Proceedings of the National Conference on
Challenges in Computational Research and Applications
ISBN: 978-93-82570-17-2
1.Effective Rehabilitative Ultrasound Pictures Exploitation Hopfield Artificial Neural Network
S. Suganyadevi and D. Suganyadevi
2.An Effective Analysis on Tumor Identification for MRI Medical Images using a Novel MSCWM Operator
K. Shri Sarika
3.A Comparative Study on Automatic Segmentation for Medical Images
S. Sathya and C. Sunitha
4.Effective Text Co-Clustering Approach over Untrained Text Sequence
M. Jenifer
5.A Review of Routing Protocols based on Ant-Like Mobile Agents
H. Vignesh Ramamoorthy, D. Suganya Devi and H. Karthikeyani
6.Routing Techniques in Wireless Sensor Networks: A Survey
P. Nandhini and V. Radhika
7.Wireless Communications and Security Algorithms – A Survey
R. Krishnaveni and K.S. Jeen Marseline
8.Comparative Study on Time Series Algorithm with Data Mining
P. Sudha
9.Comparative Study on Different Clustering Algorithms used in Data Mining
M. Vijayalakshmi
10.Location Based Services and Challenges in Mobile Computing
M. Shakila Banu and D. Suganya Devi
11.Cognitive Radio Networks – Insider’s Attack Detection
V. Anuradha and R. Karthika
12.Study of Association Rule Mining in Various Databases using Different Parameters
A. Babysarojini
13.ICT Enabled E-Governance in Local Self-Government Institutions
P.J. Balakumaran
14.Video Retrieval of Image using Segmentation
T. Madhanya and K.S. Jeen Marseline
15.Query Process using Lower Approximation and Upper Approximation Algorithm of Rough Set Theory in Data Mining
M. Saranya and S. Geetha Rani
16.Peer-To-Peer Networks and Topologies
G. Satyavathy and M. Punithavalli
17.Software Architecture, Structures and Design Constraints
R. Nandhini and D. Suganya Devi
18.Analysis of Health Care System using Data Mining Tools
D. Thangamani and P. Abinaya
19.A Novel Route Establishment Approach using MANET Algorithms
K.T. Saranya and V. Anuradha
20.Digital Rights Management for Data Dissemination
P. Shobana
21.Multicast Arti-Q System in Mobile Ad Hoc Network
S. Keerthika, M. Sugapriya and D. Geetha
22.A New Content Based Image Retrieval System by HOG of Wavelet Sub Bands
S. Vinod Kumar
23.An Efficient Filtering Technique for Enhancement of Remote Sensing Images using Dilation and Fast Fourier Transform
D. Napoleon and K. Ragul
24.A Study on Prediction of Heart Disease using Data Mining Techniques
G.M. Nasira and S. Radhimeenakshi
25.Mobile Location Alert using Android
C. Balakumar and M. Mohankumar
26.Authentication System for Mobile Applications
C. Balakumar and M. Mohankumar
27.Enhanced Transformation with Numerical Index – A Reversible Lossless Dictionary Based Transformation
P. Jeyanthi
28.Revealed Routing Techniques Inside Ad Hoc Wireless Sensor Networks
M. Dhanamalar and B. Ayshwarya
29.Fibre Channel: High Performance Storage Area Network Interconnect Architecture for Cloud Storage
M. Saravanamuthu and G.M. Kadhar Nawaz
30.Prediction of Web Log Files using Swarm Intelligence
M. Vijayakumar
31.Methods Used for Intelligent Transport System
A. Akilapriya and R.Gunavathi
32.Clustering Techniques – A Survey
C. Sunitha and A. Sheela
33.Adaptive Cluster Distance Bounding for High Dimensional Indexing
P. Boopathi
34.Web Mining and its Taxonomy
V. Kalaivani, C. Priyadharshini and M. Elamparithi
35.An Overview of Knowledge Discovery Database and Datamining
C. Priyadharsini and Antony Selvadoss Thanamani
36.A Survey on Image Mining: Issues and Frameworks
A. Nithya and K. Haridas
37.Secure Cluster Link State Routing Protocol for Intrusion Detection in Mobile Ad Hoc Network
