Proceedings of the National Seminar on
Innovative Trends in Teaching and Learning
ISBN: 978-93-82570-20-2
1.Career Intelligence: Teaching Traits and Qualities Necessary for Teachers
D. Venkataraman
2.A Study of Edusat Programme for Secondary Schools at Yalandur Taluk (Mysore Dist)
H.S. Sowmya and K.M. Manjunatha
3.A Strategy for Future Education and Social Media
S. Srinivasan and V. Ambedkar
4.Effect of Computerized Molecular Model in Teaching Organic and Inorganic Concepts of Chemistry at Higher Secondary Level
G. Kalaiyarasan
5.Accountability of the Distance Education B.Ed Trainees in Tamil University
R. Anandarasu
6.Smart Class and Its Impacts in the Innovative Trends of in Teaching and Learning Processes
L. Josephine
7.Trends in Educational Technology and ICT in India
S. Sampath Kumar and D. Mohana
8.Mobile Learning
S. Suresh and P. Srinivasan
9.Web 2.0 Tools for 21st Century: Teachers and Learners
J. Arunkumar
10.E-Learning Technologies, Strategies and Methods
P. Padma Ganga and A. Blessing Marry
11.The Eclectic Learning Experiences in Technology Integrated Class Rooms
Rages John
12.A Study of Emotional Maturity of Higher Secondary Course Students in Thanjavur Taluk
V. Shanmuganathan and K. Chinnappan
13.An Effective use of ICT in Education
R. Sivakumar
14.Effectiveness of Virtual Classrooms in Learning Trigonometry
R. Sivannatham and R. Ayyappan
15.E-Learning Technologies, Strategies and Methods — E-Books in Higher Education
P. Justin Sudhakar
16.Teaching Styles of Faculty of Arts and Science Colleges
P. Srinivasan
17.Innovative Impression Approach for Teaching English Grammar
S. Stella Mary and B. Saminathan
18.Virtual Learning Environment in Teaching and Learning Process
A. Joseph Raj
19.Smart Class and its Impacts
M. Arul Mary Sofia Rani
20.Psychological Approaches in Learning
K. Rajalakshmi
21.Innovations in English Language Teaching & Learning
R. Murugadoss
22.Project Based Learning for Enhancing Learning
A. Vizhimaran
23.Smart Class : Panacea in Teaching and Learning Process
U. John Joseph Sundaram and T. Arivalan
24.A Study of the Application of Digital Technologies in Teaching and Learning English Language and Literature
M. Vinitha
25.Integrating ICT in Classroom
P. Arivarasu
26.Importance of Smart Class for Teacher Training Colleges
R. Babu and V.T. Kulandai Theresu
27.Distance Learning
K. Arangasamy
28.Information & Communication Technology uses in Teacher Education
K. Manikandan and P. Vaiyapuriraja
29.An Effective use of ICT for Education and Learning by Knowledge, Research, and Experience
A. Anbu
30.Value Perception and Secondary School Teachers
G. Chandrakumar
31.Future Trends and Globalization
M. Maria Christuraj
32.Digital Technology Approaches in Teaching and Learning of Chemistry
A. Ewangelin Arul Deepa and B. Saminathan
33.Information and Communication Technology in Education
V. Arockia Dass
34.Use of Chemistry Related Internet Resources by Post Graduate Students in Trichy District
S. Nansy
35.The Integration of ICT into Classroom Teaching
36.Mobile Learning for School Students
K. Vanitha
37.Modern Trends in Virtual Teaching and Learning Methods
G. Sahaya Arockia Jensi
38.Preparing Teachers for Globalisation
P. Mary Rabaline Claret
39.Distance Education
M. Govindaraj
40.E-Learning in Higher Education
V. Mahalingam
41.The Social Impact of On-Line Learning
T. Nehru and A. Sahadevan
42.Mobile Learning
R. Devi
43.A Study on the Attitute of High School Teachers in Implementing ALM at Dharmapuri Districts
M. Krishna Kumar
44.Online Learning in the Quality Era
A.S. Kannan
45.Globalization and its Implications on Education
P. Subramanian
46.Distance Learning
S.K. Manikandan
47.Ways for Successful Classroom Teaching
P. Pugazhenthi
48.Effectiveness of Infusing Computer Knowledge Education
T.K. Manimozhi
49.E – Learning in English Teaching & Learning
I. Adelfeen
50.The Role of Smart Class in Teaching Learning Process
M. Loyola Samidoss
51.Psychological Approaches in Learning Process
S. Murugan
52.Distance Learning
B. Asiya Begam
53.Mobile Learning in Class Rooms
K. Nagammal
54.Web Technologies in Teaching and Learning — An Hour of Need
D. Anushiya Devi
55.Positive Education: Impact of Positive Psychology in Students’ Well Being
Faimen Paul and R. Rejithkumar
56.Mobile Learning for Innovative Education
V. Murugan and R. Ravi
57.E- Learning Strategies for E-Learning Success
D. Saravanan
58.Smart Class and its Impacts
R. Kannammal
59.E-Learning Technologies, Strategies, Methods
P. Jeeva
60.On-Line Programmesuseing 21st Century in Education
R. Rajam and S. Murugan
61.ICT Enabled Library and Information Services
R. Akila
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63.E-Learning Technologies, Strategies and Methods
T. Haripriya
64.The Impacts of Smart Class in the Attitude of Teachers and Learners
S. Arokia Vinoth Prabu
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66.Distance Learning
T. Vijayakumar
67.Techno-Teaching Skills
N. Allimuthu and R. Annadurai
68.Practice of Curriculum-Based Digital Teaching Resources and Strategy Dimensions
R. Prabu and K. Meyyar
69.ICT in Education: Need of the Hour
N. Allimuthu and G. Thilagar
70.Distance Learning
V.R. Vahida Banu
71.Psychological Approaches in Learning
S. Leo Arokiaraj
72.Innovative Progression in all the Aspects of Education
P. Victor Arockiadoss
73.On-Line Learning and its Impact
D. Shanthi
74.Modern Teaching -Learning Virtual Environments
J. Rajalakshmi
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76.ICT as a Tool for Teaching and Learning in Respect of Learner with Disability
S. Sangeetha
77.E-Learning Tools and Technologies in Education
S. Surya
78.Effective E-Learning in Teaching and Learning
M. Suganya and M. Sasikala
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80.khw;Wj;jpwdhspf;fhd fy;tp mikg;G
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81.Technology Enabled Learning (TEL)
S. Vinoth and D. Thamizhponni
82.Mobile Learning for Education
M. Pandimeena and S. Thineha
83.Mobile Learning – As a Effective Method
D. Priya and R. Sangeetha
84.Future Trends in Globalization
E. Emily and K. Parvathi
85.Innovative Trends in Online Learning
S. Yogalakshmi and S. Kavitha
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