Proceedings of the 4th National Conference on
Advances in Mechanical Engineering
ISBN: 978-93-82570-16-5
1.Designing for Quietness
B. Venkatesham
2.Welding Automation for Automobile Parts in India
K.G.K. Murti
3.Recent Trends in Design of Components
Balakrishna Gaja
4.Design Improvement of a Truck Chassis using Hypermesh
Dulam Naveen and Birru Indrakanth
5.Fracture Analysis of Titanium Alloys
Jyothirmayi Narne and Varimadugu Sandhya
6.Finite Element Analysis of Deep Drawing
T. Pavan Kumar, A. Venkata Vishnu, Kishore Kumar and Vidhyadhari
7.Computer Aided Modeling and Analysis of Crankshaft under Uncertainty
N. Tracy Jonafark
8.Finite Element Analysis of a Unidirectional Carbon Fiber Composite
J. Dhanraj Pamar, B. Balu Naik and S. Irfan Sadaq
9.Characterization of Hyperelastic Behaviour of Vulcanized Rubber using Different Material Models: A Comparative Study
V. Srikanth, G. Venkata Rao and V.B.S. Rajendra Prasad
10.Analysis of Fluid Pressure in Hydro Forming Process through Punch
R. Uday Kumar, P. Ravinder Reddy and A.V. Sita Ramaraju
11.Finite Element Analysis of Tube Drawing with Fixed Mandrel
P.S. Ravi Kumar, P. Nanda Kumar and M. Sreenivasulu
12.Finite Element Simulation on the Deep Drawing Wing of Titanium & Edd Steel
C. Jai Shiva Rao and A. Krishnaiah
13.A Review of Adhesively Bonded FRP Composites
G. Chaitanya, E. Anusha, A. Abhinav, M. Suraj and K. Anuraju
14.Design of Multipurpose Wheelchair for Physically Challenged
S. Sundaresh and B.R. Ramji
15.Finite Element Analysis of Rocket Structure
B. Subramanyam, Prangyadeepta Choudhury, S. Venkateswarlu and A.V.S.S.K.S.Gupta
16.Analysis of Scale Down Model of Switch Gear Mechanism
J. Anjaneyulu, G. Krishna Mohan Rao, G. Venkatarao, T. Rammohan Rao and M. Prudvi Pandae
17.Dynamic Stress Distributions Due to Blast Loading Inside a Pressure Vessel
K. Srinivasa Rao and G. Venkata Rao
18.Design and Static Analysis of Disc Brake with Varying Parameters for Improved Efficiency using CATIA V5R20 and HYPERMESH 11
G. Ashokkumar, C. Bhaskar Reddy and D. Ramana Reddy
19.A Study on Combustion Characterization with Varied Compression Ratios for LHR (EEE) Diesel Engine
A. Siva Kumar, K. Vijaya Kumar Reddy and A. Aruna Kumari
20.Alternate Fuels for Internal Combustion Engines
A. Sreenivasa Rao and V. Buchaiah
21.Thermal Analysis of Single Layer Composite Material Ceramic Coated Diesel Engine Piston
P. Poornima, Ch. Vikram Kumar and P. Vijaya Bhaskar Reddy
22.Design and Development of Two Stage Axial Compressor
Gaddam Srikanth, V. Mahesh Kumar, Sanaka Srinivas Prasad and B. Mounica Reddy
23.Multi - Mode Heat Transfer Studies on Two- Dimensional Electronic Board with Multiple Identical Heat Sources
T. Narasimha Suri and Putta Nageswara Rao
24.Analysis of Exhaust Gas Flow in a Three Way Catalytic Converter of a Diesel Automobile using CFD Techniques
Abhilash Udari and Ch.B.N. Murthy
25.Analysis of Flue Gas Flow Through Inlet Duct to Electrostatic Precipitator using CFD
B. Anitha and Ch. Bhavanarayana Murthy
26.Supercritical Steam Turbine Blade Design using Bezier Curves
Praveen Upadhyaya, S. Srinivas Prasad and Ch. Bhavanarayana Murthy
27.Design, Fabrication and Testing of Low Cost Vertical Axis Wind Turbine for Power Generation
K. Sai Santosh Kumar, K. Kartheek, S. Ranjeeth Kumar, V. Subba Raidu and N. Madanmohan Reddy
28.Experimental Studies on the Effect of Multi Gap Spark Plug and Ignition Timing on SI Engine Fueled with Methanol and Gasoline Blends
T. Raju and B. Sandeep Kumar
