2O3 ternary Glasses
B. Srinivas, Abdul Hameed, Samdani, B. Linga Reddy, Md. Shareefuddin, L. Balachander and M. Narasimha Chary
Physical and Optical Properties of Transition Metal Doped 30NaF-10SrF2-60B2O3 Glass System
V. Rajashekar Reddy and P. Kistaiah
Line Spread Functions from Coherent Edge Response of Apodised Optical Systems
T. Kiran Kumar and D. Karuna Sagar
Effect of Gamma Radiation on 5CB Nematic Liquid Crystal: Biasing Voltage and Electro-optical Study
Sudhaker Dixit, Rajiv Manohar and A.K. Arora
Two Line Resolution of Defocussed Coherent Optical Systems with Apodised Apertures
T. Kiran Kumar and D. Karuna Sagar
Reactivity Ratios and Thermal studies on Dodecanoyl Dodecaneperoxoate Initiated Nitrile Copolymers
K. Rajani Kumar, S.K. Feroz, P. Shrujana and P. Raghunath Rao
Hot Machining of Titanium Alloy (Ti-6Al-4V)
P.V. Gopalkrishna, K. Kishore and T. Srihari
Select Results on the Preparation of Ultra High Pure Gallium for GaAs and Emerging III-V Epitaxial Nano-Electronic Materials Technologies - An Indigenous Effort
V.N. Mani
Analysis of Polarised Modes in Silica Fibers
K. Vagdevi, R.D.S.S.S.S. Venkateswara Raju and K. Venkateswara Rao
Impedance, Electric Modulus and Conductivity Studies of Li and Nd Doped Strontium Bismuth Titanate (SrBi4Ti4O15) Ceramics
K. Ashok, M. Buchi Suresh and P. Sarah
Structural and Optical Properties of Cadmium Sulphide Thin Films Grown by Two Different Techniques: A Comparative Study
N.M. Shah
Synthesis and Structural Characterization of Gadolinium doped Ceria electrolyte material for Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Application
P. Koteswara Rao, M.B. Suresh, B.N. Wani and P.V. Bhaskara Rao
Electrical Transport of Molybdate Glass-Nanocomposites
Sanjib Bhattacharya, Debasish Roy and Arun Kumar Bar
Photoluminescent Properties of Sr2CeO4 and Sr2VO4 Phosphors Prepared by Solid State Method
K. Suresh, N.V. Poornachandra Rao and K.V.R. Murthy
Synthesis and PL Study of Sr3Al2O6: Eu Phosphor
B. Nageswara Rao, B. Walter Ratna Kumar, B. Subba Rao and K.V.R. Murthy
Effect of Flux on Photoluminescence Properties of Strontium Cerium Oxide Phosphor
Ch. Atchyutha Rao, Poornachandra Rao.V.Nannapaneni and K.V.R. Murthy
Effect of Gd on PL of Eu Doped Sr2CeO4 Phosphor
B. Walter Ratna Kumar, B. Subba Rao, K.V.R. Murthy, T. Malathi Rekha and B. Vinod Kumar
Luminescent studies of rare earths doped SrS:Eu,Ce and Ga phosphor
K.R. Sayana and K.V.R. Murthy
Photoluminescence and Thermoluminescence studies of RE doped La2V2O8 Phosphor
P. Sujitha, B. Subba Rao and K.V.R. Murthy
Photoluminescence Study of Tb Doped NaAlSiO4 Phosphors
Bhushan P. Kore, N.S. Dhoble and S.J. Dhoble
Luminescence properties and concentration quenching of Sr5SiO4Cl6:Eu3+ phosphor
A.N. Yerpude and S.J. Dhoble
Synthesis and Characterization of Eu and Tb doped YGdBO3 Phosphor
K.V.R. Murthy, K. Somaiah and M. Ramaligeshwar Rao
Lamp Phosphors in Radiation Monitoring
Y.S. Patel, K.V.R. Murthy, V. Ravi Kumar and A.S. Sai Prasad
Thermo Magneto Electric Effects Due to Ferromagnetic Material
M. Sridhar, R. Subrahmanyam and Y. Aparna
Synthesis, Characterization and Photoluminescence studies of pure and doped Zinc Sulphide nanocrystals
C. Pandurangappa and K. Ashwini
Synthesis and photoluminescence study of LaYPO4 doped with Tb and Ce
P. Indiraą and K.V.R. Murthy
Synthesis and Photo Luminescence Studies of Aluminum Strontium Lanthanate: Dy
G.L. Sudha Rani, R. Krishna Rao and K.V.R. Murthy
Effect of Physical Treatment on OSL of Synthetic Quartz
Y.D. Kale and Y.H. Gandhi
Thermoluminescence Characteristics of Irradiated Salt
K.V.R. Murthy, Y.S. Patel and A.S. Sai Prasad
Point Spread Functions of Optical Systems in the presence of Shaping and Shading of the Apertures
A. Narsaiah, P. Rama Krishna, B. Sambaiah and D. Karuna Sagar
EPR and Optical Studies on Mixed Alkali-alkaline Earth Oxide Borate Glasses Doped with Cu2+ ion
G. Srinivas, B. Ramesh, Md. Shareefuddin, M.N. Chary and R. Sayanna
Studies on straight edge objects of coherent optical systems with annular aperture in the presence of aberrations
Venkanna Mekala and Karuna Sagar Dasari
Two Point Resolution of an Apodised Optical System with Annular Apertures
K. Vinod Kumar, D. Karuna Sagar and R. Sayanna
Resolution of Two Point Objects by Complex Pupil Functions
B. Sambaiah and D. Karuna Sagar
Conducting Properties of the Cathode Materials
Gopinath Menta, M.A. Khadeer and Syed Ilyas Mohiuddin
Studies on MJO activity using ERA analysis
P. VenkateswaraRao
Impact Strength and Dielectric Strength of Cow dung Powder filled Glass- Polyester Hybrid Composites
T. Ranjeth Kumar Reddy, T. Subba Rao, R. Padma Suvarna and M. Ashok Kumar
Thermoluminescence Glow Curve and their Parameters of Dysprosium Doped CaSO4 Phosphor
Raunak Kumar Tamrakar, D.P. Bisen, C.S. Robinson and Ishwer Prasad Sahu
Luminescent studies of Al2Sr2La2O8: Eu phosphor
D. Srinivasa Rao, P. Sai Raju, B. Subba Rao and K.V.R. Murthy
Al2Sr2La2O8: Tb, Eu phosphor Synthesis and Characterization
P. Sai Raju, D. Srinivasa Rao, B. Subba Rao and K.V.R. Murthy
Photoluminescence studies of Eu doped YPVO4 phosphors
M. Ramalingeswara Rao, K.V.R. Murthy and K. Somaiah
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