Lot Of Books Are Not Published Because Of Low Quantity Requirement!

In the traditional offset printing press, we should print minimum 500 copies to meet out the price per copy low. Some books may not require more copies to sell through their small distribution channel and may require more copies once it get popularity. In that case, most of the publishers, training & research institutes, manufacturers are not ready to bringout their book!

In our Short Run Printing system, We break the barrier and we print even a single copy to multiple number of copies of book / training guide / manual / user guide etc on demand. The application is endless.

Self Publishing Authors

Self-publishing is the publication of any book by the author himself, without the involvement of an established publisher.

Short Run Printing provides a solution to the unsolvable problem faced by self publishing authors. They can publish less number of books to circulate themselfs. Later Based on the demand, they can print and distribute. So, the author can fulfil his publishing dream and earn with very low investment.


Short run printing is best for publishers who may have only a small distribution channel as it means they can order just a dozen copies and order more later if the publication sells well.

Educational Institutions, Training Institutes and Research Centres

Most of the institutions are unable to print their own text books, manuals, teaching materials, seminar materials, workshop materials, conference proceedings, research reports etc. because of their less number of copy requirement.

We are waiting for your enquiry to print less number of copies on demand.


Small manufacturers can print and supply user manual, installation guide to their product to increase their product value and satisfy customers.

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