29.Developing Heating Element Profiles for Lungstrom Airpreheater using CFD
Mousumi Roy, A.S. Panwalkar and Ch.B.N. Murthy
30.Performance Studies and Fabrication of Windmill for Power Generation
K. Chandrasekhara Reddy and Shripad Diwakar
31.Numerical Flow Investigations Through an Industrial Centrifugal Fan Impeller of Medium Specific Speed for Ventilation Applications
T.Ch. Siva Reddy, MVSSSM Prasad and G.V. Ramana Murty
32.Design and Computational Performance Comparison of High Area Ratio Nozzles
J. Karthik, D. Tamilvendan and V. Varun
33.A Miniature Four Hole Probe with Minimum Spatial Error for Three-Dimensional Flow Measurements
Ravirai Jangir, N. Sitaram and Gajanan
34.Evolution of Automobile Catalytic Converter during Last Four Decades -- A Review
Ch. Bhavanarayana Murthy, M. Bhagavantha Rao and K. Srinivasa Chalapathi
35.Performance Evaluation of R22 and R410A Refrigerants at Various Evaporating Temperatures
S. Venkataiah and G. Venkata Rao
36.Influence of Flow Path Width on the Performance of Return Channel Passages of a Centrifugal Compressor Stage
G.V. Ramana Murty, K. Srinivasa Reddy, K.V. Sharma and A. Dasgupta
37.Study on Bio-Fuels from Water Borne Oleaginous Sources
Chandrasekhar Chebiyyam and T.Ch. Siva Reddy
38.Thermal Analysis of Stratified Hot Water Storage Tanks
A. Srinivas and T. Rammohan Rao
39.Performance Studies on Multi Cylinder Diesel Engine with Neem Oil
T.Ch. Siva Reddy, V. Sri Venkateswara Sateesh and K. Vijaya Kumar Reddy
40.Experimental Studies on Multi Cylinder Engine with Diesel and Blends of Cotton Seed Oil & Diesel
T.Ch. Siva Reddy and Naveen Kumar
41.Performance Analysis of a Centrifugal Compressor Stage with Constant Thickness Twisted Vane Diffuser
P. Venkateswara Rao, G.V. Ramana Murty and G. Venkata Rao
42.Impact of Inventory Policies in Supply Chain Performance
E. Veera Pratap and N. Venkateswara Rao
43.Effective Implementation of Reliability Techniques for Life Cycle Cost Optimization of an Industrial Product
Rajkumar B. Patil, Avinash A. Nikam, Rajendra S. Powar and Laxman Y. Waghmode
44.Product Design and Development of Computer/Laptop Stand
V. Vijendra Kumar and N. Raghu
45.Optimization of Delamination Damage of GFRP Composite during End Milling using Taguchi Method, S/N Ratio and ANOVA
Reddy Sreenivasulu and V. Siva Ramakrishna
46.Modelling and Study of Chip Tool Interactions with High Velocity Air Jet as Cooling Media
Balamurali, C.L.V.R.S.V. Prasad and C. Yesaswi Narendra
47.Case Study on Manufacturing Processes of Missile Rear Fin Assembly
Md. Muneeb Ahmed, Sravani Muvvala, Kavya Vadadi and Parthasarathy Garre
48.Analysing the Influence of WEDM Parameters on Surface Roughness of Tungsten Carbide
Nallavelli Ramesh and S. Nagarjun
49.Experimental Evaluation of Tool Wear in Milling
P. Ravi Kumar, G. Krishna Mohana Rao, D. Ajay and M. Sarath Chandra
50.Machining C-45 Steel with Cryogenically Treated and Annealed Tungsten Carbide Cutting Tool Inserts
R.G. Deshpande
51.Experimental Study on Friction Stir Welding of Aluminium to Copper Dissimilar Metals Lap Joint
M. Satya Narayana Gupta, B. Balunaik and K.G.K. Murti
52.Design Analysis and Fabrications of Gear Cutting Attachment to Lathe
R. Praveen Kumar, K. Kishore and P.V. Gopalkrishna
53.Analytical Modelling and Analysis of Laser Machining Process of Mild Steel
Battula Nikhilesh and M. Sreenivasa Rao
54.Parametric Optimization of Plasma Arc Machining of Mild Steel using TAGUCHI Approach
M. Kiranmayee and M. Sreenivasa Rao
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