Proceedings of the National Conference on
Advances in Civil Engineering and Infrastructure Development
ISBN: 978-93-82570-19-6
1.A Study on Mechnanical Properties of Polypropylene Fiber Reinforced Recycled Aggregate Concrete (PFRRAC)
M.L.V. Prasad and P. Rathish Kumar
2.Bacteria Based High Performance Concrete
V. Srinivasa Reddy, M.V. Seshagiri Rao, Ch. Sasikala and N.C. Maulika
3.An Experimental Investigation on Strength Properties of Artificial Light Weight Aggregate Concrete using Agricultural by Product such as Ground Nut Shell Ash
V. Bhaskar Desai, K. Mallikarjunappa and A. Sathyam
4.Effect of Shear Wall on Response of Multi-Storied Building Frame
Nilesh Sawakare, Hemant S. Chore, Prasad A. Dode and R.M. Fuke
5.Triple Blended High Strength Concrete Mixes-Studies on Compressive and Impact Strengths
D. Jayasree, M. Bhasker and B.L.P. Swami
6.Study on Effect of MFRC for Flexural Strength and Ductility
Urooj Masood, B.L.P. Swami and A.K. Asthana
7.Effect of Fly Ash Addition on Properties of Concrete with Portland Pozzolana Cement
A. Chandrashekar, P.D. Maneeth, B.S. Mantesh and Nausha
8.Experimental Investigation on the Performance of Concrete with GGBS as Admixture at Complete Replacement of Fine Aggregate with Steel Slag
Chandana Sukesh, D. Kishore Babu, Polina V.V.S. Sivarama Krishna and C. Ravi Kumar Reddy
9.Fibrous Triple Blended Concrete : Study of Elastic Properties
M. Bhasker, B.L.P. Swami and B. Dean Kumar
10.Influence of Super Plasticizers on High Early Strength Concretes Made with Special Cements
M. Kishore Kumar, P.S. Rao and B.L.P. Swami
11.Fibre Reinforced Self Compacting Concrete Admixtured with Fly Ash and Silica Fume – Behaviour and Properties
S. Vijaya Kumar, M. Jaganaiah, P. Sravana and B.L.P. Swami
12.Influence of Fine Aggregate to Total Aggregate Ratio on Mechanical Properties of Self Compacting Concrete
K.L. Radhika
13.Analysis and Design of Steel and PSC Composite Girder for Cost Comparison
D. Annapurna and L. Ajay Kumar
14.Effect of a Member on Global Performance of a Structure — A Case Study on 5 Storey RC Frame
Anthugari Vimala and Ramancharla Pradeep Kumar
15.Damage Based Life of Heritage Structures in Seismic Environment: A Case Study on Golkonda Fort
Vrushali Kamalakar and Ramancharla Pradeep Kumar
16.A Review on Seismic Analysis of Vertical Geometric Irregularities of Buildings
Allasab Gudihal and T.H. Sadashiva Murthy
17.Seismic Behavior of Isolated R.C.C Bridges
Rajesh Kodurupaka
18.Use of Pervious Concrete in Increasing Ground Water Table
Sowjanya and J. Jaya Vardhan
19.Durability Studies on Pumice Light Weight Aggregate Concrete with and without Silica Fume
N. Sivalingarao, V. Bhasker Desai and B.L.P. Swami
20.Seismic Behaviour of Fixed and Flexible 2D RC Frame: A Case Study
S. Bhargavi and Ramancharla Pradeep Kumar
21.Effect of Back Face Shape of Retaining Wall on Earth Pressure
Anant I. Dhatrak and Rushali D. Virulkar
22.Behavior of Buildings Due to Tunneling under Seismic Loading Condition
Anant I. Dhatrak and Sagar D. Dhengle
23.Mechanical Properties of High Strength Concrete Composites with Mineral Admixtures
M.V.S.S. Sastri, K. Jagannadha Rao, B.L.P. Swami and V. Bhikshma
24.Performance of Existing RC Building by Pushover Analysis
S.T. Jadhav, H.S.Chore and S.B. Patil
25.Comparing the Empirical Time Period Formula Given in Seismic Code of Different Countries with Indian Seismic Code IS 1893:2002
Pulkit D. Velani and Ramancharla Pradeep Kumar
26.Analysis and Design of Elevated Storage Reservoir
A. Mukherjee and S.B. Patil
27.Geospatial Based Watershed Planning and Impact Assessment of Mahendragarh Watershed in Bhilwar District of Rajasthan State
T. Phanidra Kumar, P. Kesava Rao, V. Madhava Rao and DSR Murthy
28.Reservoir Sedimentation and Controlling Measures
H. Mahabaleswara and H.M. Nagabhushan
29.Flood Forecasting using Mike 11
P. Raja Sekhar, P. Lakshmi Sruthi and K. Rekha Rani
30.Integration of Remote Sensing & GIS Techniques for Site Suitability Analysis of Rain Water Harvesting Structures
G. Shravan Kumar
31.General Circulation Models: Are They Useful in Projecting Future Climate?
K. Shashikanth and P. Rajasekhar
32.Fuzzy Based Approach of Water Quality Assessment in Hussain Sagar Lake
P. Raja Sekhar, G. Shiva Kumar and M. Aditya
33.Automatic Cleaning of Drainage & Production of Biogas, Electricity, Biomanure
P. Ramu and U. Ramesh
34.Pollution Impact Assessment in Hussain Sagar Lake
P. Raja Sekhar, G. Rakesh Kumar and G. Shiva Kumar
35.Analysis of Water and Assessment of its Quality for Drinking around Rajiv Gandhi International Air Port — A Case Study
M. Rajasekhar and N. Venkat Rao
36.Hydrogeochemistry of Ground Water in Jeedimetla Industrial Area, Greater Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh
G. Sharavan Kumar, M. Anji Reddy and P. Madhusudhana Reddy
37.Performance of Geotextile Reinforced Slopes of Zoned Earth Dam
Sanjay W. Thakare and Rani B. Wath
38.A Study on the Geotechnical Properties of Tannery Effluent on Black Cotton Soil
K.V.N. Laxma Naik, S. Bali Reddy and A.V. Narashima Rao
39.Problematic Soils and Mitigative Measures - A Review
M. Nagalakshmi, D.V. Sivasankara Reddy, E. Anusha and M. Chittaranjan
40.Characterisation and Behavioural Analysis of Granular Pile Anchors in Terms of Heave and Strength
Aswari Sultana, B.R. Phani Kumar and A. Srirama Rao
41.Lane Distribution Factors – A Case Study on NH7 &NH9
S. Ramesh Kumar and K.V. Krishna Reddy
42.Use of “Trip Generation and Trip Distribution Analysis” in Solving Transportation Problems for Selected Areas of Kurnool City
Sowjanya and Shaheena Parveen
43.Cost Effective Method for Short-Term Aging of Bitumen
M. Rajesh, P. Ramu, I. Hussen and G. Krishna Parandhama
44.Analysis of Flexible Pavement using Kenlayer Software for Bypass in Kurnool City
Sowjanya and P. Manjula
45.Review of Sensor Technologies in Infrastructure Construction
K. Madhavi Reddy, K. Jayasree and B. Sridhar
46.Cost Estimation using Fuzzy Logic
M. Venu Gopal and V.S.S. Kumar
47.Comparision of MCDM Methods in Project Selection
S.V.S.N.D.L. Prasanna and C. Nutan Kumar
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