Proceedings of the Second International Conference on
Research Trends in Computer Technologies
ISBN: 978-93-82570-18-9
1.Certain Investigation on Algorithms for Customer Churn Prediction through Class Imbalance
R. Rajeshwari and T. Devi
2.Bioinformatics in Gene Expression Global Database using Cluster Techniques
S. Kavi Priya, V. Narayani and S. Gnana Priya
3.Implementation of Expert System using Bio-Inspired Fuzzy Technique for Distributed Clustering
M. Thangamani, J. Malar Vizhi and B. Priyanka
4.Packet Classification for Preventing Selective Jamming Attacks
P. Rajkumar and J. Lekha
5.Analysis of Image Fusion Techniques using Sonar
S. Santhosh Baboo and H. Sivagami
6.Applying Machine Learning Algorithms for Text Categorization
K. Gayathri and A. Marimuthu
7.Data Mining Cluster Tool Based on Ontology and Semantics for Military Domain in Peer to Peer Environment
M. Thangamani, N. Srividhya and T. Uma Maheswari
8.Research Challenges in Information Retrieval – A Study
S. Vijayarani and N.Nithya
9.Mobile Ad Hoc Networking: Issues and Challenges
P. Nandhini and V. Radhika
10.Unstructured Peer to Peer Networks for Bloom with Retrieval System
A. Kalyanasaravanan, S. Divyabharathi and R. Khokilavani
11.Imbalanced Dataset Techniques and Analysis
P. Manikandan and D. Ramyachitra
12.Recognizing Pre and Post Surgery Faces using Multiobjective Evolutionary Firefly Algorithm
A. Nirmala and K. Dilipkumar
13.Picture Password: A Visual Login Technique for Mobile Devices
M. Krithi Renuka
14.Improvising the Re-Ranking of Web Image using Structural Information
R. Yuvarani and P. Narendran
15.Knowledge on the Risk and its Analysis in Reengineering Projects
P.K. Manoj Kumar
16.Data Mining in Electronic Health Records – A Survey
S. Vijayarani and S. Dhayanand
17.Big Data Analytics and Cloud Based Big Data Solutions: A Survey
B. Arputhamary, G. Vaitheeswaran and L. Arockiam
18.Realistic Application of Data Mining Techniques in Higher Education
R.S. Ansila and S. Sasikala
19.Protein Complex Detection Algorithms: A Study
D. Banupriya and D. Ramyachitra
20.Duty Cycle Scheduling Algorithm for Wireless Sensor Networks
V. Yaknapriya, M. Joseph Auxilius Jude and V.C. Diniesh
21.TCP-CAP for Multi Hop Self Organized Wireless Networks
C. Saranya, M. Joseph Auxilius Jude and G. Murugesan
22.A Flashback of Handoff Mechanisms in Hetrogeneous Wireless Networks
R. Nismon Rio, V. Manikandan and P. Calduwel Newton
23.Security for Emerging Cloud Data Storage
M. Hemalatha and R. Vanitha
24.A Proactive Queue Mechanism for Multihop Wireless Networks
D. Jayasudha and M. Joseph Auxilius Jude
25.A Comparitive Study of Data Mining Techniques for Predicting of Heart Disease Survivability
R. Geethanjali and S. Muruganantham
26.A Legitimate Rejuvenation of Various Filtering Techniques for Denoising of Remote Sensing Color Images
D. Napoleon, K. Ragul and K. Prabavathi
27.Web Mining – Concepts & Applications
P. Akilandeshwari
28.The Design and Implementation of OFDM Receiver in the FPGA Hardware
Mohammed Samiuddin, Muddasir Javaid, Istaque Mahmood and Mubbashir Javaid
29.An Effective Traffic Engineering Approach with Flow Splitting Protocol for Reliable Link Probe
S. Boopalan and M. Sindhya
30.Routing Protocols in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks — A Survey
D. Francis Xavier Christopher and R. Dhivya
31.Overview of Network Security
D. Francis Xavier Christopher and P. Jayapriya