K. Savitha and S. Rajeswari
38.Clustering Techniques in Data Mining
S. Jency and D. Geetha
39.A Comparative Survey of Symmetric Encryption Techniques for Wireless Devices
N. Hemalatha and S. Sivaraja
40.Secure Socket Layer Based Transport Layer Security
K. Kungumaraj and T. Poonguzhali
41.Analysis of Wireless Sensor Networks and its Architecture
M. Shanthi and E. Rama Devi
42.View of Security Issues in Mobile Computing
D. Geetha and P. Lakshmi
43.Image Classification based on Rough Set Method Features Selection
A. Sangadharani
44.Data Mining: A Study on Process, Methods and Techniques
A. Manjula, H. Vignesh Ramamoorthy and S. Sudha
45.An Overview on Classification Technique in Gender Classification
A. Padmapriya and Akila
46.An Efficient Feature Subset Selection Based on Hierarchical Fuzzy Entropy Classifier
E. Sangeetha
47.Localization Algorithm for Wireless Sensor Networks using Artificial Neural Networks & Fuzzy Logic
S. Sathiya and M. Komila
48.Impact of Firewall and VPN for Securing WLAN
S. Devi
49.A Survey on Intelligent Transport Management Systems for Metropolitan Cities in India
G. Karthikeyan and R. Gunavathi
50.A Survey on Intrusion Detection Systems using Data Mining Techniques
B. Saranya and V. Radhika
51.Detection of Event Splitting and Merging using Bidirectional Routing Abstraction
R. Nandhakumar
52.Internet Banking and E-Commerce: Safety of E-Commerce and Banking Applications Applied Knowledge Based on SSL Traffic
K. Uma Maheshwary, S. Ramakrishnan and S. Sivakumar
53.Enhanced Multicasting Technique using MABS - B
P. Prabhakaran, S.M. Rajiv and R. Karthikeyan
54.EEG Signal Acquisition, Removal of Artifacts, Feature Extraction and Classification for Identifying Individuals
B. Sabarigiri
55.Comparative Analysis of Randomized Density Based Clustering Algorithms
R. Kalavathi and S. Sasikala
56.Comprehensive Review of Bayesian Classification and Fuzzy Logic used for Unbalanced Data
N. Sathyabhama, S.V. Saravanan and D. Hemalatha
57.Survey of Hop Integrity in Computer Networks
J. Saranya
58.A Study of Contrast between Systematic and Automated Sentiment Analysis
R. Nithya and D. Maheswari
59.Routing Attacks in Mobile Ad Hoc Network
M. Rajalakshmi
60.Multi-Biometric Based Network Security System for Banking Domain
M. Kathiresh
61.Wireless Communication: GSM using Adaptive Multi-Rate Vocoder
S. Radhamani, S. Kowsalya, M. Elamparithi and R. Gunavathi
62.Robust Clustering Algorithm for Iterative Attributes
S. Durga Devi
63.Speech Recognition and Recognizer
P. Parameswari
64.Security Risks and its Types of Secure Mobile Computing using Ad Hoc Networks
A. Vijaya and V. Gayathri
65.Genetic Algorithms: An Overview
D. Gandhimathi and P. Jayashri
66.Wireless Security Threats on Ad-Hoc Network using Calculi Modeling and Formal Analysis for Trustworthy Based Time Management
R. Mahesh Kumar and R. Suresh Kumar
67.Adversary Detection in Wireless Sensor Networks under Byzantine Attacks
P. Sathya Priya
68.A Brief Study on Different Intrusions and Intrusion Detection System for Cloud and Wireless Sensor Networks
J. Saranya and G. Padmavathi
69.A Survey on Effective Webmining Algorithms
70.Security Issues and Challenges in Wireless Networks
K. Priya and R. Sangeetha
71.Position Based Hybrid Scheme for Routing in Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks
R. Sangeetha and K. Priya
72.A Comparative Study of Face Recognition using Stereo Matching Algorithm
M. Praneesh, R. Kalaivani and B. Ramya
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