Proceedings of the 3rd National Conference on
Women Empowerment in Emerging New Trends in Managerial Excellence (VOLUME - 2)
ISBN: 978-93-82570-15-8
60.Women in Finance
Sukanya Ashokkumar
61.New Prespectives in Stress Management a Conceptual Study
S. Uma Mageswari and N.R.V. Prabhu
62.Micro Financing through SHG is an Instrument for Women Empowerment
K. Lakshmi and S. Vasantha
63.A Study on Personal Causes of Stress among Working Women in Software Industry
A. Sumathi
64.Factors Influencing Micro and Small Women Entrepreneurship in Kanchipuram District – Tamilnadu
R. Rethina Bai
65.Emerging Trends in Indian Women Entrepreneurship – A Conceptual Study
P. Raja
66.A Study on Emotional Intelligence and Work Life Balance of Women Employees in IT Industry at Chennai
JL. Uma Maheswari, S. Hannah Rajini and K. Vatsala Devi
67.A Study on Work Life of the Women Employees in the Information Technology Companies
G.S. Indumathi and R. Thamilselvan
68.A Conceptual Study on Buying Behavior of Women towards Online Shopping
M. Krithika and Sara Selvaraj
69.Women Workers in India: Opportunities and Challenges
J.M. Arul Kamaraj
70.A Conceptual Study on the Motivational Factors and Traits of Women Entrepreneurship
Shree Kala Kurup and K.S. Hemamalini
71.A Study on Work-Life Balance among Women with Respect to Academicians
Annie Sam and K. Anitha
72.Empowerment of Women through Micro Financing
N. Sujatha and D. Venkataramaraju
73.An Exploratory Study on Employee Engagement in Finance Sector with Special Reference to Women Employees’
S. Sudha and J. Saranya
74.Empowering Women as Change Agents with Reference to Corporate Performance
V.R. Dheera and Jayashree Krishnan
75.Women Entrepreneurship - A New Era Towards Future India
R. Sangeetha and A. Ravikumar
76.Women Empowerment and Self Help Groups
A. Anitha and S. Deborah Sharon
77.Strategies of Women Empowerment: Reforming Higher Education Systems in India
K. Anjana Menon
78.Women in Science: An Emerging Issues &Challenges
79.Women Entreprenuership Development in India
T. Kamatchi
80.A Study on Women Entrepreneurs in South Chennai - A Special Reference to Beauty Parlors
Jamuna Rani
81.Women Entrepreneurship –“A Global Phenomenon and a Catapult towards the Growth of Tourism Economy”
Kalist Raja Cross and Vani
82.A Conceptual Study on the Societal Consequences of Micro Finance
S. Preetha and S. Deepa
83.Impact of Television Advertising on Buying Behavior of Women Consumers’ [With Special Reference to FMCG Products] Pondicherry City
K. Santhosh Kumar and A. Velavan
84.Women Empowerment through Self-Help Groups
R. Uma Maheswari
85.The Powerful Business Woman – A Case Study of the Biocon’s Leader
S. Subraja
86.Ecofeminism - Women, Environment and Sustainable Development
V. Nalini
87.The Reasons for Slow Progress of Women Entrepreneurs in Tamilnadu, Chennai
J. Anand
88.India - A Micro Insurance Rural Area People
V. Narendhra
89.A Study on Feasibility to Start Women Entrepreneurship in Retail Business at South Chennai
S. Indira Priyadharshini and S. Suresh Kumar
90.Women Empowerment and Higher Education in India
Jayanthi Lakshmanaswamy
91.Rising Entrepreneurial Wave in Rural India
P. Diana Josephine
92.‘Women Empowerment’ - A Factor for Performance Evaluation of Commercial Banks in India
J. Kumar and R. Thamil Selvan
93.CRM - A Mode of Changing Customer’s Behavior in New Generation Banks
M. John Paul and S. Muthumani
94.Understanding Women through the Eyes of Vedic Scientific Astrological Predictive System
N. Srinivasan and Ganesh Narasimhan
95.Social and Economic Contribution by Women Self Help Group in Tamil Nadu with Special Reference to Thiruvallur District
P. Jayendira Sankar
96.Women Empowerment in India
A. Anandh Kumar
97.Role of Women in Managerial Excellence in Corporate World
98.Brand Rejuvenaton – Women Specific on FMCG
S. Lakshmi and S. Muthumani
99.Empowerment of Women – In Emerging New Trends in Managerial Excellence
S. Balakothandapani
100.A Delphi Type Study on the Public Awareness of Rural Women towards Education in Tamil Nadu
A. Christy and T.K. Mily Velayudhan
101.A Study on Human Resource Management and Women’s Entrepreneurs in Network Marketing Industry (With Special Reference to Amway)
K. Saravanan
102.Women Empowerment through Self Help Groups: A Selected Case Studies
R. Dhanasekar and V. Neelamegam
103.Women Empowerment
R. Kaliamoorthy
104.Sexual Harassment in Workplace and Violence against Women Employees in India - Issues and Challenges
G. Nagarajan and J. Khaja Sheriff
105.Women Empowerment towards Change SHGs to SHARE - A Study Special Reference in Vellore District, Tamilnadu
G. Nagarajan and B. Devamainthan
106.Women Empowerment
G. Punithavathy
107.Empowerment of Women through Self Help Groups
P. Shalini
108.Empowering Rural Women for Better India
R. Saritha and M. Selvaraj
109.Entrepreneurship Development through Self Help Groups: A Case Study of Kolli Hills of Tamilnadu
K. Babu
110.Work-Life Balance of Women in BPO
A. Chitra Devi and S. Sheela Rani
111.Investigating the Impact of Quality of Work Life towards Employee Loyalty: A Research Focus on Women Faculty Members
P. Jyothi and Sita Neelakantan
112.Web: A ‘Game Changer’ for Women
Christy Isaac
113.Marital Relationships, with Special Reference to Women in Amy Tan’s the Kitchen God’s Wife
J. Amutha Monica and S. Usha Kalyani
114.The Challenges and Opportunities Faced by Women in Management
S.L. Sobiya and N. Thangavel
115.A Preliminary Study on Prevalence of Stress among Women Practitioners in Chennai
K. Asokan and Maran
116.Contemporary HR Practices Adopted in an Insurance Organisation – A Comprehensive Study
Raju and V. Mahalakshmi
117.Cloud Based Work Environment - A Woman Perspective
N. Panneerr Selvam and V. Mahalakshmi
118.Brand Awareness and Factors Influencing Purchase of Sweeteners among Women Consumers in Chennai
S. Balaji, A.B.S. Senthil Kumar and S. Ramachandran
119.Marketing Performance of Women Self Help Groups in Aquaculture in Tamil Nadu
R. Meena Kumari and S. Muthumani
120.Statistical Investigation of Women Empowerment in Sathyabama University
M. Sivashanmugam, R. Kaja Bantha Navas and P. Vijayalakshmi
121.Women Empowerment in the Field of Management
N. Padmavathy and N. Thangavel
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