32.Study on Dcim for Maintaining Cache Consistency in Wireless Mobile Network
J. Kavitha and P. Krishnakumari
33.A Survey on Techniques and Tools of Web Content Mining in Data Mining
N. Kalaivani and P. Krishna Kumari
34.A Review on Routing Protocols in Mobile Adhoc Networks
A. Sathya Priya and P. Krishnakumari
35.An Imaginative Component Extraction of Colour Band From Segmentation of Water Body in Remote Sensing Images using Fuzzy C-Means Clustering
D. Napoleon, U. Lakshmi Priya and V. Mageshwari
36.Detecting Spam Zombies by Monitoring Outgoing Messages
S. Amutha, P. Karpagam and K. Geetha
37.A Survey on Different Clustering Techniques
S. Sathiya and C. Grace Padma
38.A Survey on Current Trends in Data Mining
K. Poornima and C. Grace Padma
39.A Study an Protein Structure Prediction Techniques
V. Veeralakshmi and D. Ramyachitra
40.Comparative Study of Sraaa Protocol with Other Secured Routing Protocol
S. Santhosh Baboo and V.J. Chakravarthy
41.A Study on Geometric Correction in High Resolution Satellite Imagery using Mathematical Method
S. Santhosh Baboo and S. Thirunavukkarasu
42.A Study on Colour Image Segmentation Based Detection of Brain Tumour using K-Means Clustering
A. Sindhu and S. Meera
43.Transferring of Information in Vehicular Communications in 3G Mobile Network
V. Jayalakshmi and R. Mathavi
44.Semantic Based Image Extraction using Ontology Knowledge Representation: Application of Hotel Management
A. Kalyanasaravanan, M. Thangamani and C. Sivapriya
45.Facial Image Classification in Image Mining – A Study
S. Vijayarani and S.Priya Tharsini
46.A Study of Text Categorization in Text Mining
S. Vijayarani and J. Ilamathi
47.Enhanced Congestion Aware Routing for Congestion Control in Wireless Sensor Network
R. Loganayaki and Knagaraj Janarthanan
48.Information Retrieval for Visually Challenged Persons
V. Loganayaki and K. Kanimozhi
49.An Efficient Approach for the Detection and Removal of Overlapping Clusters
C. Lavanya and R. Vanitha
50.Efficient Lung Air Volume Estimation using Human Respiratory Image Sequences
P. Deepak and T. Kumesh
51.An Investigation of Crime Data Mining Techniques for Terrorpattern Detection
V. Vinodhini and M. Hemalatha
52.TTCAN - Time Triggered Controller Area Network
T. Sangeetha, P. Ramesh and N.P. Vadivukkarasi
53.Survey of Research Issues and Analysis of Spectrum Usage in Cognitive Radio Network
R. Rajesh Kanna and A. Saradha
54.Cluster-Based Certificate Revocation with Vindication Capability for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
N. Hemalatha, P. Karthika and S. Sivaraja
55.Intelligent OLSR Routing Protocol Optimization for VANETs
S. Umadevi, S. Dhivya and M.Geetha
56.Detection and Localization of Multiple Spoofing Attackers in Wireless Networks
T. Priya, K. Devi and C.P. Balasubramaniam
57.Application Adaptive Routing Protocol (AARP) towards Policy Enforcement for Heterogeneous Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks
R. Vadivel and T.J. Shobana
58.PTOR Based Comparison of Google, AWS, EMC Clouds
B. Narasimhan, T.R. Anand and J. Ramkumar
59.An Attribute Weight Assignment and Fuzzy Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm for Medical Database Classifications
N. Vijayalakshmi and S. Soundharya Devi
60.A Study of Data Mining Tools for the use of Business Applications and Research
R. Subalakshmi
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