Proceedings of the 3rd National Conference on
Women Empowerment in Emerging New Trends in Managerial Excellence (VOLUME - 1)
ISBN: 978-93-82570-14-1
1.The Women Entrepreneurship in Tamil Nadu
E. Bhaskaran
2.Women in the Hospitality Industry – Boost Up at Board Level
S.M. Denis Amirtharaj and Vanathi Vembar
3.Gender and Women Development (With Special Reference to India)
B.N. Ramesha Babu
4.Women Empowerment through Decentralisation in Kerala
N. Rasmi Sasidharan and C.P. Jomit
5.Protection of Women Consumers – To a Greater Economy
D. Sadya Rani and P. Srilatha
6.Women Entrepreneurs of Bhopal District: An Insight into Motives and Challenges
Deepa Ayachit
7.Contemporary Issues and Challenges of Micro Finance in India
N. Sabitha Devi
8.A Comparative Study of Gender Differences in Entrepreneurship in Chittoor District
E.M. Naresh Babu and N. Giri Babu
9.Women Entrepreneurship: An Insight into the Problems and Issues
K. Suguna
10.Women Empowerment for Social Development – A Case Study of Shri Mahila Griha Udyog Lijjat Papad, Hyderabad District
Shaik Shafeequr Rahman and Nikhat Sultana
11.Micro Finance - A Tool for Empowering Women (A Case Study of APSMFC)
Shaik Shafeequr Rahman and Mohd Ibrahimuddin
12.Guerrilla Marketing – Opportunities and Challenges with Reference to SMEs
R. Rezin Grand
13.Women’s Displacement – A Case Study of Special Economic Zones in Andhra Pradesh
Sadu Rajesh
14.Empowerment of Women through Self Help Groups - A Micro Level Study
G. Devoji
15.Status of Tribal Women - A Study in Andhra Pradesh
G. Jambu
16.Women Empowerment through Education and Social Change
PSVSD Nagendra Rao Gokarakonda
17.Empowerment of Women through SHGs - A Study in Andhra Pradesh
Jagan Kanthi and Lakshmi Narayana Boya
18.Women Entrepreneurship
S. Anitha
19.Empowerment in Women Protects Women Consumers
T. Soni Madhulatha
20.A Study on Career Progression for Women in the Hotel Industry with Special Reference to Tamilnadu
R. Kannan
21.Cashing in on Cashew Nuts: Women Producers and Factory Workers in Tamilnadu
A. Balamurugan, S.K. Nagarajan and S. Muthumani
22.Women Related Gender Issues, Health, Legal and Educational Aspects
P. Kokila
23.An Empirical Investigation on Relationship between HR Policy and Orgaisation Performance
D. Senthil Kumar and Muthumani
24.Women as a Consumer Force and Decision Maker in Product Purchase - The Role of Celebrity Endorsement
U. Abirami and Jayasree Krishnan
25.Microfinance – A Contrivance for Rural Women (An Empirical Study in Kolathur Region (Rural - Self Help Groups))
A. Sumera, M. Poornima and M.S. Arunachalam
26.A Study on Workplace Emotions among Women Professionals
Nagalakshmi Palaparthi and K. Jawahar Rani
27.Glass Ceiling and Women Leadership in Today's Corporate World
Vardhini Venkataraman
28.Role of Self Help Groups in Empowering Women in Trichy District
A. Kanmani Joan of Arch
29.Progress of Women in Higher Education
L. Annie Kavitha
30.Demographic Implications of Social Media Marketing
B. Suganya and V. Mahalakshmi
31.Impact of Participation of Tribal Women in Self Help Groups on Empowerment
T.N. Sujeetha, V. Ravichandran and S. Janani
32.A Study on Empowerment of Women through Self Help Groups in Trichy District
M. Elavarasi, Rexlin Selvin and M. Balarubini
33.Strength, Weakness, Opportunities and Challenges (SWOC) of Women Entrepreneurship
M. Bala Rubini, M. Elavarasi, S. Janani and T.N. Sujeetha
34.A Study on Women and Human Rights with Specific Reference to Rural Areas in Dindigul District of Tamil Nadu
T.S. Balagomala
35.Empowerment of Farm Women through Entrepreneurship
S. Janani, Sujeetha, Balarubini and Elavarasi
36.Mobile Retail Channels Entrepreneurship - A New Avenue for Economic Empowerment of Women
Deblina Saha Vashishta and B. Balaji
37.Women in Financial Services – A Bird’s Eye View
A. Pankajam
38.A Study on Women Street Vendors: In Dindigul District of Tamil Nadu
S. Rajangam
39.A Study on Problems Faced by Entrepreneurs Women Entrepreneurs with Special Reference to Madurai City
S. Amsha Lekha
40.Women Empowerment Through Emotional Intelligence – A Concept Review
J. Shanthilakshmi
41.Rural Women Empowerment through Non-Government Organisations
M. Muthuramalingam
42.Technology Services – A Transformation
Preethi Sheshadri and S. Sheela Rani
43.State, Politics of Development and Marginalized Women in the Ladder of Pesticide Use: A Study in the Kasargod District in Kerala, India
Pournnami Davy
44.Women in Rural India
K. Geetha and G. Devaraj
45.Empowerment Development Nexus
A. Bebinsha Daniel, L. Arun and G. Leo Sekar
46.Women Enterprising in Seaweed Farming with Special References Fisherwomen Widows in Kanyakumari District
S.R. Radhika Rajasree, D. Inbakandan, L. Stanley Abraham, V. Ganesh Kumar and S. Gayathri
47.Women and Tourism - Soft Pathways for Women Empowerment
C. Aruljothi and S. Ramaswamy
48.Indian Women – Breaking Glass Ceiling in Banks
S. Vimala
49.Imagination and Visualisation Two Essentials for Women Entrepreneurship and Empowerment
M.B. Murthy, M. Naga Gopinath and Sarala Murthy
50.A Study of the Impact on the Rural Female Migrating to Urban Cities for Employment Opportunities with Special Reference to Chennai
R. Bhagyalakshmi
51.HR Practices and Skills Development in the Indian IT Industry
K. Swarnalatha
52.Challenges and Abuses Faced by Widows in the Slums of Chennai and Durable Solutions
S. John Kaviarasu and Baskar Jayabalan
53.Women of Color in Science and Technology – Emerging Challenges and Agenda for Reform
D. Lavanya and R. Gayatri
54.An Empirical Study on Competency Mapping towards BPO Sector in Chennai
K. Jothi Anand and S. Arul Krishnan
55.Challenges and Problems Faced by Women Entrepreneurs in India
M. Gifty Evangelin
56.Financial Inclusion: A Study among Women in Urban Slum Dwelling
N. Ananthi and R. Saranya
57.Contemporary Issues of Microfinance for Financial Inclusion - Its Growing Economic Role, Challenges and Prospects: Strategic Initiatives of Kancheepuram District
E. Hemavathi
58.Women and Mass Media in India
J. Arul Suresh
59.The Empowerment of Woman in Shashi Deshpande’s Novel
G. Sithalakshmy
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