A Revolutionary Print In Marketing Process To Increase Direct Mail Response!

In our Digital Printing, we offer Variable Data Printing (VDP) or Variable Information Printing (VIP) services.

You can customize your message or promotion individually targeting each customer by personalized direct mail communication. The Personal mail increase the customer's attention on the product or message. Nowadays, most of the Multinational Companies are using this personalized direct mailing technique to promote the product to the right customer. Also they use this technique to get touch with the customer frequently.

How it works?

Variable Data Printing is a form of mass customized printing, lets you pull information from a database or external file to effortlessly change not only text but also graphics from one printed piece to the next, personalizing communications according to the recipient. Variable Data Printing has been proven successful when used in direct mailing campaigns, customer relationship management (CRM), and other popular forms of print advertising.

Variable Data Printing offers opportunities for every business with low cost.

For example, A Insurance company agent can send customised postcard reminders for new schemes, premium due and greeting cards etc.

Simply, Variable Data Printing is the most dynamic form of marketing available for use with printed promotional materials.

We provide best VDP service and all of the necessary elements for a successful direct mail marketing campaign in Chennai.

We also print Serial number, Bar Codes for Printers / users.

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